Talking to myself,
hands stained red.
Screaming into the darkness,
voices really fucking with my head.

Pop a few more pills,
maybe one more beer.
Maybe a few more cuts...
Piercing screams making it impossible to hear.

Fading into hysteria,
laughing at nothing.
If I were to say I'm not high...
I would be bluffing.

Room spinning faster and faster,
suddenly I'm on the floor.
I don't think I'm drunk enough...
maybe just one more.

My hands a vibrant red,
dripping away my pride.
I had a rough day,
so I let the blade glide.

Looking deep within myself,
looking into the mirror on the wall.
Where is my family
to catch me when I fall?

My family's long gone,
my hope gone, too.
I need to die,
it's the one thing I can do.

It's not like I resorted to this
the moment things got hard.
I took a long time to decide
that my life, I shall discard.

Please don't be upset,
please don't be mad.
Please don't look at my scars
and start to feel bad.

By the time you start to care,
I'll be long gone.
But remember me and care
when you look into the dawn.

I'm in a better place now,
it's where I'm meant to be.
Only through my suicide
was I set free.

My life has been messed up...
I've done lots of things wrong.
I've had broken relationships,
and screwed things up as I went along.

I've told people I loved them,
they thought it was weird.
That's why I've always kept to myself-
being rejected is what I feared.

I've had a few good friendships,
and I'm sad to ruin them now.
I have one amazing friend,
although I'm not sure how.

She's the only one who cared,
who knows what I've gone through.
She was the only one who could stop me,
who knew what to do.

But that was a while ago,
before I got this way.
Before I had to desire
to cut all night and all day.

So I'm sorry, my friend,
that I'm doing this to you.
Just know that this time,
there was nothing you could do.

Soon I shall fade into the darkness,
the darkness is the key.
The darkness is what shall finally
save me from me.