Why does maturing into adulthood require separating from loved ones and starting out alone? I suppose out of all the options I've had since Da started shaking us loose from the nest, I chose an adventure. America is an amazing land with beautiful scenery. I am exhilarated at the prospect of being a wrangler at the mustang ranch where Jarah purchased some of his stock. I am also grateful that America holds some of my closest friends, as I don't feel so alone here.

I have a second home with the Morgans and the Jothams on the ranch. It seems as though no time has passed since we lived in the area. Sarai greeted me with a red velvet cake with white chocolate buttercream icing and a can of Coke in relation to my recent birthday. Then, a couple days after I got here, I went with the Morgans to their rodeo. I love the music and the dirt and the animals and the people. As we passed the stands to get something to eat, a family friend of the Morgans asked Sarai if she and I were dating. She replied with "Gosh, no. This is Rearden. He's sort of a brother to me" (my point in relating this story being that I appreciate that I sort of have a sister here).

I am sorry to be away on Liam's birthday. Man, I owe you an adventure with just the two of us one day. And please pass this on to Eagan (punch him if he does not read it). I love all of you more than words can convey.

With All the Love in the World,