Dedicated to Havoc, May 2011-April 2012, I miss him so much that's why I keep writing poems about him.

Everyday I see you

I see you in my head

Everyday I hear you

you purring when I'm in bed

Everyday I feel you

next to my heart

Everyday I miss you

but I know we'll never part

Everyday I pet you

for memories are always there

Everyday I cry for you

my friend, it's hard to bare

Everyday gets easier

as we go our separate ways

Though everyday I still miss you

no matter what I say

Everyday you're with me

I know deep inside

you're with me still

i will not hide

I know you're still here

though I can't see you

I know you sleep with me every night

Everyday I hear you crying out, do you hear me too?

Everyday I miss you more

you're still my bestest friend

I'll see you again one day

that day's just around the bend.