An organization called E.S.P., also known as Exorcist the Supernatural of the Paranormal, is a protection organization for guarding people and living beings from inhuman things known as myths, legends, stories, or are just thought to be unreal. The Exorcist is where people who have high spirit pressure, train and "seal" ghosts. Ghosts, as you know, are souls that have strong feeling about a specific place, person, or thing. They stay alive seeking to "cure" these feelings. The Supernatural selection is the original you all heard of, "Vampires, wolves and other out of this world beings." The Paranormal are the newest to be heard. The thing about them is they keep Ghlosts, a huge amount of ghost that has strong feeling about something. Ghlosts have to be kept since killing them is nearly impossible. Another reason is if, somehow, they were killed, the ghlost will become the large amounts of ghost. Then the person who killed the Ghlost has a large chance of dying. Of course there has to be categories for every single Ghlost.

Seri was part of E.S.P and along with her partner, Rex; they are famous professionals around the world. They both specialize in all three categories and are known as "Blue Eyes" for their strange blue irises that change textures of blue. Seri and Rex were suddenly informed by one of the bosses that they had to teach and train new recruiters which is short for "those who were forced to enter because of their skills that, without training, can and will die." Of course, they had to except the plan, despite not wanting to. They had to introduce themselves but had hoped the people had no idea who they were. If they did there would be no problem except trust to them.

A woman with green eyes entered the classroom, her wavy brown hair bounced. She smiled and wrote her name messily on the board.

"Hello, everyone, I'm Seri, and here to teach you. I hope we have a great time."

"No, you're not her." A boy spoke hissing at the woman as if she had impersonated his hero.

"Why wouldn't I be?" She asked clearly offended. Of course some of the kids were not paying attention and some had a spark in their eyes that showed their interest.

"You wrote your name too messy. That shows you're a Ghlost." A boy lazily spoke. Another student spoke with smile splattered across her face.

"You have wavy, brown hair with green eyes. And we all know about the famous pair 'Blue Eyes,'" Everyone's heads snapped into attention at the familiar name, "And they are the ones that are going to teach us." She growled at the kids but the last student injected into her voice that she was the weakest thing he'd ever seen.

"I wouldn't harm anyone. There is no way that a professional would randomly let a Ghlost impersonate her. She probably lured you here and is waiting to attack."

"Smart kids you got." They heard the Ghlost's voice go hoarse and snapped their heads to see a deformed girl. Chains wrapped her wrists and she had half her face and muscles showing. But none were bloody but either blue or pale white.

"Thanks, they sound alright. I heard I'm supposed to teach kids about the same age as me or younger." They looked to the back to see a girl with blue eyes that seemed cold and heartless but also happy. They then understood about the rumors of their strange blue color of their iris. She got up and suddenly was at the bottom of the stairs and the Ghlost exploded. Then it reformed with a ring around her. The Ghlost then disappeared.

"L'Alright! I'm Seri and as you already know also part of the 'Blue eyes.'" She looked around confusion wrapping their faces.

"Why aren't you wearing the coat then? You're supposed to wear it."

"Oh that. I didn't want wear it. I hate that thing, and since the bosses should be glad I'm just doing this job." Whispers fill the room and the door slammed opened.

"Well someone's in a bad mood." She muttered at his blue eyes sparked a color similar to a lightning bolt.

"Shut up." She sighed and rewrote their names. She grinned showing her fox like teeth.

"Well, we got our specialties since we were born and got our sharp canines from an incident in a training course when we were five-years-old. Anything you want to share before we start?" She stood and waited for five seconds but no hands went up, "Alright." She erased her name and drew two lines splitting the board into thirds. But the problem was she left the top open. Rex grabbed the marker and she looked up at him.

"Thanks," she spoke but he shrugged and drew it. She smiled her blue eyes almost dancing and looked at the class as he wrote in order, "Exorcist Supernatural Paranormal". She looked at the board and whispered softly to Rex, watching as he wrote. Soon Rex finished writing and pulled into a chair. She examined the classroom.

"Okay! I can see you all feel left out so I have a quick survey." She sat on a chair next to the board full of writing.

"Who here is five years or younger?" She looked seeing no hands up. After the aging survey, she realized she only had kids 15-20.

"Nice, nice, now I feel awkward teaching something to people to people older than me." Sighing she turned to the board.

"Alright take out a piece of paper, 'cause I'm going to teach you the basics of each category. Write only of the one you want to be. If you can't chose then write them all and choose later. You can also be more than one. If you're older than me and think it isn't important than it's like saying a person in college doesn't need to know basic math such as 1+1=2." She inhaled then exhaled, showing a smile that was small but kind.

"Before you write I'll introduce you to each one so you can choose. Alright let's start with Exorcist. Exorcists have a lot of spiritual pressure, and tend to be capturing Ghosts. The do exactly what priests do-destroy them or send back to where they came from. Exorcists do work for us and have to have a license to kill ghost considering that everyone has a soul which is exactly what a ghost is. Supernatural is what you already know: vampires, werewolves, ect. Lastly we have the most complicated one: Paranormal. Paranormal are the rest. Like…Ghlosts, Mushlinks, Falshes, and Dreadeas. All I can say is those who battle these must always expect the worse. Now tomorrow I want you all to meet me at the training course tomorrow. Oh, just come over here and Mr. Grumpy here will take you there." They struggled to finally get there papers together. Rex shot her a glare but she smiled. He sighed and the bell suddenly rang.

"Dr. Oklia, please come to room 046 and help hold the patient down… What? Again? Seri and Rex of class 20567 put on your coats. And call the Base."

"Damn. That worked for a while."

"Here, I told you," she put on the coat as he spoke grinning. It was her turn to sigh and she looked at the class who chatted and a smile grew on her face.

"Okay, we'll see you tomorrow. Seri, we need to go see the Manson's twins, Drake, and Fawn."

"Can we first…you know call those guys up?"

"Sure, hurry."

"Those who spoke earlier like…you guys. And the isolated idiot boy in the back corner came up," Seri called out to a few people before the all left, "The rest. Actually, this trained S.C.F. will guide you to an assembly." People followed a small girl out the door and those called came up.

"Alright, I'll take over, madam."

"Why, thank you. I could use a good gentleman like you," She laughed of an inside joke they shared before sitting on a stool with a weird tablet.

"Okay, say your names when I get by and slap your hand. Except you, Kyle. Go!" He walked by and slapped the first hand. The people spoke in order they talked in earlier.

"I am Jacob Garydark." He had black midnight hair, green eyes, and fair skin.

"Warren Sojam." Warren had disheveled dark brown hair and eyes, with a slight tan.

"I'm Sara Wareners." She had blonde elbow length hair with bangs drooping above her light, bright blue eyes. She also was slightly tanned but was more on the pale.

"I'm Rachel Racken." Rachel had light brown eyes that covered behind her glasses. Her black hair that dropped between her shoulders and elbows with no bangs at all.

"Perfect, who tell me what they think they're the best at?"

"My knowledge, no doubt! I'm the smartest!" Rachel spoke with pride and confidence.

"My martial arts. I've known them since I was five," Jacob mumbled still in thought.

"Sleeping," the yawning and soft yet bold voice came from Warren who yawned after his sentence.

"Um…Weapons. My dad would teach me how to use a gun and objects around me," Sara decided with a smile.

"Alright, now Kyle. Come tomorrow with the rest of the class or else Seri and I will take care of you slacking your classes. Now you guys follow this S.C.F and go to the assembly. Kyle, come with us."

"What about Kyle?" Jacob asked unusually irritated.

"Kyle…is special," Seri answered with a straight look that subtly told him to drop it. He looked the other way embarrassed that he created a scene Seri did not like. And he dropped the happy-go-lucky attitude. They left with Seri, Rex, and Kyle behind. Soon the separated and Kyle noticed the atmosphere.

"Why can't I tell them I'm a Secret's Speck?"

"Are you an idiot! Do you know what a Secret's Speck is? It's a major mix of vampire, ghosts, and all sorts of abnormal creatures. You did agree to help our side but we could kill you easily if you do anything bad. Look, just follow the name. Be a secret and be as small as a speck," Seri explained. Kyle nodded solemnly. He had black hair and blackish eyes.

"I don't want you to be the one to kill you if anyone finds out. I like you."

"Yup," Seri agreed, "We will have to kill you because they will want to kill if they find out that you're Devil's son."

How was that? Hahaha, I planned on writing this at least a year ago and just now worked from 11:00 pm to 2:00 am to finish the rest I was too lazy to do for a year. But yeah. Here's a little bit of the end.

"I've thought about it…" Seri began but trailed off.

"What?" Res asked curious.

"This is a bit like that anime Blue Exorcist…"

"Seri, is that all you can think righ-…wait. That's sort of true…wow."

"What's Blue Exorcist?" They gasped at Kyle.

"He doesn't know what it is…we're so different!" They later were found sulking in a corner.