Hey guys, it's been a while, more like, FOREVER since I've been on fictionpress, this is due to the boat load of homework I have. I'm hoping to create a story soon, but I have to finish something with my fanfiction story. Also, I'm going to quickly post all my poems, for no reason other than to have them up.

So, here's one!

My best friends

One is:





Listens to you

Hard to argue against

Always has the answers

Never quits


Her name is Alyssa

The other is

More understanding

Needs a push every once in a while

Loves to gossip


Blonde (though that doesn't have that much of an effect…)

Lives nearby

Been friends since I moved to NY


Keeps to herself

The one that people misjudge

But not me, I know her

She's nice

Her name is Shannon

I 3 both these girls and miss them dearly

It's what happens when you move..

P.S., here's my fanfiction account .net/u/3339052

Thx for reading!

~May Dare