Gwendolyn Claire Kingsley's P.O.V

I exit the plane and adjust my blue and white v-neck sweater. I stare around the London airport and feels out of place in my light denim skinny jeans and tan colored Ugg boots. I shoulder my purple and black checkered backpack before switching my suitcase over to my other hand. I walk and scan the crowds of people. "Miss Gwendolyn!"

I scan the crowd as I walk. "Hey! Watch it!" Someone snaps at me. I look at the teenage boy and scowl.

"Excuse you." I say before continuing. I spot the man calling my name and march off.

"Miss Gwendolyn how was your flight?" He asks smiling.

"Good, tiring." I say and he chuckles.

"I'm Hamilton, your father's personal driver." He smiles and I shake his hand as my stomach does somersaults at the mention of my father. My father was never there for me when I was younger, he had left my mother when he found out she was pregnant with me. It's been 15 years since I was born and after my mother died of cancer I found out I was being shipped across the Atlantic ocean to Westminster,England to live with my dad.

"Gwendolyn Claire Kingsley, you can call me Gwen." I say with a smile as we walk to a Rolls Royce. I suck in a breath as he takes my luggage and puts it into the trunk before opening the door for me. I climb in and he shuts it.

"Your father is back at his office working. He'll meet you at the Manor." Hamilton says with a genuine warm smile. "But you must be aware of Genevieve, Lyle, and Finnegan Harrington."

"Who are they?" I ask curiously as I stare out the window.

"Your father's fiance, her father, and her son." He says. "You have your father's name. It suits you. After all you do have Kingsley blood coursing through your veins."

I gasp, "His fiance?"

"Yes madam." Hamilton says as we turn a corner.

"Emmett Kingsley," I hiss through my teeth. My father was going to get hell from me. Change of plans, no more play nice. Now, I was going to be the biggest pain in the ass for him.

"Here we are," Hamilton says as we pull up to a large gated mansion.

"Rich brits." I grumble. I was an all American girl in Great Britain, heavens help me. The gates open in a grand manner and Hamilton drives through. He stops in front of the grand front steps made of marble. A crowd of people stand in formation in front of the grand front double doors. A man in his late 70's, early 80's, a woman and a teenage boy about my age stand out. My father no where insight. Hamilton opens my door and I get out. I hated this place already. As Hamilton shuts my door a man comes out of the house and strides to stand in front of everybody.

"Hello Gwendolyn." He says a smile on his face, but you can tell he doesn't mean the smile.

"It's Gwen." I murmur as he hugs me awkwardly.

"Gwendolyn, this is Genevieve, Lyle, and Finnegan." He says introducing me.

I shake my head, "Your names are weird and I don't like getting tongue-tied. So, we need to fix that." I say crossing my arms.

"Look, you insufferable twit-" Finnegan starts before my father cuts him off.

"Do not talk to my daughter like that!" He bellows at the old man.

"Honey, don't talk to father like that." Genevieve says trying to calm him down.

"When he talks to me like that about my own blood, there will be consequences. Now, Gwen. Can you please try to learn names? We don't do er- nicknames in England."

"I can try." I shrug taking my bag and suitcase. I butler rushes forward to help me. "I got it. After all, I am tough. I didn't grow up with servants waiting on me hand and foot."

Everyone stares at me shocked. My father snaps out of it first and shows me inside. He opens the door to the fourth biggest bedroom in the house. It was complete with a walk in closet and bathroom. Fourth? I am your damn daughter, I should get the second largest room, Lyle's room. I set my bags down and make a face, "Something wrong?" My father asks.

"No. No." I say, "Just wondering why you took me in. After all you did leave me and mom at some point."

"You're my daughter. Of course I'd take you in." He says before leaving. I huff and sit down on the bed. My father was cruel man but when it came to family he wasn't too bad. It's a shame I already have my heart set on making his walk through hell. How dare he leave my mother alone with child while he ran off with another woman! I unpack as someone knocks on my door.

"Who is it?" I ask annoyed.

"Lyle," A deep voice comes through the door.

"Ew," I mutter under my breath. "Come in!"

He comes in sweeping the room, "It's cozy in here."

I shrug, "I could honestly careless."

He smirks at me, "Why? You should be grateful my step-father is taking a street rat like you into his home."

I stand up and square up to the boy, "Look here, he is my father. I don't have to be grateful, because I'd rather live alone in Colorado than here with you people in London."

"You're not as weak as you look. Good, finally some fun." He smiles before leaving. I glare at him. Lyle was confusing, but nice. Maybe they wouldn't be too bad.

Another person knocks on my door. "Come in." I say not even bothering to ask who it is. A maid comes in a curtsies. "Please anything but curtsies!"

"Oh would you rather me bow? Or another form of curtsies perhaps something more casual." She rants.

"No, no. Really just knock and come in." I say putting the last of my shirts away.

"Oh, very well. Breakfast is ready if you're hungry." she says.

"Thanks. I'll be down in a few." I say and put my phone on my side table along with my ipod.

I walk down the stairs to the grand dining room where everyone is seated. "Finally, we're all here." Finnegan exclaims.

My father glares at him as I take a seat. "We are so glad you came honey." Genevieve smiles sweetly at me.

So Finnegan was the only one who despised my arrival. "Glad I came." I smile, my resolution to make their lives miserable was wavering. Lyle smiles at me, he's in a suit along with my father and his grandfather.

"So, when are we planning to get her fitted for dresses?" Finnegan asks. "After all, we can't let her walk around in those clothes. She is apart of the Kingsley bloodline and now 16th in line for the throne."

"I'm 16th in line for the throne?" I ask shocked. My father nods.

"Better than my 59th right?" Lyle asks jokingly. I let a small laugh escape my lips.

"I'm thinking this afternoon, it is summer. We will be going out a lot." Genevieve says. "Do you prefer pink, black, or blue dresses?"

"Black." I say not sure of my answer.

"Why not buy the dresses she looks presentable in?" Finnegan says curtly.

"Father!" Genevieve says mortified. She is dressed in a simple light pink dress with a matching jacket.

"It's alright Genevieve." I say with a small smile. "People like that only make you realize how much you don't have to care about what people think about you. You know who you are and that you belong on this Earth, that's all that matters."

"Deep." Lyle says shocked.

"Call me Gen." Genevieve smiles.

"So, Gwendolyn." Lyle rolls my name on his tongue like a piece of sweet candy. "How old are you?"

"15, almost 16." I say.

"Favorite color?"

"Any light color or shades of blue." I smile.

"Any hobbies?" Gen asks me.

"I sing, play the piano and guitar, dance, gymnastics, and soccer. Oh, and I ski, snowboard, and ice skate." I shrug. "Oh wait, you guys calls soccer, football."

"Wow." My father says. "Competitive?"

"Competitive pianist, dancer, gymnast, football player and figure skater." I shrug. "But I quit figure skating and dance. I still got it though." I giggle alittle at the thought of me running around playing American football in shoulder pads.

They laugh, not wildly like my mother would but it starts to feel a little more like home. "That's funny." Lyle says.

"Did you play for club?" My dad asks. I nod.

"What kind of gymnastics?" Finnegan asks.

"Artistic." I reply folding my hands in my lap.

"Wow, what level of gymnastics?" Gen asks.

"Elite. I can't do it anymore though. No gym, no coach, no sponsors. ." I murmur.

"We can find one. They do have gym and dance around here." Lyle smiles. "Angelique and Marie do gymnastics."

"Really?" I ask almost jumping out of my seat.

"Yeah, I'll call them later." Lyle smiles and I want to leap across the table and hug him.

"Can I like hug you right now?" I ask smiling. "Thank you. It would be hell with out gymnastics."

"Sure?" He says confused and I get out of my hair and hug him.

"Thank you so much." I say as they bring out food.

"One problem though. They don't teach just train."

"I am perfectly fine with that." I smile deviously.

Gen and my dad laugh. They looked truly happy together and my mother was dead so no hope in getting the back together. "Strong willed, just like your father." Finnegan says pointing a shaky finger.

"What? Strong willed gets you places." My father smiles.

After breakfast the tailor arrives with a truck load of dresses and I try on every dress from ball gown to tea length to casual outing. Every color from pinks to greens to purple to blacks to white and so on. Gen falls in love with me in a strapless red wine colored dress with a large white sash with a bow defining my waist. My father buys every dress and they put all of them in my closet, which is not over flowing with clothes. "Gwen?" Gen says my name quietly.


"Thank you for taking our offer to take you in. You don't know how happy you made your father to finally be able to reconnect with you." She smiles.

"You're welcome. I really hope I'm not intruding." I say.

"No, not at all. Only my father is slightly against it because he thinks americans have no manners."

"A lot of us do." I say as Lyle comes in.

"Well, to accept you they have to see you perform. So can you do a try out for gymnastics today?" Lyle asks.

"Lyle. I do gymnastics everyday from 6 in the morning to 5 in the afternoon." I say. "One gymnastics thing isn't going to kill me."

"Of course." He chuckles. I thought Angelique and Marie should come over and help you bring the right things and how they do auditions."

"How soon will they be here?" Genevieve asks.

The door bell rings, "Now." Lyle says as I follow behind him. He opens the door and smiles at them. "Hey Angelique, Marie."

"Hey." They chirp in their heavy british accents.

"This is Gwen. Gwen this is Marie and Angelique." Lyle says.

"Hi." I smile.

"Wow, so this is the infamously famous Gwendolyn Claire Kingsley." Marie smiles.

"You're pretty." Angelique says. "Oh, and call me Angel."

"Thanks. Now, do i just wear basic leotard or do I need competition?"

"Any leotard for gymnastics works." Angelique says.

I go slip on my light pink and black leotard and pull a pair of black capris on and zip up my warm up jacket. I pull my hair up and slip on my running shoes. I walk down with my workout bag. We get into the car and drive towards a large gym. I go inside and see people working on gymnastics drills left and right. My kind of gym. "Are you Gwen?" A woman in a coach's uniform asks me.

"Yes ma'am." I smile.

"Leave your bag there and chalk up. You're on bars first."

I mount the bars and do a Shaposhnikova transition before a Geinger. A Reverse Hecht followed by a blind change. I do a swedish fall before a Fontaine. I land and the coach comes up to me. "How was it?" I ask hopefully.

"I want you on my team. Can you do floor? Or vault? Or beam?" She asks.

"More like all three of them." I say with a small laugh.

"May I see your Vault ?" She asks as I remove my grips.

"Sure." I go to the runway and run down in it before doing my round off into my Amanar.

I have everyone's attention now. "Yeah, you are on my team." She exclaims in her thick accent.

"Great." I smile.

"Summer camp starts in a few weeks. Please come," She smiles before turning to the other gymnasts. "I did not tell you to stop!"

"I will." I smile as Lyle comes in.

"Gwen, we have to go." Lyle says and I nod.

"Can I get Marie and Angelique to give you the information?" She asks.

"Yes!" Lyle yells over his shoulder as he grabs my bag and pulls me out of the gym.

"Geez, calm down Lyle. What's your rush?"

"My ex-girlfriend is in there with her boyfriend." He hisses as we get into the car.

"Oh, that's harsh." I say as I pull on my capris and warm up jacket. "You could have let me get dressed first though."

"Sorry." He says as he leans back against the seat. "So, you up for a little time out on the town?"

"Sure. But I got to change first." I say and he nods understandingly.

We arrive back at Kingsley Manor and I go up to my room and pull on a navy blue beaded halter dress and a pair of black Coach flip flops. I go down stairs and meet the eyes of the boy from the airport. We stare at each other astounded. "Why is she here?" He asks Lyle.

"That's Gwendolyn Claire Kingsley." Lyle introduces us.

"What are you doing here?" I snap at him.

"This is my best friends house. Why are you here you american?" He snaps back.

"I live here now." I snarl.

"Gwen, this is Adam Petrov, my best friend." Lyle says and I huff.

"Great, my soon to be step brother's best friend is a rich spoiled snob." I grimace.

"My best friend's soon to be stepsister is a rude annoying twit." Adam retorts.

"I'm staying in today. Please point me in the direction of a piano." I mumble to Lyle.

"I guess we're all staying in then." Lyle says and gestures for me to follow him. He leads me to a grand ballroom with a gleaming black grand piano in the corner. "Emmett will put a baby grand in your room any day now."

"Do we have to?" Adam whines as I sit down and open the lid to reveal a row of perfect ivory keys. I look at the piece in front of me and make a face. I decide to play a song I learned by ear. My fingers hit the keys and the introduction to Pray by Justin Bieber begins to form. I mouth the words as I go, silently singing to myself. It'd been months since I would even look at a piano, especially after my mother's death. I finish and look up, a crowd had gathered.

"Encore. Please." Genevieve smiles.

I wrinkle my nose trying to think of another song. I turn back to the keys and play Just A Kiss by Lady Antebellum. I sing along this time.

Lying here with you so close to me

It's hard to fight these feelings

When it feels so hard to breath

Caught up in this moment

Caught up in your smile

I never open up to anyone

So hard to hold back

When I'm holding you in my arms

We don't need to rush this

Let's just take it slow

Just a kiss on your lips in the moonlight

Just a touch of the fire burning so bright

I don't want to mess this thing up

I don't want to push too far

Just a shot in the dark that you just might

Be the one I've been waiting for my whole life

So baby I'm alright with just a kiss goodnight

I know that if we give this a little time

it'll only bring us closer to the love we wanna find

It's never felt so real

No it's never felt so right

Just a kiss on you lips in the moonlight

Just a touch of fire burning so bright

I don't wanna mess this thing up

I don't wanna push too far

Just a shot in the dark that you just might

be the one I've been the one I've been waiting for my whole life

So baby I'm alright with just a kiss goodnight

No I don't want to say goodnight

I know it's time to leave, but you'll be in my dreams




Just a kiss on your lips in the moonlight

Just a touch on the fire burning so bright

No I don't want to mess this thing up

I don't want to push too far

Just a shot in the dark that you just might

be the one I've been waiting for my whole life

So baby I'm alright, oh, lets do this right, with just a kiss goodnight

With a kiss goodnight

kiss goodnight

I hit the last key and Genevieve has a genuine smile on her face. "You are amazing." My father says coming out of the crowd.

"Thank you. I've been playing since I was 4." I say.

"So 11 years." Lyle says.

"Almost 12." I add and everyone smiles, even Adam cracks the tiniest hint of a smile.

"You should compete." Adam says.

"I do, or I did." I tell him.

"Well, you should keep doing it." He says.

I take his thought to mind as I let my fingers dance across the keys, playing a simple melody. "Do you play any other songs?" Finnegan asks challengingly.

"Like what?" I ask.

"Classical?" He says.

"Yes, my favorite piece in Moonlight Sonata by Beethoven." I reply.

"Play Raindrops by Chopin please." My father says gently. I turn back towards the piano and my fingers dance across the keys, playing the slow song. I play and they waltz around the room. I finish and people begin to request songs. "She's tired. Let her rest. It's been an eventful day for her." A dog trots in and comes up to me. He sits down and nudges my knee with his nose.

"Gwen, this is Boo, our Keeshond." Genevieve asks. I stroke her head and she cozies up to me.

"Her family has been in our family for years." My father chuckles. "She likes you."

"I like her too." I smile. Boo is like my dog counterpart.

"Why don't you go upstairs and unwind. After all it's been quite a long day." Lyle says. I stand and wave to everybody before going up to my room. Boo following behind me, I let her in before shutting my door. I strip down and change into my pajamas, a soccer t-shirt and a pair on light grey Soffee shorts. I wrap myself in the comforter as Boo lies down beside me. I doze off and dream of my mom.

Adam Viktor Petrov's P.O.V.

"I feel bad for you." I tell Lyle as we go up to his room. We pass Gwen's room and I'm tempted to peek inside. But why? She was an annoying american. I was the most popular boy at St. Augustine's Church of England High school. I was dating the perfect girl, Annabel Lee, what more could I ask for?


"You now live with the devil's offspring." I say with a joking smile.

"She's not too bad." Lyle says sitting on his bed. I plop down on the couch.

"I don't give a rat's ass she wrinkled my suit." I make a face straightening my suit's jacket.

"You have to remember she doesn't want to be here either. She is used to nice warm summers, cold winters and mountains covered in snow right outside her window." He says.

"Where is she from anyways?" I ask.

"Colorado." Lyle responds as Napoleon, the Kingsley's cat comes in and lays beside him.

"Oh wow." I say shocked. I would have pegged her from a New Yorker, strikingly fierce but beautiful even when angry. Her light brown and caramel colored hair, her tanned skin, her button nose, her perfect lips, her large doe like green eyes. The light freckles dotting her nose. Her perfect high cheek bones and her heart shaped face.


"I thought she'd be from New York with that feisty attitude." I shrug.

"So, anything new with Annabel?" He asks before adding, "I don't see why you date her. She clearly gets on your nerves."

I shrug, I could never bring myself to break up with her after 2 years of torture. "Nothing really. She's in Manchester for the summer."

"Of course, you do know she isn't a virgin anymore right?" He asks me and I nod.

"I wasn't her first and she wasn't my first, it's not a big deal." I shrug.

"You're 16. You should care." Lyle says.

"Like you haven't lost it yet." I say with a snort.

He shrugs, "It was a mistake."

I laugh and we hear a dull thud and barking next door. "What was that?"

"I don't know it came from Gwen's room though." He says and leaves the room. I follow him as he knocks on her door. "Gwen, are you alright?"

"Peachy!" She yells.

"Can we come in?" I ask.

"Sure." She says and Lyle opens the door. A few pillows are on the ground along with Boo, who is curled up in them, napping contently.

"You don't like pillows?" I ask.

She makes a face, "It got too hot." She smooths back her hair and pulls in into a messy bun. "Are you guys up for a small game of football?"

I grin wickedly. "I am but Lyle isn't much of a football fan."

"I just don't enjoy people kicking me." He says.

"Please Ly." She begs and he fold. This girl had them wrapped around her perfect fingers already.

"We can get Emmett to play too. He loves football but never has anyone to play with." Lyle smiles.

"Meet you down by the small field behind the house." I say with a smirk as Lyle and I leave, shutting the door. He hands me a white t-shirt and a pair of blue shorts. I go to the restroom and change as he goes to get Emmett. I come out and grab the football cleats I kept here. I come out and see Gwen heading down the stairs. Her slightly curly hair in a pony tail and a bright blue head band holding her baby hairs down. A white Nike compression shirt, a bright blue sports bra showing just a little and a pair of black football shorts. In her hands are shin guards, football socks and matching turquoise blue foot ball cleats. Lyle meets me at the stairs already changed.

"Emmett is getting changed, we should pair them up. I don't think Gwen could compete with boys." Lyle says.

"Or do you think Emmett would go easy on her?" I ask as we walk down to the field. Gwen is tying her shoes as we come up behind her. "Hello Gwendolyn."

She turns around and glares up at me. "Do not call me Gwendolyn." She hisses as Emmett comes down.

"Well, looks like we have a full fledge football prodigy on our hands." Emmett smiles at her.

"You guys can start with the ball." Lyle says sweetly. I know he was not going to be beat by a girl. Especially with his grandfather and mother watching. As well as Hamilton and the rest of the houseworkers.

"You sure?" She asks. He nods and she takes the ball to the middle of the field. I still couldn't believe Emmett put soccer field in. They only used it to scrimmage and have worker soccer games. I watch as Emmett taps it off to Gwen. She takes off towards the goal and I try to stop her. She holds her arm out keeping me away from the ball. Lyle tries to take it from her but she pushes the ball through his legs and passes it to Emmett who Lyle left wide open. He scores and I stare at Gwen in awe. She was tough.

"Whoo!" Emmett yells as Gwen runs towards him. They high five and he ruffles her hair.

"Good shot." She smiles.

"Nice pass and acceleration." He says as they walk back to the other side of the field.

Lyle gets the ball and sets it in the middle. "She's good." Lyle says.

"Wow, really?" I ask sarcastically.

He sets the ball down and taps it to me. I pass to him and Gwen intercepts rolling her foot over the ball and getting it to move with her. She takes off down the field again. This time I intercept her. She cuts the ball and changes direction. I chase after her and easily catch up. She shoots the ball and it goes into the top left corner of the goal. I stare astounded, I could never get a shoot like that in with out it grazing the crossbar. She made it in cleanly. Emmett and Gwen laugh as they hug. "You just got duked!" She yells and I can't help but to laugh and shake my head.

"Come on Ly, we need a plan." I say.

"Alright, so she is a striker. You can tell from her speed and all of her shoots." Lyle says.

"So we force her to defense." I say with a smile.

"I like the way you think." He grins as the Kingsley father-daughter duo wait for us.

I tap the ball and kick it to Lyle who chunks it over Gwen's head. I run down the field and Gwen is right on top of me. She settles the ball and shields me from it. I growl in frustration as she kicks the ball to intercepts and tries to put on in. Gwen heads it out and Emmett takes it. He dribbles down the field with Lyle behind him. The small girl I was covering slips away from me as she runs down the field. Emmett passes to her and she chest bumps it in. Genevieve makes a face. "That has to hurt." I hear her tell a maid pouring her a drink. The maid nods agreeing. Gwen was not a girly girl, most would be on the ground after that.

"Way to take that in the ta-tas." she mutters to herself as she jogs back to the other side with her father. She hand't peaked yet. You could tell, she was good. It was talent and it wouldn't go away for awhile.

"Good job Gwen." Emmett smiles at her.

"Give up yet?" She asks. She wasn't breathless just jumpy.

"Nope." Lyle smiles.

"I'm done." Emmett says breathing hard.

"Daddy, you are too old for this." She smiles and he chuckles.

"Yeah, I'm done too." I say and sit on the sidelines with everyone. Two butlers join the game as goalies as well as a handful of workers join the game. 3 impartial referees. The scoreboard turns on and they turn this into a real soccer game. Gwen taps the ball to a maid and she kicks it back. Gwen weaves her way through everyone knocking Lyle over and plays with the goalies mind switching the ball from foot to foot before bouncing it and heading it in. I watch her carefully, studying her movements. She liked to juke players out, angle her kicks at almost impossible angles and head balls. She was aggressive for a girl and could probably beat a good handful of some of the boys on the boys soccer team. Gwen wins, beating Lyle 5 to 4.

"Good game." She smiles at Lyle and he gives her a warm smile.

"You too." He says. I laugh as he lays down in the grass breathing hard. Gwen plops down on a patio chair as someone hands her a water bottle. It's a few minutes till dinner is ready. We all head to get showered and dressed. My dad was out of town on a business trip and my mom was in Liverpool. They divorced when I was around 10 years old. I was spending the night at Lyle's. I shower and pull on a loose grey v-neck t-shirt and basketball shorts. I walk down to the dinning room and Gwen is sitting in her seat hands folded in her lap. Her beach wavy hair pilled into a messy bun. Boo lay at her feet. Napoleon lay in the chair next to her. Emmett and Genevieve arrive and sit down. Lyle and Finnegan are the last to join us.

"You should try out for 's girls team." Emmett says as the butlers set down our food. I eat and make small talk with Gwen and Lyle.

"So, you lived in Colorado?" I ask her.

"Yeah, Denver." She says with a small smile.

"So, you're going to 's?"

"Yep." She says with her american accent.

She eats a piece of her potatoes and I watch her carefully. The way she did everything was cute. It was as if she was made to serve one purpose, to be cute. "Gwen, you have a phone call." a butler says and she excuses herself from the table. I stare at her perfectly long, tan, smooth legs. We hear her talking on the phone to someone, she sounds happy. Genuinely happy.

"Dad?" She says coming in the dining room. I could tell the word was unfamiliar on her tounge.

He looked up, not used to being called Dad. "Yeah?"

"Can I go back to Colorado for like winter break or maybe next summer?" She asks hopeful.

"We'll see." He says and she smiles.

"Yay! I love you!" She exclaims.

"You really miss Denver don't you." Lyle says and she nods.

"Denver was home. Yeah, for almost 16 years of my life, I've lived in the same house, grew up with the same people, and went to the same places." She says, a hint of despair twinkles in her eyes.

"We've actually never been to Colorado. We should go sometime soon. Gwen can show us around, before she forgets." Gen says.

Gwen looks up, "Denver is one of the most beautiful cities ever. Especially in the spring, when there is just a tad bit of snow left on the mountains. And when you look at it behind the city scenery, it's stunning."

"You really know you're stuff, huh?" Finnegan says rudely.

"I did grow up there Finnegan." She retorts.

He rolls his eyes and I want to flatten his face with my fist. Finnegan wasn't even Gen's real father. He was her step and he mistreated Gen and Lyle. Now he's mistreating Gwen. "Finnegan!" Emmett says warningly.

"I'm full, may I be excused?" Gwen says not even waiting before she pushes her chair back and goes to the ballroom.

"Does that girl always pay the piano when she's upset?" Finnegan says annoyed as a beautiful song resonates through out the house, the vibrations bouncing off the walls as music fills the Manor. Everyone pauses and enjoys the melody for a minute.

"She has a name you know." I say before standing up and going after Gwen.

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