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In a small, dark, window less, dungeon like room lay many small cages filled with numerous sad, frightened beings. Some quietly sat while others were rolled into tight balls all wishing for freedom from their dirty prisons. Suddenly and noisily a door banged open. A short dark haired man could be heard as footsteps echoed. None of the poor creatures could see as they were blinded by the white light coming form the door way. The air in the room became thick and difficult for the caged to breathe as tension, fear, and hope filled them. Some shook in their small cages fidgeting and starting to cry others silently waited for their eyes to adjust to see what was going one.

"What's this one?" asked a tall slender woman with a soft impatient voice.

"That one is a dragon. It's very young and needs training." answered the short man, who was almost always there.

Though there was more to the poor caged creature then just being a dragon. It had small patches of smooth tan skin with dark silver scales covering most of it. It had long lavender hair that tangled with the bars of its metal cage.

Foot steps started and then stopped again but this time in front of a creature who's pointed ears was covered in bark brown fur. It's eyes a berry blue and clawed fingers that scratched at the floor of the cage waiting for the booming voice of the short man to be heard.

"That is a wolf."

The woman moved on as she seemingly became more interested in her long black hair.

"Crow, Fox, trout." He continued as he named at every stop.

"Is there something that isn't quite so beastly orientated?" asked the irritated female clicking her long red nails.

"Oh…they are on this end." He responded motioning to the other side of the room where more rows waited.

"What's here?" she asked stopping while pointing at a cage.

"Dream eater." He answered easily with a smug expression.

"And that?" she continued not really interested.

"Shape changer" He replied noticing the disinterest

She pointed at another cage not happy hearing what she did while looking into the cages of frightened creatures.

"Fire." He named now loosing the smugness he had on before.

"I see… I'll come back some other time when there is more of a selection." rumbled as she left her black dress flowing behind her as she swiftly walked away.

The short man followed after her as fast as he could wattle and then soon after the door shut leaving the creature's in the black darkness.

An unheard sigh of relief filled the air as well as a lost of hope.