The stars smile down on the ones who took the easy way out.

"You too can join him," says the Heartless Man, "if you step out of line."

I feel them looking at me. In curiosity, fear? I'm so tired. I hear them in passing, as if from the bottom of a well.

Yeah. Just walk on by, and don't look back. Because you've already sold your soul and sealed the deal, and it's not like you can go back home anyway.

It feels like I've been standing here. Forever. Waiting, waiting, that's the worst part. It's strange, I thought I'd finally found myself and my place in life. But, on the way

I lost a dream.

Night, the stars. And I'm all alone, I've never felt so alone.

I'm so tired. My mind roams, circling circling, you're supposed to see your life, but I just see a twisted web, my thoughts, they spin around. At the speed of sound, and finally come to rest on you. I remember, I remember what you always told me You are what you are and it's too bad, because I guess now that's all I'll ever be. I wish you were here, I wish you were here.

They blink on and off. Little lights. Dancing around me, what are they?

Waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting. Waiting, that's the worst part. It feels like I've been standing here forever, or not exactly because I don't really feel anything much anymore.

A light lands on my arm. And I discover, with wonder I realize. They're fireflies.

The line. Just let it all end already, I can't take it anymore.

Dawn, they said.

The Universe is standing Still.

It blinks off.

I'm so tired. The fragility of the shadow of my soul, how do I know it will last? But it must except I know it won't.

It blinks on. To join the rest.

So many, so many, I've never seen so many before. They trace through the air, race through the air, steal my mind with them.

There must have been a mistake, I didn't mean for them to take away - this feeling.

This feeling. I can't explain it, and my vision blurs for the first time.

I've never seen so many before. They surround me, lost in flight.

The sound of myself breathing.

Wish upon a firefly.

Lost in thoughts. The slowly brightening horizon.

As they blink out goodbye.

Dawn, they said.

Now just this one left.

It's okay.

The stars will smile down on me too.

But, before you go - could you just tell me?

Just whisper in my ear, please, just tell me. Please.

Here they come, across the field.

I have to know.
I have to know.
I have to know.

Here they come.

Will it end in Light?