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Allie POV

Louis drove Harry and I into school on Monday, and when we arrived in the car park and stepped out, all eyes were watching to us. The news about Saturday night had spread like wild fire even though all I wanted to do was forget about it. It had been oddly quiet in the car, Harry was holding back and I already missed his morning antics.

I didn't know what to expect that morning but it wasn't to find all those pairs of eyes boring into me. I felt physically sick as I saw people giving me looks of judgement, distaste, and worst of all pity. I stared at my feet as Louis and Harry walked briskly either side of me into the school building. My memory of the party was hazy and still hadn't come back, but I didn't try to remember either, I didn't want to.

The image of Matthew wasn't easily forgotten; his menacing face often flashed up when I closed my eyes. Despite Louis' reassuring and protective habits, I was silently terrified of facing Matthew again. Would he be sorry? Would he try to explain? Would he try and hurt me again? I thought back to when I saw Louis and Harry play rugby – Harry had said things like this weren't out of the ordinary for Matthew. I just hoped I wouldn't be alone if or when he confronted me.

After morning registration on Tuesday Louis and I were walking to Maths; single file through the busy corridor full of people. I was talking to him about something funny Harry had said in English but when I reached the punch line I heard no response. Instead, I felt Louis' arm slip around my waist, his grip a little too tight and stiffened. I looked over my shoulder to see his defined jaw clenched, his eyes fiercely locked with something; the phrase 'if looks could kill' seemed appropriate.

I followed his line of vision to see Matthew on the other side of the corridor, a few people remaining the only barrier between us. His shoulders were slumped and his eyes droopy and disturbing as we passed. I flinched, an automatic reaction, before looking down at my feet and all but pushing the people in front to move faster, my heart beat increasing and my stomach flipping. Louis' arm relaxed as we reached our maths classroom and he quickly pulled me into a reassuring hug before guiding us to our seats.

The rest of the week had gone reasonably quickly; after the first two days things were almost back to normal. After thanking Flick over the phone on the Sunday, she was completely normal during the week. It something I was increasingly thankful of as I became more aware of how everyone else seemed to be tip-toeing around me, avoiding speaking to me or looking at me directly.

However, like most gossip, the news had blown over and was nearly forgotten by Tuesday. As it happened I was always around Flick, Megan and Hannah or Harry and Louis; so I never felt particularly vulnerable, nor did I have time to over think and panic about the situation. Matthew hadn't confronted me all week, and I felt more comfortable knowing that perhaps it was over for the time being, and things could go back to normal for a while.