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It was Sunday morning and Mary and her parents were all dressed in their simple church clothing.

Mary wasn't very religious, her parents had never forced her to be, but they had always taken her to church with them when she was a child since there wasn't anyone to look after her out there on the farm and she was too young to be there by herself.

Now that she was older though she could stay home if she pleased, but she actually enjoyed Sunday church, seeing the rest of the people from town and listening to the preacher read words from the Bible. It was nice to get away from the farm for an hour or so once a week, relax with her parents and attempt to enjoy something she knew the both of them believed in.

"Mary we're just about ready we'll meet you outside at the car." Her mother called from the kitchen and Mary blinked, it was a bit odd for her mom to tell her to wait out in the car. Maybe her parents were having a discussion that they didn't want her to hear? They had always been open with her though about everything.

She shook her head, she knew she was thinking too much on something that probably didn't matter and instead turned and let her feet carry her out the front door.

"Mornin' Mary." A familiar voice piped up as soon as she was out on the porch. Her body froze and she looked up, lips parting in surprise as she saw Rick standing there dressed in some old blue jeans and a clean white button-up shirt. He didn't have his hat with him and his hands were fidgeting with his belt as he looked at her.

Her cheeks reddened and she looked away, straightening her pale yellow sundress and then adjusting her straw hat on her head. "Good morning, what are you doing here?" She asked quietly, chancing a peak out of the corner of her eye at his handsome figure and face.

Rick looked damn good if she did think so herself.

The door creaked open and her mother walked out, her father trailing out behind her just as Rick had been about to respond. "

"Well mornin' Rick!" Her father greeted, looking pleasantly surprised but also bewildered, "You comin' with us to church today?"

Suzy set an almost overly-dramatic embarrassed smile on her face, "Oh Rick! I forgot that I'd invited you today! Aren't I just a silly old thing? Paul, I forgot to tell you I'd invited him! Isn't that so silly?" She let out a twitter of laughter and batted her eyelashes innocently while her father just nodded in agreement, his brows furrowed a little. Her laughter died down abruptly and she looked between Rick and Mary, "How about you take Mary with you, eh Rick? I'm sure you'd like some company on your drive into town."

Mary nearly fainted at her mother's words but Rick looked intensely relieved. "Course I'll take Mary with me, from what I've gathered she's great company." Rick spoke truthfully, staring into her mother's eyes in a way that almost showed that they had some sort of secret between the both of them.

The older woman grinned and grasped onto her husband's hand, pulling him out of his bewilderment and fluttering her eyelashes at him. "Come on now, Paul, I told Mrs. Davis that we'd be there early." She tugged on her husband's hand a little harder, nearly dragging him down the porch steps after her.

"Ya did what?" Paul asked, immediately displeased with this news. He was a nice man, he was tolerable with everyone, but Mrs. Davis, the old bat, stuck her nose into everything and damn if she didn't get on his nerves. "You really oughta start tellin' me things, Suzette." He muttered but Suzy just swatted at his chest and then waved at Rick and Mary happily.

"Take your time now, kids! We'll see you in town, or maybe back here if you don't decide to come!" She called over her shoulder and Mary watched her father sputter in shock but say nothing. One thing Mary knew was that her father didn't like to get upset with her mother, and another thing she knew was that getting into any sort of argument with her mother lead to deep trouble.

Rick waved back at Suzy and then watched the pair climb into their car and drive away, Mr. Dolan sending a bit of a worried look out of his window before heaving a sigh and heading down the road, dust rising behind the wheels of the car all the while.

Now it was just the two of them standing on the porch together.

"So," Mary began, staring into Ricks eyes, "you and ma planned this?"

He shrugged non-chalantly and looked away, shoving his hands into his jean pockets. "I don't know if it could be called a plan, all she did was invite me to come to church with you today." Ricks lips twitched up a little in the corners but mostly his expression remained neutral. It was hard for Mary to tell what he was thinking when he kept his face so serious all of the time. "Mary, I just want to get to know you."

"We got to know each other well enough already." She interjected quickly, a bright pink blush painting the tops of her cheeks.

His brows shot up and then lowered once again his head tilting thoughtfully to the side, "I'm not so sure we did."

Mary scoffed, "Well I am. And I don't think I feel much like going to church anymore, I'm burnin' up a little inside already and it's not a good idea to go sit in that big ol' room sweating up with a bunch of other people." She turned and grabbed the door handle, making an attempt to escape before they could further this discussion.

"I can cool you down." He grasped onto her arm and twirled her body around to face him. Their faces were close and his eyes were glaring into hers with slight anger and strong desire.

She felt her breath catch as she watched him with wide eyes filled to the brim with anticipation.

Rick let go of her wrist and brought both hands up to take hold of the neckline of her sundress, without hesitation he undid the top button, tearing a gasp from Mary's throat. She would have leapt backward if her legs didn't feel so weak.

He kept their gaze and went down to the next button, popping it open as well and then continuing downward, opening them one after the other before finally stopping a couple of buttons below her breasts. Gently he pushed the fabric out of the way of her chest, revealing her very simple, innocent white bra to his hungry eyes. "You feel a bit cooler?" He whispered lowly to her and she shook her head no.

"Then how do you feel?" Rick asked this as he pushed her over to the wall of the house, trapping her there with his body.

Mary opened her mouth, her lips trembling a bit, "H-... Hot."

His eyes softened and he brushed his cheek against hers gently, feeling the heat of her soft cheek against his skin. "The things I'd do to you, Mary." He murmured into her ear and felt her shiver. "I wanna take that dress of yours off and be with you right out here on the porch, and if anyone happened to see then they'd know you were mine." Rick added and Mary's hands rose up to his shoulders, holding on tightly for a second and then gently pushing him away and grabbing the front of her dress, closing it.

Her eyes stared at the ground for a while and then turned her body, her side now facing him. "Stop it. I don't wanna hear none of this anymore." She spoke, trying to sound strong but sounding more shaky then not.

"No, I'm not going to stop." Rick argued and gently grabbed her again; her pulled her hands away from her dress and started to do the buttons up for her. They just stood while he did her this favour and once he was done he took her hand firmly and lead her down the porch steps and too his truck.

Mary had nearly forgot about church, but she was glad that they were going, it would have been a bad idea if they hadn't, it would've put nasty ideas in people's minds.

She climbed into the passenger's side and did her seat belt up, pulling her dress skirt down her legs to just past her knees, hiding her soft white thighs from Ricks eyes. Her eyes stayed trained out the windshield as Rick got into the truck and started to drive. She could tell that this was going to be a very uncomfortable and extremely quiet ride.

They got inside the church just as everyone was getting into their seats and Mary found her parents without any trouble, they were sitting in the back, her mother fanning herself with her straw hat and her father sitting there, looking stoic, as he normally did during Sunday Service.

"You two made it." Suzy commented, looking disappointed but trying hard not to show it by putting on a smile. She cast a questioning look at Rick but he showed about as much emotion as Mary's father was right now, and that wasn't much. "Well take a seat, it's about to start." She sighed and watched as Mary and Rick took a seat, one next to the other while Mary sat right next to her.

Mary's eyes wandered around as the services proceeded; finally they landed on a girl that she'd used to go to school with, Jenny Matthews. Jenny was tall, slim and had beautiful golden hair; she had been saught after by all of the boys during school. Some girls had been jealous, but most just idolized Jenny and snatched up whatever boys that the girl didn't think matched what she liked.

And Jenny had always liked the most popular boys, the strongest, most athletic boys.

But right now Jenny wasn't sitting there in church trying to look like the perfect little angel, instead she was staring at Mary with a look of deep interest and something else, it looked like she had something naughty planned. Mary knew with immediate distaste that Jenny would be coming after the services to speak with her.

She prayed that the Pastor would be giving a long sermon that day.

"Lord bless ya, and may you all have a safe week."

With those words the service ended and everyone stood, making their way out of the church to get some fresh air and have a chat with their neighbours.

Mary was caught by Jenny as soon as she stepped outdoors and was taken by the hand and pulled off over to the side by the taller girl. "How are you, Mary?" Jenny asked, her big blue doll eyes sparkling wickedly but her smile wide and inviting. "I couldn't help but notice that you had someone accompany you into service today." She commented, batting her eyelashes innocently.

The farm girl frowned a little and looked away, "Yes I did, why... are you... interested?" She couldn't keep the hesitation out of her voice. She was afraid, she knew that Jenny could have, and would have, any man that she was interested. And even though Mary had rejected Rick that didn't mean she wanted him to get trapped in Jenny's claws.

Jenny let out a fluttering laugh and shook her head. "Oh no, I ain't interested, actually there's this get together at a barn next weekend and that's where I'm planning to find myself a man. I'm sure I'll get my pick of the litter." She explained and Mary held back a sigh of relief.

"Mary." Rick called gruffly as he walked up to the two women, his eyes barely glancing in Jenny's direction. "Who is this?" He questioned as he positioned himself behind Mary, now watching Jenny with his dominating dark eyes.

The taller female cleared her throat and gave a charming smile, "I'm Jenny, an old classmate of Mary's. I was just asking her if she'd like to come to a get together next week over at the O'Reilly barn. I'd really like her to come, I think you should too."

He gave a stiff nod. "I'm planning on going, some guys I know invited me. I'll be there."

Jenny clapped her hands and let out a happy noise that Mary was positive she would never be able to make as long as she lived. "That's fantastic! Well Mary, I'll give you a call during the week. It was nice meetin' you handsome." She winked at Rick and glided away from the two of them, leaving them alone in their own little corner of the world.

Mary turned and looked up at Rick, his expression was as lank as ever.

"Are you going to go?" He asked, taking one of her hands in his absently and gazing down into her eyes, waiting for her response.

She blinked, thinking about it, she hadn't been planning on it; actually she really didn't want to go, not after the way Jenny had asked her. "I'm not too sure, I've never really been one for... get togethers." Mary replied softly and looked down at their clasped hands.

Rick hummed and nodded, "Alright. Anyways, it's time to go, I s'pose you'll be headin' back with your parents."

She nodded and released his hand, not meeting his gaze. "I'll see you tomorrow Rick, thanks for the ride." Mary walked past him and over to her parents who were already making their way over to their car. When Mary reached them Suzy gave her a pointed look but Mary chose to ignore it and just cast her eyes away.

Their silent conversation was missed by her father who was currently muttering about 'nosey old bats' and 'pretentious fools'. It seemed Mary had missed seeing someone aggravate her father, either before or after the service. But it didn't matter when it happened; all she knew was that her dad would be grumpy for the rest of the day.


The next five days went by in a busy blur, at least that's how it seemed to Mary, and she'd been doing every possible chore that she could in order to not have to talk to Rick. It also gave her an excuse to go to bed early and not have to sit with everyone else at dinner.

It was now Saturday morning and Mary was helping her mother prepare lunch for the men outside. Her mother was talking about something or other that one of the ladies in town had said and Mary just let it go in one ear and out the other.

"Ya going to that party tonight, Mary?" Her mother asked suddenly and the young woman hesitated for a moment before continuing on with what she was doing.

"Now how'd you hear about that, mama?" She asked quietly, ignoring the question.

Suzette shook her head in disappointment. "I just told you I'd heard it from Mrs. Baker, now not only are you not listening to me, you're also trying to change the subject. You know you can't pull anything over on me." She nagged and Mary sighed as she continued to fix up some sandwiches.

"I know, mama, I'm sorry." She apologized, feeling disheartened, she knew where this conversation was going.

"Ya know, Mary, I want you to go to that party." Suzette commented, sounding as if she'd just had a fantastic idea. "It'll be good for you to be with some kids your own age, besides you've been working so hard lately, you deserve to have some fun."

Mary looked up at her mother, her face tired, "Do I have to, mama?"

The older women gave a curt nod and smiled warmly, "Course you do, darlin'. You can take the old truck there and back; I trust you won't be drinking anyways." She hummed and stirred a pitcher of juice using a wooden spoon. "After dinner I'll help you pick out a dress and we can do your hair."

The girl sighed and nodded her head dejectedly, once her mother had made up her mind there was no arguing with her.

Her fate had been sealed.

"Go call the boys in for lunch, sweetheart."

"Yes mama." She muttered and walked herself outside to go and gather the men.


Dinner came by far too quickly and tonight she'd been told that she had to sit downstairs with everyone else and eat, and even worse was that she'd been seated next to Rick.

He hadn't been acknowledging her much though, he was probably sore at her for having avoided him for such a long time.

"So Paul, Mary's going to go to that barn dance tonight." Suzette commented casually and Mary seemed to lower in her seat a little.

Her father looked up, pursing his lips and looking quite surprised. "Well that's fantastic, it's about time you went and done something your age." Paul smiled warmly, impressed with his daughter. "You boys that are headin' out there tonight make sure she don't get into any trouble." He said and all of the men nodded except for Rick who was now staring at Mary with blazing intensity.

Suzette caught sight of this and smiled patiently. "You boys clean up tonight; I'm going to help Mary get ready. Come on, Mary." She said, standing up and giving her dress skirt a quick dusting.

Mary quickly stood up and followed her mother out of the kitchen and upstairs to her room.

"Rick is quite smitten with you." Her mother grinned and Mary shut her bedroom door quickly, shaking her head in dismay. "You should be happy! He's such a kind boy, and handsome too, you and him will give me some fine young grandchildren." She sighed wishfully and gazed out of Mary's window.

The young woman's jaw nearly dropped but she shook off her surprise and walked over to her closet, rifling through its contents quickly.

Suzette walked over and looked in the closet, humming and grabbing out a few of Mary's summer gowns. She had a pale blue one and an off-white one. She held either of them up to her daughter and clicked her tongue thoughtfully as she decided which would be best for her daughter to wear.

After a moment she choose the off-white dress and gave it to Mary, the dress went just past her knees, and had nice flowing sleeves that went to the elbow, the skirt was loose and flowy as well, and the top of the dress fit nicely around all of Mary's curves.

"Here, you put that on and then I'll do your hair." Suzette ordered and Mary quickly did as she was told, deciding she'd just quietly go along with whatever her mother said as to not cause a scene.

This would be a long evening.


After nearly an hour Mary was ready, she had on her dress, her hair was in a low pony tail and she had on a very light dusting of makeup.

Suzette and Paul appraised their only child thoughtfully on the balcony as they said their goodbyes for the night.

"Be careful," Paul began with a small smile, "don't ride the clutch when you're driving, and don't you let any boys put their hands where they ain't s'posed to, cause if they do I swear that there'll be hell to-"

"You just have a good time sweetheart, stay out as long as ya like, we'll leave the door unlocked for you." Suzette cut off her husband kindly and wrapped her arms around her daughter.

Mary just nodded her head, she really didn't want to go, she was nervous, and she knew she wouldn't fit in at this sort of thing; she would probably just go and be a wallflower for an hour and then end up driving home.

"Bye Mama, bye Papa, I'll see you two when I get home. Love you." She said with no enthusiasm in her voice at all. Her father stifled a laugh and her mother sighed and they watched her walk down the balcony steps and away to the truck. She got in and waved to them before driving away.

She relaxed a little more once she was out of their sight and picked up the speed a little, her eyes focused out the windshield.

Rick would be there, would he talk to her? She hoped that he wouldn't, she hoped that no one did, it'd be easier to slip away from the party.

Then again she wasn't there yet, she could just go and just park the truck somewhere and sit around for an hour.

"Admit." She muttered, remembering that the boys from the farm would tell her parents that they hadn't seen her there. She really wished her mother wasn't so pushy.

Mary huffed and relented, driving the rest of the way to the barn and parking along the dirt road. She stepped out of her truck and walked down the road, until she reached the barn.

Lights and music flowed out from inside as did the sound of people laughing and having fun. Mary paused and wrung her hands together, she was nervous; she really didn't want to go inside. Quickly she spun around to make a dash for her car but stopped and groaned as she heard her name being called.

"Mary! Maaaaary!" A familiar female voice called to her.

She turned to see Jenny coming over; the blond looked tipsy and very beautiful, if not a little risqué. "Where ya goin' girl? All the fun is inside." Jenny cooed and grabbed Mary's arm, dragging her toward the barn. "And you're man is in there as well." Jenny giggled, swinging her and Mary's arms back and forth as they walked.

"Oh..." Mary replied softly, wanting to run away even more.

When they got into the barn Mary immediately started to blush, the dancing was very close and provocative and the music was bluesy and full of the sweetest sounding evil. She looked down at her feet and Jenny laughed, pulling Mary into a tight hug giggling loudly.

Mary stepped back and clasped her hands in front of herself, "I don't know about this, Jenny."

The other woman scoffed and shook her head. "Have some fun for once in your life, Mary. Why don't you dance with someone or have a drink?" Jenny smiled mischievously. "I could introduce you to someone if you like?"

"No no, it's really alright, I think I'll just go and have a drink." Mary quickly declined, and swiftly made her way over to grab a beer from a table at the far side of the room. She popped the cap off and took a deep drink, trying to calm her nerves down so that she didn't look like a scared rabbit.

She lowered the bottle from her mouth and breathed in and out deeply, finally taking a look around.

There were a lot of people there that she recognized, and some that she was extremely shocked to see in this sort of situation, for example the preacher's daughter and the mayor's son were there, and she was sure that they hadn't been given permission to be at this sort of event.

Mary began taking another drink, closing her eyes and letting the slightly bitter tasting liquid slide down her throat.

"Mary." She choked and swallowed hard, coughing a few times and turning her head to look at who had said her name.

Rick stood there with a beer in his hand; he wore a dark gray unbuttoned shirt with a wife beater under it, some worn out work jeans and his work boots.

He looked as attractive as ever.

"Hey Rick." She replied hesitantly and took another quick drink of her now nearly empty beer. "How ya doin'?"

"Will you dance with me?" He said softly, taking another step toward her, his body casting a shadow over hers. Rick set his free hand on her hip, pulling her a little closer.

Her mouth suddenly went dry and she looked down at both their feet, blushing a deep red. "I-I'm... I don't know... I'm not much of a dancer." She stammered and peaked up at him from under her lashes.

"Neither am I." His lips quirked up in the corners. "Please dance with me; we don't have to dance like everyone else." He promised and she shuddered as she felt his fingers drawing patterns on her hip. She suddenly felt as if what he just said wasn't the truth and that he would dance with her whether she liked it or not.

Mary tilted her head back, rose the bottle to her lips and drained the rest of its contents before setting the empty bottle on the table behind herself. "Alright Rick, if you'd like too." She said and forced herself to smile; it felt like there was a hurricane of butterflies in her stomach.

He set down his own beer and grabbed onto her hand gently, leading her to where everyone else is dancing, they stood in the middle and Mary looked at him, not knowing where to begin.

Rick just smiled and pulled her close, wrapping his arms around her lower waist and beginning to slowly sway. Mary shivered and raised her arms up weakly, setting her hands upon his shoulder and lightly gripping.

The woman looked around, studying the way the other dancers slowly grinded with one another, the way their hands moved over each other's bodies.

In an act of courage that was totally unlike her she slid her hands from his shoulders to his biceps and gave them a gentle rub, and then she ever so slowly pressed her body against his.

His grip on her tightened and he lowered his hands down to rest on her ass, giving a playful squeeze that made her gasp and press herself further into him. "You pervert." She muttered under her breath and a chuckle rumbled through his chest.

He kissed her forehead and she blushed, glaring into his eyes. "You look beautiful tonight, but I'll be honest... I think you look best all sweaty and tired after a long day of work." Rick spoke softly into her ear, making sure that she was the only one that could hear him. "I know you avoided e this past week, but I wasn't avoiding you, I don't think I could remember just how many times I watched you."

Mary bit her lip and closed her eyes, jumping a little when she felt Rick set his scruffy cheek against her smooth one.

"I'm not this forward with anyone else." He pointed out and Mary had to smile.

"I've noticed." She whispered breathlessly into his ear, unable to help herself, it was hot and she was so unused to being this close with anyone.

Rick laughed quietly, "I only want ya to know my true feelings, Mary." He nuzzled her cheek and then her neck. "I know you're shy, I am too, but I knew the first time that we saw each other that I wanted you."

She gasped a little as he nipped her neck, she felt very hot, and she wasn't sure how long she could handle this.

"Answer something for me."

Mary pulled her head back from his shoulder and looked at him curiously, "Alright."

"Are you attracted to me?" He asked bluntly and Mary's lips parted in surprise before she let her forehead fall against his shoulder.

What kind of question was that to ask her at a time and place like this? Couldn't he already tell that she was interested in him? But she had sent him mixed signals by avoiding him and brushing off his earlier advances.

She licked her lips and lifted her head up again, looking him in the eyes seriously, her mouth opened and then closed and then opened once again and then closed. She let out a frustrated breath and finally just moved forward, brushing her lips against his in a light kiss.

Rick sighed pleasantly, eyelids lowering in pleasure.

They gazed into one another's eyes deeply for a while until Rick finally pulled away from her only to grasp her hand and pull her out of the barn.

Mary didn't argue, she just jogged along with his fast pace as he pulled her away into the trees, leading her away until they reached somewhere in which no one would bother them. When they stopped he sat down on the ground and without a moment's hesitation he pulled her down onto his lap, arms tight around her waist.

"Rick, I don't want you to hurt me." She blurted out, the worry finally showing in her eyes. She was afraid of him, she couldn't predict what he'd do next and she was afraid that if she went along with whatever he wanted he'd leave her in the dust.

He shook his head, his eyes dark and alluring. "I don't ever want to hurt you; I want you to trust me." Rick laid her down in the grass and climbed on top of her; he cupped the side of her face in one hand and brushed her hair out of the way. "I want you to trust me too, I don't want to be ignored anymore, and I want you to look at me... I want you to kiss me."

With this he lowered his head and brushed his lips against her lips, and then he moved his mouth to her neck, laying light kisses all along it.

"Right now, could you pretend you loved me?" Rick crooned into her ear and she wrapped her arms around his waist, sending her hands smoothly running up and down his back.

"I-i think so." Mary's entire body felt like it'd gone up in flames.

She was being seduced by this man, she knew it and yet she couldn't even save herself from him.

Her mouth was covered by his in a deep kiss, parting her lips and allowing his tongue to slip in. She moaned into their kiss and he kissed her harder, one of his hands exploring her figure slowly, his fingers tracing all of her delicate curves.

They broke the kiss, both panting and staring at each other heatedly.

"I got a ride here, I need you to drive me home." Rick said and Mary blinked in confusion.

"You've got a truck though, why would you get a ride here?" She asked, not understanding why he'd decide to catch a lift with someone else.

He smirked, "So that you'd have to drive me home tonight."

She blushed as realization dawned on her and she turned her head away, he made her feel so uncomfortable sometimes.

Rick smiled and kissed her cheek before sliding himself down her body and then resting his cheek on her stomach. He closed his eyes and massaged her hips gently, "I want you to stay the night at my house."

Mary stiffened a little and set her hand on the back of his head, rubbing it gently. She coughed a little and cleared her throat, "I don't know if that's such a good idea."

"Oh," He said and then laughed lightly, "no, don't get the wrong idea, I just want you to stay with me, we aren't going to do anything, not tonight." Rick assured her and grasped onto one of her hands, caressing it gently.

She sighed in relief and the man sat up and then stood, pulling her up by the hand with him. "Let's go now, this dance isn't something I'm interested in." He commented and Mary nodded in agreement, she was very nervous again, going to his home and being at his complete mercy for the night... She wasn't sure what he'd do.

And just as they began to walk it started to rain, slowly at first and then heavily, water pouring down over them.

Mary squeaked and brought her arms up to shelter her head but was stopped by Rick, he grasped her wrists and pulled her arms away from her head, looking down at her.

She gazed back up into his eyes and his mouth descended upon hers, their lips locking in a deep and intimate kiss.

He pulled her close and she wrapped her arms around his shoulders, leaning into him, their mouths moving in sync.

Rick pulled away and pressed his forehead against hers, his eyes closed.

"Let's go."

With this they split apart, grasped each other's hands, and started their walk back to Mary's father's truck.

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