Standing in the dark,
a tear falls from my eye.
It begins to rain,
and I look into the sky.

The sky is black,
kinda like my soul.
I gave into depression,
for I had no control.

Sitting in the dark,
drenched in rain.
Smothered in darkness,
and smothered in pain.

Tears pouring from my eyes,
I'm gasping for breath.
I'm drowning in the rain and my tears,
drowning to my death.

I feel like I can't breathe,
so I scream into the night.
The rain pouring harder,
I hold myself tight.

Rocking back and fourth,
I look into the night.
All I've ever wanted
was to be alright.

Voices running though my head,
reminding me of my life.
They're always there,
never letting me forget the strife.

My only friends are
the darkness and the rain.
I only wish the rain
could mask my pain.

It should mask the scars,
mask the bloodshot eyes,
mask the bruises,
mask the cries.

I'm living in hell,
always in pain.
I have ways of trying to make it stop,
but my attempts are always vain.

When I face the day,
a smile is on my face.
Even when I'm happy,
my smile is out of place.

Long sleeves on,
sweatshirt, too.
You can't see my scars-
you'll never have a clue.

Fake laugh there,
living in hell every day,
I'll keep my mask on,
I'll find some way.

Sitting in the rain,
holding myself tight.
Trying to tell myself
that things will be alright.