Insanity's Bliss

Sing me your song sweet angel dove
I want you to be the one to break my heart

Your tears make you look so beautiful when you cry
And I can't help but pretend you'll always be mine

But your not and never were
My reality has become a blur
I don't kno0w if this is a dream or a nightmare
I can't see anything clear
I only see you

When I close my eyes I can hear you breathing
I long to hear the sound of your broken heart beating

I know I could never have you
It wouldn't be right
I'm trying my hardest to forget you
But I'm losing the fight

You kill me when you look me in the eyes
It's your fault I'm in so much pain
But then again, I knew every word you said was a lie
So I guess I can't complain

Lie to me on more time
And I'll be alright

Cut my wrist-watch my sanity flow
How much I love you, you'll never know
And maybe it's better this way

Lie to me one last time
And I'll be just fine