[Scene I. A typical, military-looking office. Seems hurriedly renovated. K. stands center, looking curiously around. He wears an immaculate suit.]

K. The nerve of this guy. This used to be my room. [Bored, he takes a book off the shelf and glances through it. Puts it back, and paces around a little. Finally sits down in the chair behind the desk.] It's new. He better not have thrown mine away. [Picks up a memo and starts reading it.] The state of the economy.

[Footsteps outside the door. They stop.]

K. Suppression of radical elements.

[From outside] Aide. Sir, this isn't worth your time. It can't possibly be him.

[The door slams open. The General and K. face each other.]

Gen. [scowls] It's him.

Aide. But –

Gen. Get out!

[They wait until the door closes. He crosses over the room.]

K. [Still reading] Very interesting.

Gen. What are you doing here?

K. [Looks up, in surprise] Why, isn't it obvious? I came to turn myself in, of course.

[Gen. looks at K. suspiciously.]

K. I really like what you've done with the country. [Gestures out the window.] The desolation. The ruin. The air of hopelessness and despair.

[Gen. remains silent.]

K. [Leans back in the chair.] You clearly know what you're doing.

[Silence. Gen. glares at K.]

K. What? Could you possibly be doubting the sincerity of my words?

Gen. [Leans over the desk.] I don't believe you understand the situation you're in.

K. [Looks down] Such a neat desk.

Gen. As long as you stayed out of sight we could – let you be.

K. Everything in its exact place. Almost unnaturally so.

Gen. But now. You've forced our hand.

K. [Picks up a pen, disturbing the order] This is a really nice pen.

Gen. Of course, there is still the ultimatum.

K. [Examines the pen.]

Gen. Do you accept?

K. [Still examining the pen.] It must have cost you – a fortune. [Starts spinning the pen.]

Gen. Will you accept?

K. Accept what?

Gen. The ultimatum.

K. [Looking up] Hmm?

Gen. The ultimatum.

K. Hmm?

Gen. The ultimatum.

K. What's that?

Gen. Abdicate. And we'll let you live.

K. Oh. That. [Considers.] No, I don't think so.

Gen. Then you leave us no choice.

K. [Musingly] There is always a choice.

Gen. There is only one possible course of action.

K. There are many paths open. To those who would see.

Gen. Do you understand?

K. All too well, my friend.

[They stare each other down.]

Gen. What are you plotting?

K. Does it matter?

[Gen. turns away.]

K. What? Is our conversation over already?

[He stalks to the door.]

K. [Calls after him.] Yes, I know. No need to tell me.

[Door slams.]

K. Nothing can save me now.

[He smiles.]