Children of combat

By Blythe H. Garcia


Kyle Banks

Children of Combat a three man team of super soldiers who are being bread from the age of six to be the greatest super soldiers the world will ever see. The story begins when the team has a mission to rescue hostages in a bank robbery after which they all go back to they're training; at they're time back an accident happens leaving our main character with memory loss and extreme fighting ability that he will now have the will to defend him-self with the added help of his friends at the ages of sixteen year old Ron Anderson the heavy artillery, fifteen year old Sara Craydac who is the sniper of the group, and fifteen year old Shaun Ashton C.P.O (chief, petty, officer). After they're tragic accident they are in an all-out war to escape the government of America and create normal lives for them-selves with the equipment to fight and the ability to use they will fight to expose the government and return to the home's they never knew.

Name: Sara Craydac

Age: fifteen

Sex: Female

Origin: American

Ability: Sniper training, CQC, Ty Quan Do, and Tue jut sue

Rank: (SPC) Specialist

Serial Number: 001573

Name: Shawn Ashton

Age: fifteen

Sex: Male

Origin: American

Ability: Hand to hand combat expert

Rank: (SMA) Sergeant Major of the Army

Serial Number: 001571

Name: Ron Anderson

Age: sixteen

Sex: Male

Origin: Russian

Ability: Heavy Artillery

Rank: (SPC) Specialist

Serial Number:

Boot Camp: W.M.D (Weapon of Mass Destruction)

(CHLOE): Red one a blond haired girl, five foot six, light green eyes, thin muscly girl wearing a blue collared jump suit.

(RADEk): Red two, six foot two, large muscles, cut on the left side of his forehead, dark brown eyes, and black hair.

(OLIVIA): Red three, long brown haired girl, small thin form, dark blue eyes, with a red collared jump suit.

(JACOB): Red four, black hair, dark brown eyes, cut on left cheek, black male six foot five, large muscular, with a black B.D.U.

(LUCY): Red five, short brown black hair with a light blue stripe, brown eyes, five foot eight, cut running down her shoulder, with a dark green collared jump suit.

(ABEDABUN): Red six, was a native American, with a buzz cut, he didn't have that large of muscles but he was still a large man, six foot three, and blue eyes.

(KATHERINE): Red seven, an albino girl with white hair, eyes that where colored white by contact lenses, and a white collared jump suit


Air, fresh air out in the wilderness with nothing but the clothes on my back and instinct. It was a good morning with my team right by my side but that would not last too long because today will be one more fight to survive this place. This is a fight to the death the surviving team will have earned the right to keep their lives. This is one of W.M.D's elimination exercises; this exercise will teach us to survive in the outdoors fighting trained attack dogs, wild wolves, War veteran's, prisoners, and state of the art tracking systems. W.M.D the Hell that I call home on a daily bases sense I was six years old, W.M.D. is a boot camp for super soldiers they take the week and make them strong. They take the broken and recreate them for combat if you are taken in you are not left behind.

Psycho's become dogs of war, those who cannot walk become super computers and those who cannot kill become assassins. Those who are small become snipers and those who are large become walking tanks, those who's minds could not think have their minds replaced with the minds of those who could not walk. W.M.D. creates Weapons, of mass, destruction to replace the need for an entire army all they would need is one unit of W.M.D's soldiers to do the job of an entire platoon. Each one of W.M.D's warriors does the job of one hundred of the American army and this way we were born to fight so it was free to send us.

I was kidnaped at the age of five when one of the W.M.D. agents found me he saw a perfect soldier so he took me to the camp. Where I met Craydac Sarah who is being trained as my squad sniper; and Anderson Ron a kid who is trying to become the strongest soldier in camp and to the best of my knowledge succeeded. No one could challenge him in hand to hand combat other than Craydac and I. Team one forty we are the best team they have here and when we're done here we can start on missions shooting at people using live rounds. Four hundred yards, now we had started moving toward our objective we are no longer just training we are now soldiers my team has killed three of the world's sickest prisoners a pack of wolves' and one of our own trainers we have fought for our lives and now we have four hundred yards to go.

Combat is an art and now we have mastered that art, split up thirty feet from one another for the next four hundred yards before we get to our destination and we all go home successful soldiers. Three hundred yards to go when we get there who knows what we'll go up against but we need to be prepared for absolutely anything we'll fight to the bitter end three hundred fifty. Two hundred still no bogies; one fifty we're closing in on our target now we're all on edge we still hadn't seen a thing. One hundred this is where we stop get in prone position and slowly crawl up to the LZ (Landing Zone). We looked threw the bushes and when we did my heart dropped to my stomach I could not believe my eyes ten armed insurgents had taken down five of W.M.D.'s trainers this was not the fight that I expected.

"Anderson flank left, Craydac flank three o clock right" I ordered quietly under so that the enemy insurgents could not hear

"Shaun what's your plan?" Ron asked with a violent voice even with how young we is his voice was deeper than the rest of ours the young Russian with his buzz cut, scar on his left cheek, large overly muscular form, black military jacket, combat boots, and black B.D.U. Pants.

"Shaun you know I don't question your tactics but shouldn't we wait for the other units?" Sarah who had a small thin form, short brown hair, dark blue skin tight jump suit with a collar, she had brown eyes, and small cheeks.

"We aren't waiting for them, we want the fewest casualties possible so if we can take them all out alone and leave a warning that would be our best option" I am just as afraid of these men as the others so I wanted to be cautious but I did not want them knowing that I am afraid, if my team knew that I was afraid of these insurgents they would likely work sloppily.

"Ashton who are the big guys"? A squad Sargent from one of the other units asked, sounding as if he were more fearful than I.

"The big guys are insurgents that just jacked our ride and our snack age, so it looks like they just put the welcome mat out for my boot, do you agree"? I asked the unit Sargent, I'm unfamiliar with the boy I didn't know his name and I didn't need to, we were told that unless they were placed in our unit we didn't need to know they're name. Three man teams red one, red two, and red three they are not our comrades, they are not our friends, they are our enemies.

"Ashton I know that we're not supposed to work together, but in this case do you think that W.M.D. will make an accept ion to our cause"? The Sargent was scared and he would admit to it as well.

"It doesn't matter if W.M.D. will make an accept ion or not I'm the ranking officer and I order you to disobey your direct orders from W.M.D."! I would not have said this if I did not have my plan already and knew that it would work.

"Sir, I'm with you to the bitter end"! Sarah exclaimed.

"Sir, to Hell and back again and again"! Ron said with pride.

"Anderson! Comrade, I am with you" The Sargent was inspired.

"Then the plan is not a simple thing first I'm going to need a distraction, which will be Sarah, you will throw these four rocks at the men draw one or two into the forestry then we will ambush him or them, after which we will take his or they're fire-arm's. After we have they're weapons it's obvious what has to be done! Is that understood?" with that everyone nodded yes and split up.

Sarah took the rocks after everyone was in place verified that we were ready then threw the rocks as fast and accurate as possible hitting one of the men in the head, one in the gut, and one in the groin then took off running. The plan had worked perfectly three men came running after her they came into the forestry angry and not thinking about the fact that it could be ambush lowered they're weapons, once they were thirty yards from the L.Z. we pounced throwing two stones, then we tackled them then bashed the backs of their heads in with the stones. Everything was going as planned with bonuses; we had two of them injured with the rocks from Sarah, and three dead, this gave us an advantage.

"We have one g36c assault rifle for Ron, one AK-47 for our Sargent, three side arms for the Sargent's men one for me, and the M4 carbine for Sarah" I distributed they're weapons as quickly as I possibly could.

"Wait Shaun what are you doing why didn't you take a rifle"? Sarah asked concerned.

"I don't want any of you getting hurt you're my comrades and I'm your captain my job is to make sure that you all get out of here alive" I told her then she dropped silent nodded with satisfaction and went to position when we were all in position we verified took aim I held up fist then opened it and the air cracked with the sound of gun fire I fallowed the teams lead and fired killing one of the insurgents. I held my open hand and closed it into a fist again, and then the air was dead silent we walked through and checked for survivors no won had lived through the barrage of fire that we had laid down on them.

"Ashton, what now"? The Sargent asked.

"You are my comrades now we will go home both of us as a combined unit get on board we'll go home" I said this not knowing what the consequence for our actions would be whatever it is I take alone.

I scavenged my way through the insurgent equipment and found nothing but fire-arms so we just loaded it on board the ship, turned on the auto-pilot and flew home. What happened to them what happened to the others, the question that I could not help but ask myself over and over did they get out alive or would they all die in the woods this I did not know? When we landed we all got out of the helicopter weapons in hand we did not care to disengage our weapons after what had just happened, W.M.D. new about what had happened they came to the helicopter unarmed they were proud of me for having the six of us work as a unit instead of just killing the other three. W.M.D. executive director told my unit that we were going on a mission we were done training; our first job will be a bank robbery in progress we would be filled in on the details on the way there.

We were informed that we would be put on the roof wearing suits that can block nine millimeter rounds from point blank range along with, bullet proof head gear, and a tactical vest; we were to be armed with a suppressed M4 Carbine, a tactical knife, a suppressed MP-443, and tactical concussion grenades for me. For Ron two suppressed mp5k sub machine guns, and the rest of his equipment was the same as mine. For Sarah she was armed with one thing and one thing only an M24 sniper rifle, we have been ready for this for a very long time and now we were in place to take action. First we did a rope drop onto the roof, climbed into the building through the vents, then Ron and I drop in threw the vents in the sealing as quietly as possible and the rest happens now.

I heard a gun-shot, glass break, and screams that was our cue we dropped in through the vents just in time to see target two drop. Immediately Ron shot target four, then I shot target three, immediately afterword another shot hit target one. I looked at target five he had a hostage; at this moment I closed my eyes got on one knee and dropped my gun to the ground. When my gun hit the ground I jumped to my feet pulled my MP-443 from its holster shot one round into the barrel of target fives gun instantly afterword I threw my body toward him and thrust my gun up to his face it landed right between his eyes.

"Command, what should I do" I asked through my intercom.

"No surviving contacts" Command told me.

"Yes sir" I replied then fired.

That was the end of it, it was finished it's time to go back home a Child of Combat.

Chapter one

The escape

I woke with a start, to the Sargent yelling, "Line up maggots!" Scrambling from my bed, I tried to slip down the ladder to walk towards my line. Instead, I managed to fall off my bunk onto the floor with a smack! I didn't bother grimacing at the pain and stood in line 3 behind one of the other trainees.

This was any normal morning. First we were forced away and lectured for several minutes about today's events. Then, we started with our normal training; 100 pushups, 100 sit ups, 100 jumping jacks, and finally a four mile run. I was used to this routine though, so I was hardly winded.

When breakfast rolled around, we all sat at the dining hall and ate our usual breakfast oatmeal with hard boiled eggs and a glass of milk.

I was late for class and dashed from the dining hall to the hallways. 'Crap, crap, crap, I shouldn't be running late!' I mentally scolded, imagining what the punishment would be.

I'm going to die. Last time I was late I did one hundred push-ups waiting until the Sargent says to get up; I had been there for three hours.

As I reached the end of the empty hall, the classroom door appeared. I didn't hesitate, reaching for the doorknob. Whatever my punishment would be, I'd take it.

When I opened the door I saw the sky turn red and felt the ground shake beneath my feet. That's when it happened; I was thrown back my head hit the locker and my vision started to fade.


When I woke up the first thought that came to me was where am I, why does my head hurt, and who am I.? My skin burned as if it were up in flames, the back of my head was covered in blood draining down my back into a pile on the floor underneath me. I attempted to get up when I did I was stopped short by a migraine that hit me like a train the pain pounded violently in my head. I started crawling up the wall pulling myself to my feet, with the pain still pulsating in my head, the pain is unbearable in my mind I was in too much pain to continue standing. Despite the pain I carried on moving feeling that my right shoulder was not in its socket I pressed my elbow up against a locker and pushed with all of my force my shoulder clicked back in place and I shuddered under the pain. I kept on trying to move down the hall way until I got to an emergency door that was knocked down then stepped out. When I saw what had happened all I thought to do is go look for supplies, I walked building to building the first one that I went to was the cafeteria which was far from untouched. When I walked through the only thing of any value was a beer in the freezer sifted through all of the junk dead bodies no won was alive here. Blood is pouring from my head it's running down my back I walked onward the next door I went through was the door to the firing range which was completely torn up I went to the armory were the door had been torn down. I went inside to search for weapons I found very little but it would be enough to fight anyone who challenged me.

What I gathered was an MP-443 pistol, a fifty caliber desert eagle pistol, the Colt python .357 revolver, the M-4 carbine with a be-wolf attachment and a twelve-twenty op scope, an M-83 LMG (Light, Machine, Gun), and an AS50 fifty caliber sniper rifle along with two concussion flash bang grenades five pineapple grenades and ten pounds of C-4 plastic explosive. After searching through the wreckage I stepped out of the Arsenal and went down a half torn down hallway that lead me to the firing range where I saw a girl who had a small thin form, short brown hair, dark blue skin tight jump suit with a collar, brown eyes, and small cheeks. I threw my weapons then crept underneath the broken down door-way at the end of the hall. After I had crept underneath the door-way I through a rifle over my shoulder and ran to the girls side when I got to her I could tell she was injured. She had taken a piece of shrapnel on her left side and another in her left arm both of which she was barely bleeding from, I checked her pulse to make sure that she was still breathing. When I was sure she was alive I hung the guns over my shoulders and slung the girl onto my back, then I took her to the medical center as quickly as possible.

When I got to the medical center I slung the girl onto a cot that I had to steady the back legs with fragments of wreckage, when I got her onto the cot I bandaged her wounds which were very severe. After I had bandaged up her wounds I left to search for other survivors I went building to building finding people who were to injured to bring to the medical center or already dead both did me no good. A few more hours had passed before I found a survivor the boy's name was Ron Anderson the young Russian with his buzz cut, scar on his left cheek, large overly muscular form, black military jacket, combat boots, and black B.D.U. pants had been thrown into a Humvee which saved his life because the door slammed closed behind him. I hadn't ever liked Humvee s I always thought that they were death traps on wheal's. I crammed a crow-bar into the door of the vehicle and pushed as hard as I could until the door broke open and I flew into the left side of the vehicle I shrugged it off and went into the vehicle. I grabbed the boys feet and pulled him out he was completely unharmed so I woke him from his beauty sleep.

"Hey soldier get up, specialist be a little bit more special than a sloth and get the fuck up!" I yelled at him with an added smack on the side of the head soldier.

"Huh, how's it goin sarge is nap time over already" Ron looking tougher then he was acting joked before looking around the destroyed vehicle bay.

"What happened, I was only asleep for a little while?" Ron asked shocked at what he was looking at.

"I don't know what happened, and I don't know why you're worried about a heavily armed man pulling you out of a truck and smacking you."

"Other than the fact that the heavily armed man is my Sargent and I'm hoping that he'll pass me that M-83 and maybe that desert eagle?" he said questioningly.

"So I'm your Sargent?" "Yes I believe so, and what about the guns?" he asked looking at me with his left brow raised.

"The guns are yours" I said slinging the M-83 off my back and pulling the Desert Eagle out of its holster then passed them over to the unarmed Russian.

After our little conversation we both walked back to the medical center where I had left the brown haired girl. When we got to the medical center I showed Ron the girl

"It's Sarah"

"Who's Sarah?"

"I can't believe that you don't even recognize your own unit Sarge"

"Well I don't recognize her or you, so who is she"

"This is Sarah, Craydac our sniper specialist, remember you guys always talked about maybe goin out if we survived the final elimination round of W.M.D.'s training, Remember"

"Don't remember but in any case what are we going to do to get out of this mess hall."

"Um ya you're the one who always makes all of the plans alright then I guess none of the vehicles are going to work so we're going to halve to walk I guess"

"How are we going to transport her just carry her or what?"

"You won't need to I can walk." Sarah told him

"Wow Aint it fancy seein you awake and alive."

"Shut up Anderson you know I can kick your skinny ass."

"Ha I see your still crackin wise."

"Ya you know me big guy."

"Ha Ya"

"Hey Sarge what happened here"

"No Idea Craydac."

"You fealin alright Sarge you know whatever it is I can kiss it better."

"Ya not necessary Craydac"

"Ron what's wrong with my Sargent"

"I don't know he has some sort of memory loss"

"Ron I swear that if this is your fault I will kick you strait into next year."

"Sarah, this isn't my fault I actually don't know what happened to him."

"Both of you need to ready up and get ready to move."

"Shawn, Do you-do you really not remember me."

"Sorry Craydac but I have no recollection of who you are."

"Sarah he'll remember in time but for now you shouldn't worry about it looks like we might have a fight on our hands"

"W-w-why is this happening t-to m-me?" she asked with tears in her left eye which started to run down her cheek while another formed in her right eye. Tears where running down both of her cheeks she kept looking back at me even though Ron was leading her out of the building to go get some fresh air. Why don't I remember anything even this girl. Where am I, why don't I remember anything, who am I. I gathered our things and started to the door I could hear Ron and Sarah talking.

"How does he not remember me, I thought that we we're the closest two people in the world I thought that we could never fall away from one another we we're always together we we're the only two that no-won could separate."

"I'm sorry that your hurt, but it will heal in time."

"I don't want to wait for him to remember I just want it to happen immediately."

"Sarah you know that not everything you want can be given to you or happen, I want you to understand that he will be fine but it will take time."

"I understand but what if it's permanent what if he never remembers, what if he's never my Sarge ever again, what if he stays this way for the rest of his life."

"Then give him better memories then before, give him knew laughs to remember, give him knew fights, if this memory loss is permanent then give him the this time the best time of his life."

"I understand, thank you." she wiped tears off of her cheeks while Ron had his hand on her shoulder to comfort her I could tell that it was working even though Ron was not the comforting type of guy. "Are you ready to go"

"Yes we're ready." Sarah replied wiping the last of her tears away. "Good then we'll go, but one thing first here the AS50 and an MP-443 pistol along with a combat knife. Ron here a pound of C-4 plastic explosive for you."

"Wow really for me this is the happiest day of my young life."

"Glad to hear it."

"Ya thanks Sarge."

"Glad to hear it from you snips."

"Wait, what did you just call me."

"Snips because you're a Sniper am I right."

"Ya right."

"Well if there's a problem with that I can just not call you that."

"No! No you can call me that all you want Sarge its perfectly fine."

"Alright, we should be on our way."

We started walking, after about four hundred meters we saw two black trucks side by side when we took a good look around we saw a group of seven unharmed survivors being held hostage by ten armed soldiers. We all watched intensely. "Craydac flank left, Anderson flank right." "Same as always right Sarge."

"Yep same as always snips now move once you get a shot signal me and I'll shoot down the middle with this python only shoot with your pistol for now we'll take them out fast and hard."

Sarah nodded her head in agreement then crept around to flank left. When both Ron and Sarah where in position they gave me the signal and we all fired, the ten men dropped to the ground like rocks, the drivers dove from the trucks and we fired two more shots which killed them.

When we knew the coast was clear we jumped from our hiding places and ran to grab the weapons they were all M-4 Carbines and M-9 pistols all of them have the same exact weapons set. They all had the same exact armor the same exact height and the same exact mask I grabbed the mask and tried to peal it off and but I noticed that the mask was made of cartilage and steal and was actually a part of the flesh the flesh for the eye lids were actually a part of the mask as well these men were made to be copies with the same exact blue eyes, six foot four, the same muscle mass, and the same exact face. These guys weren't even human they were clones these were like nothing that I have ever seen they were perfect replicas of one another. Whatever these things are they're perfect soldier material by the looks of it they were assassins I don't why they were sent here but in any case we would have to watch our backs. "Alright maggots Red one through twenty." Red one a blond haired girl, five foot six, light green eyes, thin muscly girl wearing the same blue collared jump suit. Red two, six foot two, large muscles, cut on the left side of his forehead, dark brown eyes, and black hair. Red three, long brown haired girl, small thin form, dark blue eyes, close cheeks, small jaw, with a red collared jump suit. Red four, black hair, dark brown eyes, wide jaw, cut on left cheek, black male six foot five, large muscular, with a black B.D.U. Red five, short brown black hair with a blue strip, small jaw, brown eye's, five foot eight, cut running down her shoulder, close shoulders, with a dark green collared jump suit. Red six, was a native American, with a buzz cut, he didn't have that large of muscles but he was still a large man, six foot three, with a wide forehead, wide shoulders, a broken nose, and blue eyes. Red seven, an albino girl with white hair, eyes that where colored white by contact lenses, she had small cheek bones, a small jaw and a white collared jump suit. Red seven the girl with white hair came over to me quickly then put her arm out to me for a hand shake I grabbed her wrist and shook her hand she threw her left arm around me and hugged me.

"So you're the Sargent that I've been hearing about."

"I don't know who have you been hearing about."

"It's nice to see you Sargent Ashton I haven't seen you sense the last elimination round."

"Sorry to but in red seven but Sargent Ashton doesn't know you anymore he's suffering from memory loss." Ron interrupted her to tell her.

"Oh, I understand is this going to affect his ability to lead an entire ten man unit threw a battle field?"

"Yes he'll be fine he's led us so far the memory seems to be stored in his subconscious."

"Alright if you trust his judgment then we will as well."

"Thank you for your trust, in any-case we will need to get somewhere safe to have this conversation."

After that we took one of the enemy trucks and drove out of the camp as fast as we could. Once we had gotten about a half mile in the trucks we stopped because Sarah saw a blockade up ahead threw the twenty op scope which either meant that they had spotted us or that they were not equipped enough to see us. In either case Sarah wanted to pick them all off from a distance so I pulled a spotter scope out of a bag that I found with a ammo for the AS50. I put the scope on the M-4 carbine which had a longer range do to the Be-wolf attachment. I had a year and a half of sniper training so I knew how to use the spotter scope, I mounted the rifle on a bi-pod then took aim knowing that we were only four hundred yards from the our targets.

"Wind speed twelve miles per hour, length 378 meters, weapons free."

We both fired one by one the men dropped to the ground we kept a good aim at the alarm so that no-won could hit it. We fired eight rounds eight men dropped to the ground dead four men remained as soon as one of them popped up they dropped dead. After fifteen minutes I packed the M-4 into the truck. Sarah remained with the AS50 I grabbed an M-4 that didn't have a be-wolf attachment and moved forward to strike with red seven, Ron, and red six.

"Ron, red seven flank right red seven and I are going to move left."

"Yes, sir" we all moved fast when we got to the barricade we ducked behind the wall we shot the surviving three down. I signaled the truck and they moved up to pick us up when the truck got to us we jumped in started driving again. We went twenty miles before the truck ran out of gas after that we got out and walked. We walked for ours me with my M-4 carbines and my team.


"Excuse me?"

"My name is Katherine you never got it you were too busy calling me red seven."

"Abedabun its' cheyenne for sight of day." Red six

"It's nice to meet you Abed."

"Jacob" Red four

"The names Chloe" Red one

"Lucy I'm fifteen turning sixteen next month sir." Red five

"Nice to meet you Lucy, Chloe, Jacob."

"Radek I was one of the survivors of the elimination rounds." Red two

"Olivia bladed weapons specialist." Red three

"It's nice to meet you both."

All of us greeted one another now knowing one an others' names we talked one on one.

"So Sargent what's your plan." Lucy asked

"For now we can all settle in and get some rest we'll put a three people patrol are you up for it."

"Sure I'm in but do we need anyone else."

"No I don't think so we'll switch shifts at midnight so that the two of us can get some sleep."

"So what happened to you, I heard Ron say that you've got memory loss."

"I don't know what happened to me I woke up with blood dripping down my back it was coming from my head so I'm guessing that's the injury that inflicted the memory loss."

"Hum I guess that you're lucky to be alive right."

"Ya I guess."

"What are we going to do about this situation?"

"I guess we'll try to get to civilization get knew I.D.'s and get knew lives."

"For starters I found ta G.P.S. in the truck that we can use to find out where to go."

"Ya I guess that we can find where to go by using that if we had it"

"We do I grabbed it on the way out of the truck so that we could have something to go by after we get off the road."

"Hum, good job Lucy."

"Shaun, have they ever let you look up at the stars and just wonder what's up there? have you ever had the freedom?"

"No, I don't believe I have I think this is the first time in my life that I've gotten to just stared into the stars."

"Wow that's so sad, have you been here your entire life or something?"

"I don't know but I think so haven't we all."

"Um not all of us have been here our entire lives like you, Sarah and Ron didn't get here until they were seven and eight and I didn't get here until I was ten."

"Shaun I think that you're the only one that's been here that long, I think everyone else was born into entirely different lives then you were."

"Well of course we don't actually know for sure that I've been here that long, right?"

"Well you were here already when I came here remember we were both ten at the time we snuck out of camp and sat on the outside of the wall on the only spot that they couldn't see us, don't you remember anything?"

"No I don't remember anything all I remember is this fight we're in right now."

Right as I said that I heard a truck coming and saw lights they were scanning the area to try and find us. "Everyone up now, get up get up, we've got a fight on our hands."