Lets Duel

I wanna know

What new adventures are over the horizon

From where I stand

I can't tell

But the options are at my fingertips

Let's go

I'll keep up the pace

I won't hold back

I won't let down

I'll fight till the very end

Cause that is who I am

And that is where I stand

The day gets dimmer

The night gets darker

The fight gets harder

The fighting never ends

But I won't give up

I won't give in

I'll keep up the pace

I won't hold back

I won't let down

I'll fight till the very end

Cause that is who I am

And that is where I stand

The adventure is there

Let's go

Cause who knows

What new adventure is waiting for me

I'll keep up the pace

I won't hold back

I won't let down

I'll fight till the very end

Cause that is who I am

And that is where I stand

That is who I am

That is where I stand

Card 4-Teen Idol Akari Tsubasa

"You…Have…Got…To…Be…KIDDING ME!" Nikki shouted

What was standing in front of her was a girl of 14 with waist length pink hair that was half up in a braid. She is wearing a pink and black leotard that is cutaway at the bottom and pink jeans. She has light blue eyes and is starring at Nikki.

The girl in front of Nikki is one of the most well known in Japan. She is both a teen music idol and a very advance armor duelist. Her name is Akari Tsubasa

"This…Is who you found to help me in my situation?" Akari said looking towards Nikki with a bit of disgust. Nikki shot a glare at the idol then one at Nexus "What am I suppose to do!? Babysit her?! She's a year older than me!" Nikki said motioning towards Akari who responded by glaring "Allow Max to explain." Akari said coldly

"It's like this Nicolette. Lady Tsubasa is being stalked and I have been hired to find out who…but" Max started then began to rub his head "Let me guess. It's not working out for you." Nikki said with her arms crossed as Max shook his head yes.

"Okay…But what does this have to do with ME!" Nikki said angrily clenching her fists tightly and looking straight at Max and Nexus. If it wasn't for her mom being in the room she would be pounding the two into the ground right about now and wouldn't stop until they said uncle.

"Well…Until we find the person stalking Lady Tsubasa she needs a place to stay." Max replied and turned to Nexus "I recommended you Nikki." Nexus replied "Well I hate to say it, but I refuse." Nikki said with a glare in Nexus direction. Max and Nexus sighed "I am sorry. I did not want to do this, but you give me no choice." Nexus said bringing out a letter that had the cities seal on the back.

"This is a note from the mayor…my father." Nexus said handing it to Corona (Nikki's mom) and she opened it. She read it and the more she read it Nikki could tell that her anger was building "Nicolette…Could you please take Lady Tsubasa to your room while I talk to these two…Gentlemen." She asked nicely

Nikki immediately grabbed some bags that Akari had brought in with her. Nikki knew when her mom was mad…and this was one of those times because she was referring to people as 'Lady' and 'Gentlemen' ("I'd hate to be them at this moment.") she thought and her and Akari began climbing up the stairs with all of her bags.

As her and Akari climbed up the stairs yelling could be heard from the front part of the house. They got to her room and Nikki managed to open the door. It was still slightly a mess "This is your room? …You are such a tomboy." Akari said dropping her bags on Nikki's bed

"Well I am sorry that my room is not good enough for you Miss Princess, but this is just how I like it." Nicole replied coldly ("Sheesh. Nexus I am gonna get you back double for this.") Nicole thought and noticed that Akari was looking around the room.

"Is there anything I can help you with?" Nikki asked "No. But I have a suggestion: a incense burner would do wonders for this room." She said laughing making a vein pulse on Nikki. Akari continued to look around the room until she spotted the picture of Nikki and Joshua. She picked it up.

"W-Who is this?" she asked Nikki. As she said it she picked up some form of recognition…and fear from seeing this picture "That's Joshua. My older…well he was my older brother." Nikki said sadly and Akari put the picture down "Oh…sorry." Akari said to a now teary Nikki.

"How did he…"Akari started "Stay out of it. I already have to babysit you, but that doesn't mean I have to tell you about…*Sob* *Sob*" Nikki started, but stopped and began crying.

Ever since the day her brother…disappeared Joshua has been a sore subject for Nikki. Usually she breaks down and cries, or in the case of Nexus shouts at him with angry tears. After a couple minutes she calmed down and stopped crying.

"I…I always thought of Joshua since that day." Nikki started grabbing the necklace that was given to her by the mystery man "I just…don't want to talk about it. Okay?" she asked Akari with teary red eyes "Umm…Okay. I won't mention it again." Akari said.

Downstairs the yelling had stopped and the closing of a door could be heard "Mom must have finished up down there. Come on dinner is probably ready." Nikki said rubbing away the last bit of tears and calming down. She headed out of her room.

Akari was right behind her, but not before she took one good look at the picture with Joshua in it ("Why can't problems like mine never be simple. I wish I could, but…") she thought and headed down to have dinner with Nikki and her mom.

The next day they got changed into the school uniform. Nicole was in her style one while Akari was in the standard girls uniform "So…What classes you have?" Nikki asked as she combed her long red hair.

Akari took out a round compact shaped device that flips up to reveal a screen and touch pad. It is known as a Digit Pad. It helps with various things. Especially with the school schedule since the school sends out a weekly schedule for each student. For armor dueling it acts as a Rank reader telling you the person's name and what rank they are. It is capable of many other things including calling people and up to 4 way calling.

Nikki learned over to get a look at her schedule for the week "Well…you have the same schedule as me…that's a surprise." She said sarcastically "Bye mom! See you after school…if I'm still alive." Nikki yelled except the last part she whispered to herself.

When they arrived at the school there was instantly an outbreak of Akari fever. Meaning her fans of both her singing and armor dueling alike where swarming around her and Nikki. Getting to first class sure was fun since every corner her and Akari turned there was another person wanting to duel or want an autograph.

Whenever a person wanted to duel Nikki would handle it. Most of the time she won the duels, but on 5 different occasions she lost. Free period was the worst because there was a swarm of people all wanting to either duel or wanted her autograph all at once.

As a result her and Nikki where running "I…had no idea…I was this popular…around here." Akari huffed "Yeah…you're kind of…a big deal...around here." Nikki huffed back. Eventually they got to a straight corridor which had an open room "In there! You should be safe." Nikki said pushing her in before the crowd came around the corner and shutting the door.

When the crowd came by they thought she went up a floor and trampled right over Nikki and up the stairs "What…have I…gotten myself…into?" Nikki asked before Akari opened the door "Is it safe to come out?" she asked "Yes…" Nikki said while she picked herself up "You can follow me if you want since I am gonna spend the rest of free period in the nurse's office." Nikki said heading around the corner with Akari right behind her.

The rest of the day went by pretty well. For leaving Nikki and Akari took a back route in the alleyway behind the school "Eww…Why did we have to go this way?" Akari asked holding her nose "Because it is safer than going out the front. Trust me I don't want another repeat of what happened during Free Period." Nikki replied rubbing a bandage on her nose.

"*Sigh* It wouldn't matter if your dueling skills weren't so…mediocre." Akari said stepping into the street and Nikki stopped with her eye twitching "Hmm…Something wrong? Come on…you told your mom you'd be home after school." Akari replied trying to get Nikki to move.

"What did you say about my dueling skill?" Nikki asked. Her voice was hard and cold as ice. She was glaring at Akari with extreme hatred "There flimsy at best. You don't have a very good strategy." Akari said in a superior tone.

Nikki screamed and pushed Akari back making her fall to the ground "What was that for?!" she screamed. When she got up she saw Nikki had taken out her deck holder and had her deck in it "You can insult me all you want, but insulting my skill at armor dueling…with this deck…that does it! Akari you and me are gonna duel!" Nikki yelled

Akari gave a small chuckle "You think you can beat me? How funny. You would be done on my turn." Akari replied, and for a brief moment her eyes where an intense shade of violet and had ring like markings on the side of her face, but after Nikki blinked she looked normal.

Akari took out her deck holder and inserted her deck from a bright pink deck case attached to her hip. Both girls stared at each other then activated the deck holders "DUEL!" both girls shouted.

"I will start this off Akari." Nikki replied drawing a card. In hand she had DATS Mu, DATS Tau (x2), DATS Assemble!, System Upgrade, DATS Phi

"I will start by summoning DATS Mu." Nikki declared and the small fist machine appeared, but shattered and the fists hit Akari reducing her HB to 56 "Oh yeah. By send it to the discard pile when its summoned I can give you 4HB damage, but I am not done yet. Since a DATS was sent to the discard pile by an effect I can summon forth 2 DATS Tau." Nikki explained as two of the cyborg appeared. One Tan and the other white.

"Hmm…Fairly simple technique." Akari said and Nikki's eye twitched again "Let's see if you can handle this! I activate DATS Assemble! This lets me special summon a DATS from my deck." Nikki explained as DATS Zeta appeared with her arms crossed and flipped her hair back

"Now I activate Zeta's effect. She lets me add a DATS monster to my hand when she is summoned by a DATS spell card I can add a LV1 DATS to my hand." Nikki said adding DATS Chi to her hand and the chain machine was special summoned to the field by its effect.

"Wow. You have almost filled up your field. I would almost be impressed…if you were not wasting your hand" Akari said "Oh yeah…well lets see how you handle my juggernaut." Nikki said smiling as she grabbed the last monster card in her hand.

"Since I control 3 or more DATS monsters I special summon DATS Phi!" Nikki yelled and a LV6 mechanical black and silver wolf with a blaster on its back appeared. It has 3200ATK&DEF "That…might be a problem." Akari thought "Then I set a card and end my turn." Nikki finished which the move had completely and utterly drained her hand.

("Hmm…This might be a problem, but I it should be simple to figure out what she is planning." Akari thought drawing her sixth card. In hand she had Arianrhad Armor, Diva Caster Circe, Diva Caster Lorelei (x2), Diva Start, Second Chance

("Perfect. This duel is over.") she thought looking over at Nikki "Since there are two copies of this monster in my hand they are both special summoned to the field. Take the stage Diva Caster Lorelei!" Akari exclaimed happily and 2 girls in different colored robes holding a book appeared. They are LV2 with 1000ATK 1000DEF

("Huh? Those things only have enough power to destroy DATS Chi…what is she up to?") Nikki thought eyeing the other cards in Akari's hand which she was giving a playful smile "Now since I control two 'Diva Caster' monster I special summon from my hand Arianrhad Armor." She continued.

A dark purple armor with a jeweled staff attached to its back appeared out of a portal. It is LV1 with 0ATK 0DEF. Nikki got wide eyed "Are you going for a synthesis armor?" she asked ready to retaliate in case things are about to get ugly.

"Nope. Not yet anyways. First I think I will activate the flash spell Diva's Start." Akari replied as a spell that had four different colored doors on it "This allows me to summon my choice of a 'Diva Lyre' 'Diva Mez' 'Diva Aero' or a 'Diva Caster' from my deck. I think I will go with another Diva Caster Lorelei." Akari said and a deep purple door appeared and opened revealing another Lorelei in deep green robes.

"Great...This can only mean trouble for me." Nikki mumbled "I'm still not done." Akari sung getting Nikki's attention "What! You still have more up your sleeve?" Nikki asked, and in response a woman in magicians robes with long brown flowing appeared. She is LV3 with 2400ATK 2000DEF. Nikki had seen a couple of Akari's duels and knows what this monster is "I believe you might know my Diva Caster Circe." Akari asked "Unfortunately for me…yes." Nikki replied.

"Good. Now to make some magic. I combine Arianrhad Armor with Diva Casters Lorelei and Circe…I synthesis summon Temple Dance Armor." Akari replied as a armor that is a light shade of grey and looked like it was falling apart. When it attached to Akari her skin seemed to tan and the bottom half of her belly was exposed. The rest of the armor covered her legs, and she had gloves on.

The armor is LV6 with 3300ATK 2900DEF "When this armor is summoned and I used 3 'Diva Caster' or 'Diva Lyre' you can't activate spells or counter until your turn." She explained and gave a wink which made Nikki's face down turn grey "Well…that's embarrassing." Nikki said

"There's even more. If the combined levels of the monsters I used to summon this armor is 7 or more I can attack up to the number of non armor materials I used to summon this armor." She explained "W-What, but that's 4 attacks!" Nikki exclaimed

"Yep. Here I come at your DATS Chi. Diva Stomp!" She jumped in the air and landed on Chi which exploded and Nikki's HB lowered to 36 "Now I come at your Tau. Magic Kick." Akari side kicked Tau and Nikki's HB went to 17 "This is bad." Nikki said out loud

"Finally I attack your Zeta. Magic Finisher!" Akari glowed a deep purple color then exploded taking Zeta who Nikki thought of as herself and was also thrown back reducing as her HB lowered to 0.

The armor vanished and Akari was back to normal "Told yah." Akari said as she helped Nikki up "…Come on. Let's get to my place." Nikki said and turned around. Behind her Akari was hiding her saddened face ("I wish I could trust you Nikki, but there is just…to much you don't know about me.") she thought.

After a 30 minute long way around walk Nikki and Akari arrived at her house "You go on in…I'll be with you." Nikki said and Akari just headed in while Nikki laid down on the grass "Joshua…I wonder where you are? I hope your fine…I am having a tough time now…I really wish you were here." She said with a small smile towards the sky.

Then from behind a cloth covered her mouth and nose. She would have reacted, but as soon as the cloth touched her she instantly asleep "Hmm…? So this is the one I have been sensing? …Interesting." A girl's voice said. Nikki was then taken into the shadows and vanished.

The game of life is tough

You never know what will turn up

Cause the game is always changing up

It's the game of life

You'll always be remembered

For what you do

What you say

That's what makes a good life each day

And I wouldn't have it any other way

As the day gets shorter

And the nights get longer

You hold your memories tighter

Cause that's the way you play

You'll always be remembered

For what you do

What you say

That's what makes a good life each day

And I wouldn't have it any other way

The game of life is tough

Cause you never know

What will turn up

It's the next draw that keeps you going

So take a chance at life






Nikki: Oww…What hit me…and where am I?

Girl: Hi there. Care to duel?

Nikki: *Screaming In Terror*

D9: Next time on Card Master REBIRTH! The Mystery Girl!