Nick sat in a comfortable leather chair while the private jet funded by "secret" third member. Nick found plenty of evidence to support that Richard House was the third member.

Richard House is a very intelligent man, who found and runs Biotech. Biotech was set up ten years ago to see if man could actually create a new creature. Richard was the man behind the first man made creature. It was nothing more than a microscopic organism, but it proved that it could be done. If this works he could take credit for helping in the research and in conducting the experiment. It would be a giant boost for the already large Biotech.

Nick jolted slightly as the plane landed on the ground with his valuable contents landing next to it in a different plane. Nick unbuckled and walked off the jet to be welcomed by General Connor.

"I take it your flight when well."

"Yep, nothing beats a two hour ride in a stiff leather chair, flying fifteen hundred above the ground, knowing that if I crash I'm pretty much a goner." Nick did not quite enjoy flying, a fear that many people shared. Or at least that is what he kept telling himself.

General Connor rolled his eyes at the pathetic attempt at a joke.

"Just follow me, I'll show you where you will be staying and where you will be giving the speech."

"Hold on a moment, let me stretch." It was obvious by the tone in his voice he was just trying to get under Connor's skin, and it was beginning to work.

"Stop wasting my time and let's go!" Connor was yelling now. No one got on his nerves quite like Nick did.

"OK, OK, calm down. Lead the way Rick." Connor gave an annoyed growl and began walking towards the hotel.

"What about my babies? Where are you going to be storing them?"

"Why do you consider those things you babies? They will be stored in basement of the white house. Which, you should be more focused on how you are going to present the speech. Unlike you, I can be trusted to get things done quickly and efficiently."

"OK, I just asked a couple of questions, no need to go on a rant. Oh, and I am a genius, don't you worry about that little old speech." Rick was beginning to question if this man really was a genius, seems like a complete moron who can do nothing more than crack stupid jokes.

"How many of those things did you make any way?"

"I created five working models. And they are not "things" they are biologically created animals that I created in the lab…"

Connor was completely ignoring him after he got the information on how many he made. This guy sure seemed to enjoy hearing himself speak.

After a quick tour of the hotel and where his room would be, Nick is now standing in front of every member of congress, as well as some important world leaders that have close relations to the United States. Some people might have felt nervous, but Nick was in his element. Before working on this project, he was a professor at the University of Akron and enjoyed being in the spotlight. Knowing that all eyes were on him, that everyone was expecting great knowledge from him, and he always delivered.

"Ladies and gentlemen, this is just the start of what is to come. I only proved that this was possible. Imagine, these things being completely controlled by us, fighting our wars. Citizens wouldn't have to be killed, the sons and daughters of this great country will have no reason to go out there and die." The speech was going just as planned. The fascinated faced showed all he needed to know. Unfortunately, when you are dealing with something like this, it is far too unpredictable.

The Secret Service are moving the blobs, as they are informally referred as, into the basement of the White House. The blobs are stored in easily carried and stored tubes. Unfortunately, when one of the agents set the tube down a little too hard a small crack formed on the glass of the tube, and with that crack, all hell broke loose.