Okay so this is Amphire the longest poem I've written. It started well, but I'm not sure if it finished well. Please R&R.

We agreed to tell, a story of deceit

Were souls rode the wind and continents would meet

Were continuous trees convicted the sky, of murderous thieves and sickening lies

Our story begins with a child of three

An auburn haired girl, who dared to see,

She ran through the woods with an adventurous heart

Destined for greatness, she would lead to the start

The natives of Amphire, understood her at once

The prophetic child, was the guardian of the hunt

He along, with the sons of natures light

Would grant the land pleasure, and an end to the fright

She returned furthermore, with boys of great soul

One of green eyes, the other of gold

Pursued by darkness, they escaped through the land

With clinging to vines, and scarring of hands

There hope sunk slowly, with the guilt in their throats

But when skylight appeared, they discovered the moat

The castles of brick, as striking as ever

Windows of colour, guards wearing leather

They stopped in their tracks against warty foes

A man of shining armour, with webbed feet and toes

He ordered for question, and stating of truth

Were lies caused conviction, and sarcasm killed youth

The golden eyed boy, in response to this threat

Spat on the ground, and cursed in regret

"Where's your authority, to endanger my friends?"

"Lay down your weapon, and swear to make amends"

The guard dropped his sword, and muttered in pray

That these three children would bring a new day

He led up a staircase, humming song of great sin

And opened the door, to the great prophets of kin

The ladies of fate, all sat in a sphere

Murmuring fortune, for all those to here

"The children of earth, will bring end to our war"

"A battle that age, can highly adore"

"Across from the homeland, the grim king of toad"

"Will lose his kingdom, to emerald eyes ode"

With the last breath, the ladies went silent

Fiddling with cloth, amongst like a tyrant

They kissed each child, with lips of purity

Blessing their souls with entitled destiny

Did they want it, as such, anxiety and pressure?

Yet the hunger for exploration, lessoned the measure

The original guard, soon led them to the queen

Who sat on a throne, a diamond she cleaned

Her majesty pointed off into the horizon, to the valley of evil souls

Were estranged people left their lives, to achieve dire goals?

She spoke of the coming war, against the two tribes

Were death and slaughter were common, common form of crime

She handed the children, each a symbol of dawn

The daughter of hunt, a bow of great mourn

The golden eyed boy, received a sword of sharp bronze

That had proven its worthy, throughout the aeons

Finally, at last, the son of emerald green eyes

Stepped forward upon the stage, to receive a great prize

A staff of woven ivory, which held a blade of wood

Gifted with the power of fate, the guide to manhood

With this new arsenal, within each of their grasps

They headed out West, to the woods of Empharse

Were ruins of carriages, rusted the hills

And cursed the great forest, with blood of ill-will

There first enemy struck in the dread of midnight

When the children were sleeping without any fright

The toady assassin with hands of jagged claws

Lit the woods burning, adding fire to the war

In distress the three, called upon god

The light the way safely, without a wrong odd

But chance has a test for the children, you see

To idolize there significance, and ability to be

The golden eyed boy drew blood to the man

Who sat there silently without any demand?

Assassin swung his sword, deep into the boy's chest

Who collapsed so suddenly, in tire and rest?

It wasn't long soon, when an arrow entered the assassin's head

Watching him fall to the earth, stone dead

The daughter of hunt, had saved them from strife

And quite so literally, the golden boys life

The emerald eyed boy performed healing odes

To repair the weaken child, with ancient code

The scars and cuts quickly faded away

As soon as the moonlight became the new day

They continued their journey of fame and proof

As only hunt's daughter had shown her truth

Still not laudable were gold and green

Whose entire future, had yet to be seen

They trekked the mountains of Odashi Ridge

With weakened souls, and without privilege

Across volcanic fields, burnt with molten rock

They strung forward, in tune with natures clock

It wasn't long before, you see when golden boys test began

Leaning against a fissured rock, was another toady man

With arms of blistering muscle, and bone

And in his eyes was only ignorance and condone

Golden eye drew his sword and pressed it against the neck

Yet the humble man, still stood slow, murmuring in Aztec

"What do you want, you fiendish frog?"

"Stop staring at me, you worthless dog."

Golden boy charged quite fast, darting in and out

The man again stood straight and then began to pout

It didn't make any sense, why this man was harmless

Yet that didn't matter to golden boy, because his flaw was careless

He had to see the current truth, beyond his gazing eyes

The man was not of wickedness, yet a wanderer near by

It took a moment for golden to realise his immoral

He then stood tall in triumph, apologising for his quarrel

The man then fled without any harm

Yet golden still seemed to be un-calm

His test of strength was a test of good merits

To understand a person's life, should base upon their spirit

Now that both girl and gold had reached their final aim

Emerald eye stood in shock as if he were insane

He had yet to fight or understand, a person based on soul

His test was yet to come so much, before the final goal

Emerald strove forth again, in lead for the first time

His face still handsome and prophetic, amongst the dirt and grime

They decided so, to return back home, to the ancient castle

Were the queen would address them, along with the council

When they reached the ancient castle, in which

They moved so silent and quick

For if there word of arrival spread

They would soon be trampled until they were dead

In dismay Emerald entered, to tell ahead the queen

About his failure, to unlock his true ability to see

The queen sighed and understood, as she knew his time would come

But at the moment the war had suddenly entered full run

Armoured up and away they went, sailing vast ships

The battle was taking place so far, on the island of Valips

The island, dark and grimy, wasn't the place to be

It stunk of rotting flesh as far as the eye could see

Littered with dead bodies, and other things as well

The children wanted to hide, yet the captain rang the bell

A fully fledged army appeared in the steam

With swords of bright red, that settled in scream

The golden eye boy, eager for fight

Ran on ahead, deep into the midnight

Slicing and bruising, the rebels as he went

While the others stayed behind to put up a hospital tent

The girl in distress followed him, due to friendship toward

Circling and shooting as she came, along reciting concord

Emerald eye, with sudden intuition

Opened his staff, in a new position

Out of it came, such a brilliant light

That spread across the island, in powerful might

The steam slowly vanished, back into the sky

Leaving the armies, murmuring why?

"Listen to me, frog and toad"

"We don't have to fight, we can all abode"

"How are we different in any way?"

"Listen to me, I know what I say"

It was no use, as the battle kept going

While emerald kept screaming, in order of showing

Golden eye had reached the kings chair

And prepared for clash, for a new heir

He prepared to lay down the bronze of the head

But was intercepted, by a flash of blood red

The king was dead, and no one knew why?

It seemed to be suicide, yet then why did he cry?

In triumph and unity the armies went home

Revealing the island, at what is should truly be home

A beautiful valley of flowers and trees

A land without anger, yet only insect and bees

The three children stood there, in gasp with the time

So much for a great battle, the kingdom they design

They headed home, sadly, as efforts had agree

And returned their weapons, and yet were free

Why did this quest come to an end?

With ought major triumph, a catchment of amends

Then the queen told them, that that was a test

The original battle was a new quest

The original battle was taking elsewhere

In the land of Con'Celsplar

The children excited hurried outside, and screamed to the sun

A new quest had finally begun