The red haired man carried me into a huge house only to see a room with a bunch of doors, lots of red themed rugs, and a billion shiny objects. I suddenly wanted to run around the whole place and touch everything, but I'm not stupid enough to go running around and looking like a moron. I remained in the red haired mans arms.

"When you said you would go to that market I thought you might get something scary." a raven haired woman responded with a bit of surprise.

"My aren't they cute." cooed a fawn haired woman.

"Hello." Greeted a young man with…

Is his hair red? Or is I brown? Well it doesn't really matter does it? Whatever.

"H-hello." Ian shyly greeted back.

Yes lets listen to the sound of your voice some more.

The young man smiled warmly to Ian as an old man walked up.

"Would you like me to take them to their rooms?" the old man asked.

"No… I'll do it." responded the red haired man.

"Master, why is the one your holding not… wearing anything?" asked the raven hair woman as she gazed at me.

"That is how I got him." The 'master' answered.

"I see." She replied seemingly upset.

Hasn't she ever seen another person before?

"Well I'll be off and show them to their around." The master stated as he dismissed all the other people.

Are they like us? Did he buy them too?

The man then headed towards a set of stairs that were on the other side of the room and walked up them. He then walked to the right where there was a long hallway with many doors.

"You see this hallway?" the master asked, looking down at Ian and then at me.

"Yes." Ian responded.

The master waited to see if I would respond but found I wasn't going to and continued on.

"I don't want you to mess around in these rooms." He stated sternly.

"Why can't we?" Ian asked, staying close to the master.

"They are studies and other such rooms and I would like it if you two didn't mess the rooms up." The master answered.

"O…okay." Ian smiled sweetly as he continued to follow the man.

"Not that you two can't go into them… just don't make them messy or destroy anything. The maids and butlers have more then enough to do." He continued as he smiled gently at Ian and I.

I suddenly noticed a sterile sent on the man.

Oh no don't tell me he's a doctor. He'll probably want to cut me open or something.

I couldn't help but glare darkly at the man. I hated him already. Painful memories flashed though my head as he calmly continued to walk with me in tow.

"Why are you glaring?" He asked me when he finally noticed what I was doing.

You stink. That is why.

"He doesn't like your smell." Ian answered innocently.

What a tattletale.

"My smell?" he asked in confusion.

"Yes… he thinks you smell… sterile… like a hospital." Ian replied, as he and the master continued to walk.

"Well I suppose I would. I am a doctor." The master confirmed.

Great… the seconded I see a knife in his hand I'll kill him.

"What kind?" Ian asked with a slight tilt of his head.

"The kind that makes sure people are healthy." He answered proudly.

"Oh…" Ian responded seemingly unsure of what to say.

Then the 'doctor' stopped in front of a door and opened it.

"Ian would you like this room?" The doctor asked letting Ian inspect the room.

"WOW, it's so big." Ian said as he jumped up onto the blue and gray clad room. It had cherry wood furnisher and matching gray and blue drapes.

"I take it you like the room?" The master asked.

"YEAH! IT'S SO NICE… AND BIG! I LOVE IT!" Ian shouted in excitement.

"That is good. Now let's see if we can't find this one a room." The doctor motioned to me.

"OKAY!" Ian continued as he ran out in happiness and followed the man as he moved on to the room next to Ian's. He opened that door and before us laid a room clad in black with yellow trimmings and accents.

"How about this one?" The doctor asked seemingly innocent with some sort of intent laced in, his face showing a sort of smugness in it.

I'll be happy when…

"Wow… your room is nice too!" Ian announced still pleased with the place, "Though I does seem a bit smaller… and darker…"

"Actually it only looks smaller. It's the effect of the things and colors in the room." The doctor informed with a seemingly fake pleasantness that made me want to kick him.

Creepers…your all creepers.

"Oh." Ian responded with an o for a mouth.

The doctor gave a small laugh and that was it. I jumped out of his arms and crawled under the bed.