Do you feel the pull of the moon?

I do

Do you feel the power of the moon?

I do

Do you feel the

Cold quicksilver


Within you

When you look

At the moon?

I do

It pulls me

Gently tugs

At heart

At the deepest reaches of my soul

It guides my hand

Ever so gently

To the shining

Steel knife

I look at the moon


I cannot resist the quaint tugs

Why would I want to?

I gaze at the moon


The knife

Makes cold fire

As it


Into my arm

It feels good


As I feel the moon


Into me

Meld to my soul

Mix with my blood

That now pools

Almost black

In the frosted moonlight

Do you feel the moon?

I do

Like the pull of blackness

On the edge of my vision

I surrender now

To the moon