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All's Fair in Love and War, No?

Kumani rolled around in her large bed, uncomfortable with the temperature of her bedroom at night. It was around eleven-o'-clock. Her elder brother, Anthony, still had some music playing in his room, next door. The large house was so quiet at this time, almost anything could be heard. She could barely recognize the song as "Second Heartbeat" by Avenged Sevenfold. The band had only started out three years earlier and weren't half bad, in her opinion. Then again, what opinion did a 10-year-old girl have? Anthony, a steady 16-years-old, knew what he was doing.

Frustration had her. Crawling out of bed, she yawned slightly and slipped into her light violet bunny slippers. With soft steps she headed toward the tall door to her room. She was, at the time, a measly 4'7", whilst her brother was nearly 6'0". Without hesitation the small girl headed toward her brother's room.

As she rounded the corner to exit her room and enter her brother's, she saw something move to her left.

"E-… Entari?" She called out softly to her pet. Her dark brown eyes were scanning the room for the small puppy they'd recently gotten. But when she didn't see him, her heart thudded in her chest. They only had one pet. Nothing else could have moved. Her blinds were closed and her room was on the second floor of the large, mansion-like home. Nothing could have possibly caused it.

She continued her venture immediately, fear almost taking her body.

The door to his room was open a crack and she could barely see him hunched over his desk. The black-haired teen's green eyes were focused intently on something, but she couldn't tell what. He had this... rocker, or punk style where posters covered the walls of his room, with different band names written across them, and he dressed in mostly band tees and wore Converse.

She slowly opened the door, which made a slight creaking sound. He craned his neck toward her and smiled, sleepily.

"Tony... I can't sleep..." He set his pen down and turned on his swivel chair toward her. His expression softened at his younger sister. They were closer than most siblings were usually thought to be, especially being an older brother and younger sister.

Or... more like half-brother, and half-sister. Step.

When Kumani was about five and Anthony eleven, their parents met. Anthony's mother was shopping and Kumani's father just happened to be there. They met, clicked, and boom; two years later they married, and Anthony and Kumani had become half... step-siblings.

"Hey, Kumi." He greeted calmly. She stepped in and crawled onto his large, king-size bed, wrapping her arms around her knees. "What time is it?"

Her large eyes scanned over to his digital clock as he returned to his work.

"It's almost midnight..." He chuckled.

"Did you get any sleep?" His hand continued to move fluently against the paper, and he turned his head to the calendar.

"No…" She replied guiltily. He grinned.

"Don't sound so sad, butterfly." That nickname. That nickname had always been his little name for her. Nobody else could ever say it like he could, and no one could make a single word mean so much. Kumani loved her elder brother, more than you would ever imagine.

"October 19th..." He muttered.

"Hmm?" Turning in his chair to face her once again, Anthony leaned his head back and looked at her.

"Somebody's birthday is tomorrow." A toothy grin ran across his face and she squirmed in her spot, obviously having a jolt of slight excitement run through her tiny body. "Don't squeal too loud, mom and dad are asleep." She clenched her lips together and pressed a single finger to them, squeezing her eyes shut. He chuckled softly. "God, I can't believe you're almost eleven." She giggled.

"You're 16!" The small girl countered. Sticking out his tongue at her, which had a small metal bar sticking out of it, he closed his eyes. They had already been drooping a bit, and he knew he was becoming slightly exhausted. But he couldn't leave his younger sister awake, alone.

She'd always had this little fear of something else being in the house- not only them. As in, something otherworldly. He, of course, didn't believe in ghosts, or whatever else you wanted to claim as supernatural. But she, ever since they'd met those five long years ago, she'd tried getting him to believe a ghost could be among them. And he never believed her. Not until Halloween, that is.

Her birthday passed so quickly, it was like it never happened.

A week and a half passed to the day of Halloween, and Anthony had recently got his temps, so he was going to be the one taking her trick-or-treating. She dressed up like a little demon, her interest in them, along with ghosts being the cause. He simply wore some black jeans, black Converse, and a grey tee with a chain necklace. Nothing too fancy, despite the fact it was his favorite holiday.

He walked down the long streets of the Mukwonago subdivision while she ran up to each door. The longer they stayed out, the heavier her bag seemed to get. Soon the sun had set and Anthony glanced down at his watch.

"Son of a b-" He caught himself before cursing in front of the naïve girl. "Crap."

"What is it?"

"It's like... almost nine. Mom wanted us home by nine." Her expression faded and she frowned.


"Don't worry, butterfly. We still have next year." In an effort to cheer her up, he hugged her a little and took her hand. "Now come on. Let's get home."

By now, they were by Field Park in Mukwonago, and that involved passing the graveyard in order to get to the black Mustang he loved so much.

As she took his hand, time seemed to slow.

Everything she had ever learned about Ghosts, and demons, spirits, came crashing in her skull, and her eyes locked on a black mass moving in the cemetery.

"T-Tony… I think there's someone in there…" A shaky hand rose to point in at the large, stone-filled land in front of them. He looked up and saw the figure as well.

"Don't worry about it. It's nothing." Inside, he was also a bit frightened to be honest. Most people had gone home by now, some even asleep. Houses had lights off or doors locked, and almost nobody except the two of them could see what was happening.

He tried leading her a few more step away, but he heard a dark growl erupt from inside the graveyard.

Ghosts don't exist. He repeated time and time again, in his head.

"Tony..! Someone's walking toward us, I can't see their face!" His head shot in the direction of the apparent stranger, but as he did, he was frozen in fear.

The figure ahead of them took no more than two steps before vanishing into thin air.

"What the hell?" Right now, he couldn't care less about his language. Something was happening.

"TONY!" Shrieked his sister, clutching to his arm. He wanted to be protective and brave, but was incapable of moving. This wasn't right. No- ghosts, demons, they didn't exist. They couldn't.

"Excuse me, young man. But I do believe we have some business to attend to." A grave voice rattled behind them. He spun on his heels, releasing Kumani's hand.

"Wha-…? Who are you?" His voice thankfully didn't shake or waver as he spoke. "Where are you? Show yourself, damnit!" It appeared that no one was there. This could not be happening.

"Tsk, tsk, tsk. Dear boy, have you no idea of what really goes on in this world?" His heart thudded harder and harder inside his chest. This was not real.

"Show yourself, I'll say it one more time."

"Don't order me around, now. You might make me angry."

"Tony, please.. let's go home.." A terrified Kumani begged, tears streaming down her frightened face.

"Wait." Her brother commanded. Now he was even beginning to scare her. "SHOW YOURSELF!"

He saw a flash of crimson and yellow.

And then, it was all a blur.

He felt a thin line of cold... metal, was it? Being pressed against his neck. Kumani's voice was whining in absolute panic to the front him. "Now, boy. I suggest you come with me." A hot breath went down his neck as a burning hand gripped his arm, holding it behind his back. All he could see was his sister in front of him, staring in horror at the figure holding him. He gulped.

"Wh-… who are you?" The muscles in his arms were tense. His abdomen was tense. His entire body had tensed. Anthony had no control in this situation, and all his sister could do was watch.

"I don't believe you're entitled to know that information, young man." When he tried and strained his eyes to see, he was able to catch a glimpse of the culprit holding him. Yet when he did, all he could see was the same crimson. Was this man covered in blood? No. That couldn't be, his arm wasn't wet, and neither was any other body part of the stranger, from what he could tell. This wasn't right. What was happening!

"I think..." He gasped for the air that seemed to be escaping his throat. "I think I am, if you're planning on taking us." A bead of sweat trickled down the side of his head where it lingered on his pale chin.

"Touché." The strange man released his grip on the teen, and walked around to face him. The weird this was, he was still unable to move. It was as if an invisible force was holding him still. "I, as you may now see, am none other than Satan."

None other than Satan.

None other than Satan.


No. What? This wasn't possible, this was not…no!

"You… you can't be… this…" The more he tried straightening out the situation, the more his mind seemed to freeze up.

"This is what, boy? Not real? Not happening? I apologize, but it truly is. And you will be coming with me, along with your small sibling, here…" The man turned to Kumani and reached for her chin.

"DON'T TOUCH HER!" Anthony tried, a shot of adrenaline rushing through his body. The demonic figure turned his attention back to him.

"I see…" A chuckle made its' way through. "Your sister is your closest companion, no?" The tall creature stepped back toward the raven haired teen and rested his finger on the pale, quivering skin of his chin. "Simply adorable."

His hand raised and almost instantly made contact with his cheek, sending a loud crack through the cemetery. No matter how much he tried moving, he was still unable.

"It disgusts me." The voice of this man lowered numerous octaves and he stared the teen directly in the eye. "As I said before, you are both going to come with me. You are going to be great militia recruits once you've grown." Anthony's green eyes widened in shock.

"What? That's what you are planning? Why, what army are you making, why are you taking in soldiers?" A fist connected with his abdomen, nearly knocking the wind out of him.

"As I said, you do not order me; I order you. If you choose to talk back one more time, you will lose something you hold dear. That, my boy, is a promise." The 16-year-old gritted his teeth as pain seethed throughout his body.

"T-Tony…" Kumani's terrified voice rattled in his head. "P-Please, let us go, there are others! There are other people, we aren't the only people!"


Her brown eyes locked onto her brother as he spoke.

"Stop. Would you rather some random, poor, innocent person be taken for this?" Her jaw dropped and she couldn't speak. Was he giving in? Was her brother, Anthony Lee Arentoi… giving in? To Satan, no less?

"N-no.. I-"

"Good. Then, these plans are final. You will come with me at once- any questions or statements are immediately disregarded and you are to follow without a word, understood?" The blazing yellow eyes of the at least seven-foot-tall figure burned in hatred.


He looked directly at the eleven-year-old girl and frowned.

"My, look at this. Already disobeying." He snapped his gnarly fingers and grinned a bit. "Price is paid already. Now, let's go."

"What did you do?" Anthony growled. Satan chuckled in a bit of happiness, obviously getting a kick out of their misery.

"I told you, you'd lose something dear."

"You told me that, not her! What did you do?"

"See? Ordering me around? Beside the point- what's done is done, and cannot be undone. If it were, they'd be demons themselves; full-fledged." As the tall, red man prepared to bring them to his land of despair, Anthony tried one last time to get the full answer.

"Who did you kill…?"

A truly demonic cackle rang through the thick October air and the dark man grinned deviously.

"Obviously, who else would come to mind?"

A breeze ran through and everything else went black. Before, Anthony heard only two words that he would never forget, in his entire lifetime. Two words he prayed he'd never heard.

"Your parents."


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