I'm so tired, but I'm wide-awake
My mind is sore, and my body aches
Nightmarish creatures lurk in the shadows
Waiting for my head to find peace on my pillows
Then at the 3 o'clock hour
They'll make their move
Changing every sweet dream into a fiendish horror
And each time they catch me, the harder it is to escape
And if only for my late mother's sake
My soul, I won't let them take

So here I am alone with my demons
Yet another sleepless night
When will I be shown mercy,
And this madness stopped?

I have no idea what day it is
I have no reason to care
I've never left this house
I can't remember the sound of my own name
I don't remember what it is
The giver of that name left me long ago
She's now free from these terrible ghosts

If ever a caring, loving, innocent heart found me here
They may be able to break this wretched spell
But no one has been here for several years
Not since my mother and myself
It has been 100 years since then
But one could not tell from how I look
I still appear sixteen
It's like I am stuck in the pages of an unfinished book

My body's alive, but my soul is dead
And my broken heart won't ever mend
I am trapped here alone
In this haunted house I once called home