~Robin and Marian's Tale~3/5/2012
Robin Hood, the people's pride,

and Lady Marian, his wanted bride

So long he strode, in hopes that one day

True love would blossom, in her heart so gay

Secret meetings, in dark woods arose

Robin met her there, telling her "You are the fairest rose."

It could not be, for an outlaw and lady

To share a love to share a love, so distanced and shady

For another lover, so met Marian's eyes

Sir Guy of Gisbourne, whom Robin despised

Choices were made, words said not meant

Trips to the forest were made, less and less

So, Robin grew weary, of waiting for love

And wondered, why he'd fallen so short of

The heart of the girl he desperately cared for

"It belongs to another." Robin secretly swore

But the tale is not over, the story not done

The heart of the maiden, still is not won

Marian, trapped, between forest and town

Waited only for Robin to face Gisbourne's renown

She wanted to be fought for, to be won by the truest

Only time would tell who was really the bravest

Robin Hood watched, yearning to be by her side

While Gisbourne wore her on his arm, with pride

Late in the night, it was dark, it was cold

Lady Marian went out, to escape, on a horse she rode

She went to the forest, to where once met

The outlaw lover, her heart had always kept

Marian whistled a tune, as clear as a bird

It met Robin's ears, in the darkness of night, he stirred

"Marian, my love," The outlaw began.

"You do not belong here. Your heart belongs to another man."

Marian smiled, her eyes lit with compassion.

"No. I'll always be yours. You're my only addiction."

Robin, and Marian is a legendary love

One told forever, hereinabove