Another new one…. Wow I'm on a roll…okay well. This is a story that has been in this authoress's brain since 4 months ago… well hope you all like it!


"Hi," I squealed in a (fake) chipper tone.

"Why are you talking to us," sneered the 'leader' of the group I hang out with, Macy.

I instinctively fled the scene, and fast. I know I'm a huge coward. Once a hall away I began walking slowly to my next (and favorite) class, Calculus. Since I'm in grade 10 I wasn't supposed to be in it though. Meanwhile it's the one place I'm myself. I noticed the current "Hot Guy"(dubbed by my friends) in the grade.

"Hey Nina," he said to be as I walked into the class we shared.

"Hey Brendan," I said in a manner that told him not to piss me off.

"Aw… how cute, you're trying to resist my charm," he said all the while smirking.

"I'm not trying. I'm succeeding!" I said enthusiastically.

"Sure you are…. Hey where's the 'gurlgang'?" he asked using the name he uses for my friends.

"I'm not sure….Macy was acting like a total bitch," I said coldly as her name passed through my lips.

"Isn't she always," He sighed as his fingers combed through his sun-dyed hair. "I mean no offense, but she is so annoying." He added with disgust laced in his voice.

"And yet you are dating her…." I trailed off questioningly.

He laughed heartily, "I'm not dating the she-beast. Whoever is, bless their soul," I chuckled. She may be someone to hang with but we aren't exactly friends…His voice snapped me out of my thoughts, "In fact, I'm dating someone at the moment, and it's you."

I always fainted at the thought of dating him. I stood there dumbfounded. "How… What.." Just as I sputtered a million question fragments, the bell rang.

"I'll explain afterschool," He flashed his bright white smile, "Meet me in the South Quad." He finished as we took our seats at the single desks. He was in the middle, while I, ever the teachers' pet, sat in the desk in front of the teacher's desk in the front of the large classroom.

Hi! Another story for y'all. I loved writing this. It encompasses all the things that are the elements of my life. I won't update on a schedule. I think I may post before Friday. I'm going to California on a school trip and won't get back 'til Sunday night. I hope you all enjoy this as much as I enjoyed writing it! Review, Favorite, Alert do what you want to do!