Hello Fiction Press. Decode9 here. As you can see this story is Card Master REBIRTH Now why is this different? Well how about I give you a list

1/This is a brand new story, and the characters personalities have been altered a bit.

2/This story will still feature all my same character, but none of the crossover ones from the original or spirit.

3/I will actually be featuring a duel every episode, but some episodes are exceptions, which are the filler episodes.

4/I have a new story arc to take the place of the corruption movie.

Now to all those that are new with Card Master let me explain the world this takes place in.

In this story it is the year 2312. One of the most popular card games around is called Armor Duel! Using a complex of cards including powerful armors you must deplete your opponents Health Bar (HB) to 0. This series was started by Richard Omega which in his version it tells the story of one of the worst Armor Duelist ever, and his name Shiro Sora, but after a chance encounter with a former Card Master he obtains a deck he uses and is right now competing in a tournament to have a showdown with the current Card Master. So if you read this I would suggest you look up Richard Omega and read the original.

Armor Duel. It has taken leaps since it was first created. Now it has been taken one step further in the city know as Delta. The people in this city hold a powerful type of card called a 'Soul' card. The full power of these cards are unknown until their power surges to their max. In this city the one with the most powerful soul and the greatest duelist takes the title 'Delta Soul'.

Lets Duel

I wanna know

What new adventures are over the horizon

From where I stand

I can't tell

But the options are at my fingertips

Let's go

I'll keep up the pace

I won't hold back

I won't let down

I'll fight till the very end

Cause that is who I am

And that is where I stand

The day gets dimmer

The night gets darker

The fight gets harder

The fighting never ends

But I won't give up

I won't give in

I'll keep up the pace

I won't hold back

I won't let down

I'll fight till the very end

Cause that is who I am

And that is where I stand

The adventure is there

Let's go

Cause who knows

What new adventure is waiting for me

I'll keep up the pace

I won't hold back

I won't let down

I'll fight till the very end

Cause that is who I am

And that is where I stand

That is who I am

That is where I stand

Card1-Digital Dawning

The majestic city of Delta. It is known to the world to be one of the centers of Armor Dueling, but the greatest Armor Duelist in the city is known to one and all. As for the lesser known they fade into nothing.

In a house somewhere a girl just wakes up and looks at here clock sluggishly "*Yawn* It's only 8:50." She says then realizes what she says and opens her blue eyes again.

"Oh CRAP! I am SO going to be late again." The girl said as she got ready

The girl jumps out of bed and her long red hair is extremely messy. She is just an average 13 year old girl. She is just a little above 4'6 and weighs precisely 90 pounds. The girl quickly got changed into her own version of the school uniform. It consists of a white t-shirt, a short sleeve jacket where the sleeves just come down to her joints, some pure white slacks, and for a finishing touch white shoes with blue stripes. On the left side of her jacket is an 8 pointed star inside a circle which outside it is a triangle. It is the symbol for the town of Delta.

"Oh man I can't believe I am going to be late again!" The girl said as she brushed her back length red hair. This girl's name is…

"Nicolette Trishana Trace! You are going to be late again so get a move on!" Nicolette scowled at her full name. For a rather long time now she has been going by Nikki…The only ones who were allowed to call her by her full name was her mom, and Joshua. Nikki looked at an object that is known as a deck holder and checked her armor duel rank…It was 99.

("Yeah. I'm getting better.") She thought as she headed downstairs.

"Bye mom!" Nikki said rushing out of the house not even grabbing breakfast.

("Ugh! Today of all days to actually be late to school! I have a math test this morning!") She thought as she ran down the street. She did not notice a man walk around the corner.

He is in his mid 30's. Wears all black, plus has black hair and brown eyes. He is wearing a necklace and the Delta emblem is on it. The Star is pure sapphire blue while the rest is silver.

"Wahh! Watch out!" Nikki called before she skids into him. She crashed into him and all of her cards in a small box went flying out. She started to pick them up and the man turned to her.

"Are you okay?" He asked as he helped her pick up her cards.

"Yeah I'm fine." Nikki responded then a card dropped from his holder. It was a LV1 Grey armor with an infinity mark on the chest plate. She picked it up and started to hand it back

"Here I think this is yours." Nikki said and they guy sighed.

"Actually no it's not. I am delivering a couple cards to a person…Do you know a Nicolette Trace?" He asked and Nikki raised an eyebrow and started to laugh.

"I sure do. If I didn't know my own name THAT would be embarrassing." Nikki said and the guy also started to laugh.

After they finished laughing the guy handed her a small package "I believe this is yours." He said giving her the package. He then took of the necklace he had.

"I also want you to have this. Call it something to remember me by." They guy said handing it to her causing to just stare. He then left with a wave.

It took a couple minutes then Nikki realized that she is going to be late for school. As she headed she looked at the package she got. Inside were some armor cards.

There was two copies of the armor she just saw, a light blue version of the grey one that there was also two of, and an orange armor. She took out her deck and started to modify it on her way to Delta Academy.

In the distance we see a set of 4 buildings which are all interconnected. They also have as many as 3 floors. In front of it is a sign with the symbol for the town.

Many of the students are wearing the school uniform. They guys consist of exactly what Nicolette is wearing. The girls wear a short sleeve white top with blue outlining, and a blue skirt which was adorned with the Delta Symbol.

"Okay final adjustments done…and I should make it!" Nikki said as she slid through the schools gates barely. She sighed in relief and headed towards class.

Her first class of the day was also her most hated…Math.

("Okay…How am I going to make it this time?") Nikki thought staring in. She then snuck in slowly and managed to make it to her seat unnoticed.

The day went by and finally came something she had been waiting for all day. Lunch. Because it was also time when the kids armor dueled.

"Okay who should I go up against today?" Nikki asked herself. Then there was an explosion, and a scream. When Nikki heard it she ran in the direction which was the back section of the cafeteria.

When she arrived there a girl was down, but this girl was also Nikki's best friend "Yuna!" She shrieked and ran toward her. Yuna is 13 years old and is 5'2 with neck long purple hair and emerald green eyes. Yuna was starting to cry and the guy in front of her was laughing.

"Ha now that was pathetic." Said the teen that just finished dueling Yuna.

This guy is someone you can call a schoolyard bully, but he is a force to be reckoned with. His name is Zeke Bell. His is 17 and a senior in Delta Academy. Though is older he is the exact same height as Yuna and has Dark Brown hair and brown eyes. He is also one of the 10 Ancestral Souls. To be more precise he is Number10: Bronze Soul

In Delta they are ranked in armor dueling according to numbers. The higher you go until you reach 11 you are given a number. When you reach 10 you are given a title to go with that number.

10: Bronze Soul

09: Silver Soul

08: Gold Soul

07: Platinum Soul

06: White Soul

05: Black Soul

05: Twilight Soul

04: Heroes Soul

03: Magnus Soul

02: Pure Soul

01: Delta Soul

Yuna got up and at the same time Zeke came over and took her deck holder and looked through it and picked out some cards.

"Nice doing business with you. Thanks for the cards." Zeke said putting down her deck holder and walking away, and at the same time Nikki appeared beside Yuna.

"Hey you okay Yuna?" Nikki asked. Yuna just started crying, and told Nikki about what happened.

In short this is what happened: Yuna had finished a duel with someone else, and then Zeke came up and challenged her…He was ruthless and played her making her think she was about to win. Then he destroyed her favorite card, and after he just took a couple card from her deck which included her favorite card called Pulsing Wish.

"Now…I…I" Nikki stopped her because she understood, and also she was mad.

"Don't worry Yuna. I will get them back…I promise." Nikki said with a smile, and then ran looking for Zeke.

She finally found him outside with his lackeys looking over the days spoils.

"Hehehe…We did a nice job boss." Said one of the lackeys

"Yeah. With this deck made of cards you've taken there is no way you won't be invited to that invitation only tournament" Said the other.

"Don't count on it!" Yelled Nikki as she came up to them. She then pointed at Zeke.

"You! Did you take those cards from a purple haired girl?" She demanded coldly, and Zeke just smirked

"Yeah…What you going to do about it?" He asked in a mocking tone. In response Nikki took out her deck, and threw it towards him.

"I will bet this against all the cards you have taken!" She said and Zeke just smirked and thought ("Hee. No way could this girl's entire deck be worth every card I have taken".)

He then started to look at it and his jaw was quivering by the end.

"The-The entire cards…a-a-and these other ones" he said looking at the armors and a card that had a picture of a girl in a medieval dress.

"So we have a deal?" Nikki shouted and Zeke smiled evilly, and threw back the deck.

"Yes. So we will duel. If I win then I get that deck, but if you win then I will return every single card I have taken" Zeke said and snapped his fingers. In which his lackeys brought out 10 deck cases worth of cards. Nikki looked suspicious.

"The boss is a man of his word…He will always keep it." Said a lackey. The reassured Nikki, and just as the duel was about to begin a crowd gathered round.

Nikki brought out her Delta style deck holder. When in standby it looks like a small box to hold the deck. When it goes active a set of panels pop out which the front hold 5 monsters, and the back have slots which hold the spell and counter. On the top section is a screen that works for card info and act like a scanner for the field spell.

Attached to Nikki's side was a belt with a small deck case. This deck case contained her Galaxy Deck.

(A/N: The Galaxy Deck is where the Synthesis Armors, Soul Synthesis Armors, Meld Armors, Soul Monsters, Meld Monsters, Inner Spirit Monsters go. It makes it simpler by combining all in one section.)

Nikki activated her Sapphire Blue & Emerald Green deck holder while Zeke activated his Grey & White one.

"LETS GO! DUEL!" They both shouted drawing their cards.

"I'll start this off! I draw!" Nikki said drawing.


[1: Both player start off with 60HB, and 6 cards in hand. Turn player draws a card from top of deck.]

[2: Players may summon one monster per turn unless they special summon which is unlimited.]

[3: The first player may not declare an attack on the first turn.]

[4: The player who's HB reaches 0 loses the duel.]

In hand was DATS Mu, DATS Tau, Exceed Armor, Pure Soul, Soul Surge, Aura Priestess, Shield Type A

"I will start by summoning DATS Mu!" Nikki said and a LV1 pure black machine with giant fists and a single red robotic eye appeared with 400ATK & DEF

"Now I play his effect which comes in rather handy. By sending him to the discard pile when he is summoned you take 4HB damage." Nikki said. Then Mu launched his two fists at Zeke which punched him reducing him to 56HB. Mu then exploded.

When the smoke cleared a LV2 Tan male cyborg carrying a pistol appeared with 1400ATK&DEF.

"When a DATS monster is send to the discard pile by and effect DATS Tau takes there place." Nikki explained then grabbed another card in her hand

"I will set a card down and end my turn." Nikki said and Zeke just laughed

"Hahahaha! I thought you could do better than that! No wonder you are only ranked 99!" He said as he drew

In hand was Chaos Knight(x2), Power Saber, Free Summon(x2), Lightwing Warrior(x2)

"Good. Now since you control a monster and I control none I can special summon Lightwing Warrior." A LV2 man wearing black armor with wings appeared carrying a Gladius with 1800ATK 500DEF

"Also If I special summon a monster this turn I can also special summon Lightwing Warrior." He said and another one appeared

"Now I summon Chaos Knight!" A LV2 Knight in white armor with twins swords appeared with 1800ATK 1500DEF

"That's not good." Said a boy in the audience. They were all murmuring about how it was almost impossible to beat Zeke and Nikki was crazy for challenging him.

"You should have stayed where you belonged. I activate Free Summon! This lets me summon the other Chaos Knight in my hand!" A second one appears

"Now for the finishing touch I will equip Chaos Knight with Power Saber!" Chaos Knight's twin swords disappeared and in their place was a sword that had the appearance of a lance. Nikki looked in awe.

"Now with this card the equipped monster gets 700Attack and defense bonus for every monster on the field." He said as Chaos Knight rose to 4600ATK 4300DEF

"Now Lightwing will attack Tau!" Lightwing charged forward with its sword and it pierced right through Tau who exploded and Nikki's HB reduced to 52

"Now my strongest Chaos Knight goes direct!" It appeared in front of Nikki and hit her with the blunt of his sword knocking her back as her HB hit 6

"Nikki!" Yuna cried from the sidelines

"It's OVER! ALL ATTACK!" The other two came in for a attack, but a light blue shield stopped them

"Huh? What just happened!" Zeke demanded and saw Nikki standing and laughing. A counter card was also up. It showed a light blue barrier covering a player

"I activated Shield Type A. I can only activate it when I receive 30 or more damage from a direct attack…Also it end your turn and I can discard 6 cards from my deck and a monster from my Galaxy Deck. It also switches two of your monster to defense." Nikki said and discarded Exceed Armor, DATS Alpha(x2), DATS Iota(x2), DATS Epsilon, and from her Galaxy Deck Divine Natasha

"It's my turn! I Draw!" Nikki said and drew Giga Saber. She then looked at the Exceed Armor in her hand and grinned

"I play the effect of Exceed Armor! By removing it and materials in the discard pile I can conduct a Synthesis or Soul Synthesis." Nikki said

"W-What?" Was all that Zeke could say

"I remove Exceed Armor and Divine Natasha." Nikki said and a silver orb covered her entire body. When it vanished Nikki was wearing a LV5 Armor that was Red and Black and a sword handle was at her side, and she has 2500ATK 2000DEF

"Soul Armor: OverDrive Armor!" Nikki said and Zeke stared a moment then started to laugh again

"You had me there a moment. You armor is way too weak to stand up to my most powerful knight" Zeke said

"Really? Check again!" Nikki said as her attack was now displayed at 4600

"Oh no. I forgot that every armor has a special power!" Zeke said

"Yeah, and this one's powers are a killer. First I gain 300ATK for every data monster in the discard pile. Second I can attack twice in the same battle step, and third…If my second attack is against a monster with the same attribute as the first then my opponents monster I am attacking is halved." Nikki said and Zeke just gasped

"B-But at least I will have points left even if you destroy my two attack position monsters." Zeke said

Trish grabbed the other card "I equip myself with the spell card Giga Saber!" The white sword handle at her side changed to black and silver

"I can only equip to a player who has OverDrive Armor. It doubles the ability of the first effect, but if I do not reduce your HB to 0 the turn this equipment is activated I take damage equal to the original amount of attack I gained from the first effect." She said and her attack went up to 6700.

She grabbed the sword handle at her side and a dark sapphire blue energy blade appeared out of the tip of the sword handle

"I go into battle step! I attack your strongest Chaos Knight!" She charged forward spinning her sword and slashed Chaos Knight and Zeke's HB hit 35. When the smoke cleared Nikki was not in her place on the opposite side

"W-Where did you go?" He said

"UP HERE!" Nikki yelled and he looked up. Nikki was 10 feet up in the air coming down towards Lightwing Warrior

"I attack Lightwing Warrior to finish this duel!" She came down and there was a powerful crash and the warrior split in two and Zeke's HB hit 0.

Nikki's armor disappeared and she walked up to Zeke smiling "Good game." She said offering her hand and Zeke took it and they shook.

Zeke kept his promise and returned all the cards he had taken along with Yuna's.

("Good. Now maybe everything can get back to normal after the tournament ends.") Nikki thought

Little did she know though that a adventure was just waiting around the corner ready to pounce and bring her into one of the journeys of her life.

The game of life is tough

You never know what will turn up

Cause the game is always changing up

It's the game of life

You'll always be remembered

For what you do

What you say

That's what makes a good life each day

And I wouldn't have it any other way

As the day gets shorter

And the nights get longer

You hold your memories tighter

Cause that's the way you play

You'll always be remembered

For what you do

What you say

That's what makes a good life each day

And I wouldn't have it any other way

The game of life is tough

Cause you never know

What will turn up

It's the next draw that keeps you going

So take a chance at life






Card Master REBIRTH

OP:Where I Stand