The Legend of Belitinog


Of all the stories I have told there has been one that has never been told. It is the story of the young God Belitinog who would become a man that even the gods themselves will fear. His story is a lesson to us all. That even when we think that the forces of evil are defeated, even when we think we are safe from evil itself that it will always return as long as there are those Heroes that use Fear, Anger, Corruption, and Darkness will always become what they swear to destroy. Belitinog didn't start out evil. He was a good child that never questioned his father or mother and always was kind to his brother Bevmorok who seemed to explore and question reality itself. Belitinog was just eighteen when his mother died and his father suffered more than ever with her passing. His father was the Almighty Being Romulus and Belitinog was next in line for the throne should he pass. Belitinog also grieved his mother's death because she was the closest one to him.

A year has passed since him mother passed and Belitinog speaks with his father about the economic hardships that were spreading over the Heavens. He was more matured now then the year before. He was a handsome man and wore his royal armored clothing mostly. His face was kind of thin and he was growing a beard at the base of his chin. He spoke with a deep and very commanding voice.

"Father please listen. The people have a right to know about the coming depression." Belitinog tells his father who was at his throne rubbing his head in grief.

"Belitinog back down. Father is still recovering the loss of our mother." Belitinog's brother Bevmorok says coming in the room.

Bevmorok looked the same as his brother both being twins after all. But unlike his brother Bevmorok wore a blue cape. That was his mother's favorite color while his brother wore a black cape.

"No Bevmorok the people have a right to know. Since your mother died it has been my duty to watch over the kingdom." The Almighty Being says standing up from his throne.

The Almighty Being grabs his staff and walks down the stairs in between his two children. But as he gets down the stairs he slips and almost falls before Belitinog and Bevmorok catch him. They help him to his feet and he thanks them. He walks out the door with Belitinog and Bevmorok following him. They make their way to the balcony when the Almighty Being falls to the ground clinching his chest. Luckily Belitinog catches his father before he hits the floor.

"Father you're ill." Bevmorok tells his father.

"Yes I am Bevmorok. I'm dying." The Almighty Being says out loud.

"But father you can't die." Belitinog says to his father.

"Belitinog I knew this day was coming. Even the Gods must die sometime or another." The Almighty Being says to Belitinog getting back to his feet.

But as he rises the Almighty Being clinches his gut in pain once again.

"Father you're weak. I'll go to the senate for you." Belitinog says to his father.

"Thank you my son." The Almighty Being says putting his hand on his son's shoulder.

Bevemorok helps his father go back to his chamber while Belitinog heads to the council room. He was a man now but the senate does not trust him. He enters the council room with the thoughts of uncertainty running through his mind. But he did not fear these thoughts. He is a ruler and he will confront these feelings and not run away in fear.