She was a thing of beauty.

As she danced in the air her audience was much, much smaller than her. To them she would have been a giant, a monster.
She landed on the ground just near the audience. Next to them it was confirmed, she was a giant; she was even bigger than they had originally thought. There was a tingle of fear throughout the crowd, soon gone as they advanced.

They grabbed her and pinned her to the ground. She struggled fighting to get back up, away from her attackers. Instead of her desired result, it just made it worse, they pushed her down even harder.
Within a matter of minutes they had one limb successfully detached. Not long after the next one followed the same fate. It was divided up and spread through the crowd. She struggled the whole time.

Only in death did she become still.

No longer a thing of beauty, instead a corpse that had been hollowed out lay in her place.

I stood there and watched the whole thing; I watched her life eaten away.

Today I saw a colony of ants take down a butterfly.