[Scene V. The palace and surroundings in ruins. L. sits on a pile of rubble, tossing a rock up and down. Planted beside him, the Flag.]

L. [Musingly] Five tons of fireworks, for the Fifth of July. [Looks up, as K. approaches.]

K. A bit dramatic, don't you think?

L. Well. [Catches the rock] There wasn't exactly much to work with.

[They contemplate the ruins.]

K. So. It all returns to nothing.

L. It all comes tumbling down, tumbling down.

[Above them, the wind unfurls the Flag.]

K. What will you do now?

L.[Shrugs] Rebuild, I guess.

K. Is it worth it?

L. Always.

[A shout.]

L. And you? Where will you go?

K. Wherever life takes me.

[People start to emerge from the rubble, cautiously.]

L. [Pleadingly] Won't you stay?

K. What for? [Looking around.] You no longer need me.

[People continue emerging, calling to each other, walking around, dazed.]

K. [Turning back to where the palace was] It's funny. That's where I stood listening, to the crowd sing. Now the old king is dead. [He looks back at L.] Long live the King.

[With a wave, he disappears into the ruins.]

[L. continues sitting, looking after him.]

[As time passes, more and more people emerge – various revolutionaries, soldiers, and ordinary citizens. Slowly and surely, by one accord, they approach, and gather around L.]

[L. continues staring into the distance for a moment. They wait, expectantly.]

[The Flag flutters in the breeze.]

[Resolutely, he stands up. And turns to address them.]