Her Freedom

The tears pour down her cheeks,

Sad, broken, she's all alone

No one to help her,

No one to hear her screams

She wants to be free

Out of this world

Away from the pain

Ignored by all others

Salty wetness dripping down her cheeks

Her make-up running,

Tears turning black

She sobs into her hands

Hair a mess, make-up washed away

She sits, staring out the window

Afraid to make any sound

In case the peacefulness shatters

Raised voices all around her

But she is all alone

The voices; in her head

Tell her what to do

Pick up the knife,

Slice your wrist

Watch the blood pour free


After, she smiles

Her tears replaced with joy

Her make up perfect once again,

She turns, ready to face the world.