Emily walked across the hall, just like any other day, unaware that this was the day she'd meet Porter. Just like that, she bumped into that exact bundle of muscle and..well you get the picture. Papers went flying and Emily scowled. Great. Another idiot walking around not looking where he was going. And that's exactly what she said. Well she rephrased her thoughts in what she believed to be a more appropriate manner:

'Watch it! Jheeze! Ah man..'

She stooped down to retrieve her papers.

'Oh god-sorry! Let me help you with that!'

The 'idiot' bent down to come to her aid and like a scene from a corny movie their hands grazed against each others as they reached for the same piece of paper. And of course, then comes the meeting of the eyes, the widening of said eyes and they realise just how hot the person they bumped into was.

Porter predictably went into the classic:

'Oh..yeh..really sorry..'

Ogling without shame. And where Emily was supposed to also mindlessly ogle at him, instead she gave him a once over. Tall. Tanned skin. Semi-smartly dressed and player written all over him. She raised an eyebrow in disbelief. Is this guy for real? He had over-confident jackass-ness oozing from every orifice.

'No worries,' she sighed, 'just keep your eyes in your sockets from now on.' And with that she walked off without a even glance back.

Well that threw him. So this chick, checks him out, gives him the eyebrow as if he's a disappointment and then just walks off, totally unaffected by his..awesomeness! Yeh, he didn't get that often. Obvious as it is, yes, Porter's bigheaded, over-confident and borrowing Emily's assumption: a bit of a jackass.

Author's Note: Okay! So this is my first fic, and I just thought I'd give it a go and post something and see what people thought. I'm just hoping for two reviews to get an idea if anyone enjoys my writing at all. This is just the beginning of this story and I didn't edit it, I just wrote it as it came to me so forgive me if it's terrible for all of the reasons above! Enjoy!