This is the prologue to "A Love Lost" I am not sure why I wanted that name, in the course of this story it will probably change though. Sorry it is so short, I wanted to give a small introduction to the story rather than firing up the story yet.


I wandered to my black Lexus, which was where it should be, in my parking spot at the hospital I work at. The sign in front clearly read 'Doctor Mono'

I reached the glistening automobile and took out my sapphire nurse's cap keychain. I selected the key with an azure heart drawn on it. I slid the key into the car's ignition and turned it. I heard the steady purr of the engine roaring to life. I flipped the sun visor down, then placed my sunglasses (which were hanging on the aforementioned) on the tip on my nose and slid them into place.

I began the trio to Louise's, the diner my boyfriend and I were meeting at. I was no more than five minutes away when I saw it….My boyfriend, and another girl…. I'm not the jealous type…kissing each other!


I know I posted last night…. I am so pumped to be writing…my teachers have been giving me assignment after assignment. Well, review, alert, favorite….or anything…this is going to be fun to write for.