The man was identified by the same names on his last poem. The girl was Cam Parker, and she was buried next to her mother in the same cemetery.

The man's dad, Joshua, served his sentence in jail. During his time there, he killed himself.

The man's mother, Kim, was buried next to the man and her husband in a cemetery in Iowa.

Jale Blackman was shot on the night the man escaped, but lived and made it to Las Vegas. He changed his name to Noah Peaks and is still currently living there. The whereabouts of the other members in Blackman's group are unknown.

The man's poems were collected and read. Scientists found the blood of about 100 women all varying age on the many poems. 500 are still being analyzed, 399 were written in red pen, and 1 was written in the man's blood. There are at least another 200 more that have either been lost are can't be properly identified. Yet.

The man, though dead, was studied through his poetry and declared insane.

This event was named the Tri-State massacre, and every year on the day the man was found dead, there is a moment of silence in which the women the man killed are remembered.

The houses involved were all burned, but sometimes, during that moment of silence, people have claimed to hear a haunting chant from the area of the burnt house:

Beauty had a price to pay

Beauty isn't free.

Beauty took the life from me

But a wonderful world was shown to me.

Skys may be a pale blue

And the darkness may be scary

But take a look in the dark

And you'll find joy in there too.