-They Stole My Light-

Kambridge walked into his house smiling bright, nothing could ruin his day. He had Just gotten off the phone with Erron, who had picked up the kids from school, and had also managed to find a better job that wasn't too far away. Kambridge began working on cooking when his phone rang again. At first he ignored it thinking that it was nothing. It would go to voice mail or something.

But then it rang again, almost right after the previous had ended. Kambridge quickly picked it up to see it was Erron and quickly answered, "Hun you know that I would call you back rig-"

"Dad! Dad-oh my god s-something horrible i-is happening and we don't know what to do!" Their daughter Natalia was on the other line in hysterics.

"What? What happened? Where are you?" Kambridge rushed to leave the house, not bothering to lock up or anything. He rushed to his car and began to start the piece of rust as Natalia talked.

"Daddy was driving and then we were hit and him and Krzysztof are out cold and aren't moving. My arm hurts a lot and I think my head is bleeding..." Natalia began to trail off a little.

Kambridge took a deep breath as he started to drive faster, listening for the sound of ambulances or something that could help him, "Sweetheart, stay with me please. Are they bre- No you can't fall asleep right now. you can sleep later, is your brother and Erron breathing." Finally he heard the sound of sirens and could see the smoking cars that were involved. He pulled up and ran over to the wreck only to have police officers push him back, "No that's my family! I have to be with them..." He quickly returned to the phone and talked to his daughter, "Natalia, you have to stay awake the nice policemen and paramedics are going to come get you. J-just stay awake." He tried to get through again and was farther, but had a lot of men trying to keep him back.

Tears started to roll down his face as he watched the paramedics drag Krzysztof out of the passenger seat, he wasn't moving at all and his eyes were wide open and had a hazed look to them, and a small stream of blood was falling from his mouth. His chest was rising and falling very slowly, and the people helping him moved quick to help him breath. Krzysztof was holding on to the texting-voice machine that Kambridge had got him, it was broken, all it could repeat was, "Daddy wat-... Daddy wat-... Daddy wat-..." over and over again.

Then they got Natalia out, Kambridge hadn't realized that she had stopped talking to him until he saw her being taken out. As they rushed her on to a stretcher, Natalia managed to find him in the crowd and call out to the poor man. He didn't hesitant to rush past the police this time and get over to her. "Dad... I'm so sleepy..." Was all she could get out before her hand went limp. Kambridge felt his heart drop even more, it wasn't until he looked over at the car that his heart shattered completely.

Erron had a huge shard of glass jetting out from his throat that came from the window shattering on impact. As the paramedics moved him out of the vehicle, Kambridge could clearly see just how much blood soaked Erron's favorite shirt. Kambridge ran over to him, the paramedics tried to get him off, but failing as he held Erron's lifeless body in his arms. He couldn't feel the warmth that use to resonate from the shorter man's body, nor could he feel the small sparks that use to jump off and shock Kambridge a little when his lover got a bit too excited. Luckily Erron's eyes, his lovely golden eyes, were closed.

Kambridge sobbed as the paramedics finally managed to get his husband out of his arms and into a body bag. He was covered in blood and was staring at a spot on the ground, someone came up and tapped him on the shoulder.

"Sir... that officer over there said you were related to these people is that true." A paramedic asked in a soft voice, but there was sort of a rush in it.

"yes..." His voice barely came out as he choked on more sobs, "...the boy and girl are my kids and the man i-is my hu-husband..." Kambridge looked at the man who nodded.

"Come with me then. Your son is still alive for the most part, we're getting him to the hospital right now and we would like to ask you a few questions... if you wouldn't mind."

Kambridge shook as he stood back up and followed the man quickly to a waiting ambulance. Once in and they were on their way, he mumbled something that made the paramedic have to ask him to speak up.

"What about the other car...?"

"Oh... everyone on is okay for the most part. Your... um, your family was hit on the driver's side and from the looks of it spun off the road and into a pole. The other car had lost control and went through the light hitting your family's car. The front of the other vehicle was squished in and only the driver needed minor medical attention... We aren't sure if you're son will make it, he had severe whip lash and... Sir? Are you listening? Sir...-"

Kambridge couldn't hear the man anymore as his mind began to shut down. He had lost his daughter, and might lose his son. But of all things, he lost his little spark, the light that kept him going when the memories of his parents became too much. He had lost all the smiles and bubbly laughter; he could never get it back.

He called Dani after they arrived at the hospital and received the news that Krzys was in fact dead.


"Kambridge? What's up, your voice sounds funny...?"

"Their gone..."

"Whose gone? Dude, I can barely hear you, speak up."

"He's dead... Erron's-" He couldn't finish his sentence after that, Kambridge lost it and became a sobbing mess on the ground. Nurses and doctors swarmed him, and tried to help him. From the phone that Kambridge was clutching in his hand, Dani could be heard almost screaming Kambridge's name and yelling for Kyle to do something that no one could catch.

The masked thief had lost everything that once was bright and kept him out of the dark.