Controlling Force

Nick Simpson was close. What was he close to exactly? He was close to creating and controlling the first artificial life form of this size. Sure other people have created life forms of a much smaller size that were used to counteract the constant evolution of bacteria, but no one has even come close to accomplishing something of the magnitude.

This life form will have the ability to regenerate itself completely from any attack. This could be used to protect innocent lives. With this the world could get rid of its soldiers and instead fight with these. It would cut the lives lost in war by ninety percent. His creation was going to change the face of the planet.

Once the cooling process of the material ended he would be ready to test the subject, but that was still at least two hours off still. This would be the longest wait of Nick's thirty year life. Nick could feel his heart pounding in his chest with excitement.

The ringing of the phone broke the silence that filled Nick's work space. Nick wheeled his chair over and answered the phone.


"Hello Mr. Simpson, is it all most ready?

"Yes it is Rick; in about an hour and a half it will be ready for the first live test."

"It's General Connor to you, Mr. Simpson."

"Yah, yah, you have told me that every time we talk, and guess what, didn't work the first ten times you told me won't work this time either, Rick" Nick hung up the phone and when back to study over his notes for the Fourth time in the last three hours.

Rick Connor released and annoyed sigh as he hung the phone up. Rick rose up from his fine leather chair began stretching his legs, sitting still for any amount of time was something the General never enjoyed, and yet found himself doing it more and more often with his new job position.

He sat back down and picked up the phone once again.

"This is President Jackson."

"Hello, Mr. President. The live test of experiment twenty-nine will begin shortly."

"Very good General, keep me informed." With that the President hung up the phone, and Rick was stuck in that chair of his for another hour.

"Finally, we can begin the test." Nick said to himself, practically shaking with excitement. Nick ran down and put a small microchip into a blob of red goo. Nick quickly ran up to his computer and started the program. The red blob began forming. It turned from just goop on the ground into a humanoid shape. Nick typed on the computer for the blob to stand still.

OK, let's activate test number one, Nick thought to himself. Nick activated the program from his computer and all sorts of weapons appeared out of specific platforms that were built into the wall just for this. Missiles, Bullets, grenades, every weapon you could possibly think of were fired at the humanoid glob. Each time it was destroyed it managed to reconfigure itself. The experiment was a complete success.

The rest of the experiments were just tests to make sure it obeyed the computer. Soon there would be millions of this thing all throughout the world. Nick quickly deactivated the blob and called up General Rick.

"I hope you have good news Mr. Simpson."

"Oh, yes I do. Operation Blob was a complete success."

Rick sighed at the stupid name Nick came up with for this experiment. "Very good, start the production for more of those things; I will inform our other member." Only the General was allowed to know that the President of the United States was involved. Otherwise, if this was a flop the President would be vulnerable to take the blame, and we can't afford that now can we? Rick quickly picked up the phone to tell the President the good news.