I was walking away from one of the most handsome boys I've ever met. I sigh, well at least now I know he likes me. "Gwen!" I hear someone call me. I see Marie and Angel running towards me.

"Oh hey guys," I chirp. "What's up?"

"Coach Stone wants you to be in the open house tomorrow." They exclaim.

"Really?Do I just perform? What do I do?" I ask in a panic.

"You're going to do bars," Angle smiles at me.

"Yay!" I bounce. Bars is my favorite attribute.

"Why are you so excited?" Someone asks and I turn to look at Lyle and Adam.

"I'm gonna be in the open house! I'm doing bars!" I exclaim and hug both of them. I pull back and Adam looks shocked.

"When is it?" Lyle asks.

"Tomorrow!" Marie exclaims. "So, we're going to take her to the gym and practice."

"I'll go get changed!" I chirp before running up to my room. I change into my favorite light blue and black leotard. I pull on a warm up jacket and my favorite running capris. I pull on my black and pink running shoes before putting my hair into a ponytail. I grab my duffle and bound down the stairs. "Let's go."

"Well, that means we have to go to take her home." Lyle says and I groan. All five of us pile into the back of the Rolls Royce. I'm amazed we fit but when you have three gymnast, a soccer player and Lyle it's hard not to fit. We're all fairly fit and in shape.

"So, how long do you think we're going to be up there?" Adam asks and we all shrug.

"Oh! I want to try something on beam!" Angel smiles and Marie and I laugh.

"I wanted to do floor." Marie frowns.

"Who got floor?" I ask curious.

"Rina," Angel frowns and I look confused.


"Lyle's ex girlfriend," Adam says and I nod.

"Aren't you allowed to challenge?" I ask and they look confused.


"You know, challenge? You have a mini meet between just you two and whoever's better gets the spot." I explain and they look amazed.

"I didn't know you could do that." Marie says.

"You should give it a shot." I smile and she nods. We pull up and all head inside.


Lyle and I sit on the benches as they get ready. I smile amused as Gwen slips out of her pants and jacket. She kicks off her shoes and stretch with the girl before going over to the uneven bars. I watch her as she slips on her grips and rub chalk on them. She takes a deep breath before mounting the bars. I watch as she flips between them. I turn away for a second and hear a small thud. I glance back at Gwen and she's laying on her back. "Is she okay?" I ask Lyle and he nods.

"I'm sure she's had worse." He murmurs as she gets up.

"Kingsley!" I hear someone yell and look up to see Rina walking towards her. She's sitting there and glances up.

"What?" She sounds annoyed.

"You're on vault now. Don't disappoint." Lina says and Gwen takes a deep breath. She slips the grips off and walks over to Vault.

I watch Gwen and Marie's lips move and they both look over at us before returning to their conversation. "What do you think that was about?" Lyle asks me.

"I have no clue." I murmur slightly worried. "Should we be worried?"

"I don't think so." Lyle murmurs. "Unless they spend the night." Gwen walks over to us as Maria walks to the uneven bars and we both straighten up.

"So Marie and Angel are gonna spend the night, cool?" She says and we both nod speechless. What is she up to? She drinks her water before going back over to the vault. I watch her run down it and flip. She smiles as she lands perfectly.

"We should be afraid." He murmurs and I nod.

"I'm afraid." I gulp. I know what Angle and Marie are capable. We have prank wars all the time but Gwen is a whole new story. I don't know what she's capable of. Afterwards we all go out to eat and Gwen laughs at almost all of my jokes. I feel quite accomplished, I still want to know though. Why not now? Does this mean she likes me still?

"We should get them before they get us." Lyle whispers to me as the girls shop around in the boutiques.

"Agreed." I smile. Gwendolyn Claire Kingsley, prepare to meet the prank king. We get back to the house and Lyle and I head up to his room.

"Lyle, Adam!" I hear Gwen call from outside the door.

I open it and smile down at her, "Yes Princess?"

"Don't call me that." She scowls and I chuckle. "Would you care to join us for a movie?"

"Of course." I smile and follow Lyle out the door before closing his bedroom door behind us. We walk into Gwen's room and I notice the pillows and blankets all piled on the ground.

"I'm gonna change real quick," She says before going into her closet and shutting the door. She emerges a few seconds later in a tight grey tank top and a black shorts. She plops down in-between Marie and I.

"What are we watching?" I ask.

"I don't know. It's your turn to pick," She murmurs.

"I think we should let Marie pick." Angel smiles and Gwen groans.

"Let's watch The Notebook." She smiles and Gwen groans but plays it none the less. Halfway through the movie she leans against my shoulder and I smile slightly. I look down at her and realize she's asleep. I gently pick her up and carry her to her bed. I set her down and she mumbles something incoherent. "WHAT NO! ALLIE DON'T LEAVE NOAH!" Marie yells and she jolts awake.

We hit heads and she apologizes. "I am so sorry." She blushes and I smirk.

"Its fine," I shrug and she moves to sit up on the bed. I sit with her and she cries during the movie.

"Aw, they died together!" Gwen, Marie and Angel sob. Lyle and I roll our eyes before leaving.

"Goodnight," We murmur and shut the door. We make our way back to Lyle's room and shut the door. We grab everything from the kitchen and carry it to Gwen's room. I fill a balloon with honey and place it on her closet door as Lyle has fun drawing on the girls with syrup, whip cream and spray can cheese. I pour syrup on the ground by her bed along. We smile at our work and leave the room. A few hours later we here girly shrieks and dull thuds. We run over to see them scrabbling to try to stand up. Gwen turns and sees us, her face hardens as she glares at us. Her eyes bore into my soul and I feel goosebumps rise on my arms. They manage to walk to her closet and open the door. We try to stiffle our laughing as the large balloon falls on them, sending honey flying in every direction. Gwen wipes the honey from her face and storms over to us only to slip and fall.

She glares, "Oh, it's on." She growls and slams her fists into the honey. I chuckle as she scrambles to her feet and goes into her bathroom. Marie and Angel follow behind her and I hear the water go on. A few minutes later

Gwen comes out wrapped in a towel.

"D-d-did you guys shower together?" Lyle stutters and she laughs.

"Don't worry. We had our underwear on." She teases and disappears inside the closet. She emerges in a pair of shorts and a t-shirt before trying to walk out of the room. She growls at us and stomps down the hall leaving a trail of honey. I chuckle as we hear a loud thud and her yelling. "Shit! That hurts!"

We walk to the stairs and find Gwen laying at the bottom, spread eagle on her back. "What in bloody hell happened here?" I ask chuckling and she just lays on the ground blinking. I smile as she slowly gets up.

"I will end you." She hisses and walks away.

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