author's notes: Amami Sora means Heavenly Ocean, Sky.

I specifically wrote this story to entertain myself for a while, although there are some mistakes, please forgive me and keep going(x You must know my first language is Spanish, and I'm still studying English, let alone Japanese d: Enjoy :D




"Prodigy School - Are You Serious?"

"How much time will it take?" Mr. Takuma asked, making tap noises with his pencil.

"The student is fortunate enough to be tamed in such a school. You shall not be impatient." the strange, yet, wise man said.

"You're not even telling us your name...H-how do we know you are serious about this?" Mrs. Sora asked in a low tone.

"Ma'am, I promise you I couldn't get anymore serious." he responded.

"No doubt on that." Mr. Sora coughed.

"Amami-chan is a decendant of sky. She has such great powers among the four elements of today. This school will take her powers and turn them into skills. No questions asked. She shall enroll as soon as possible!" the man screamed.

"I see your point, Mister..." Mr. Sora sighed. "But how do you expect a fifteen year old girl to listen to you, when you give her zero chance of recognizion?"

The man stood up and grabbed Amami's father by his shirt and lifted him up. "Listen..." he recalled.

"Father?" a young female voice broke the scene.

Everyone stared at her, and the man let go of Mr. Sora.

"Miss Sora..." the man changed his attitude and smiled. "Have a seat."

-Couple of hours later.

Amami's POV.

"We will miss you very much dear!" Mother smiled and waved along with my father, as the bus came to pick me up.

"Me too! Love you!" I managed to look happy about this and got inside to sit down.

I wasn't happy, not one bit, which is rare.

I wasn't happy about trusting this tall man who deceived my parents into letting me move out at such a young age and go to this weird school that will supposedly train my "powers" to help my country. I didn't even know I had powers!

"Excited about school?" a random guy whispered in my ear.

"Ahh!" my instincts fought and pushed the boy away from me hard enough to break the seat next to us.

"What was that for?" he stood up, grunting.

"I'm sorry." I looked up, "I didn't realized I had company."

"Well you do." he changed his tone.

He had white hair, and light blue eyes. His skin was kind of dark, but he was still sort of cute.

"I'm Samui." he sat down next to a girl who looked similar to him, exept her skin tone was lighter. "This is my sister, Hayai."

"I'm Amami...nice to meet you." I bowed my head and smiled.

That was my signature, I was a happy person, I smiled alot. Nothing really made me mad or sad.

"You have a wonderful smile." Hayai smiled back.

"Thank you, you too." I laughed.

She sat next to me. "So did that tall man came to your school too?"


"Isn't it strange?"

"Yeah, I didn't even know I had powers!"

"Me neither!"

I instantly thought she was going to be my best friend from now on.

-After the ride.

All three of us looked at the school sign. Prodigy School.

It was painted with red paint over some other sign that read "FOR LEASE"

The place was trashy-looking, and a rat passed by us.

"Is this a joke?" Samui face palmed as his sister and I stared jaw-opened.

"I see you come to my school! Please enter!" the tall man appeared outside holding oven baked cookies. "Want one?" he offered.

-"So what exactly is this place?" Samui asked as we walked through the dark halls holding our stuff.

"The man said it was on sale, so you know, I had to save some money somehow..." the man explained.

"I meant. What kind of school is this..."

"Oh, right. I'll explain that in class. Meanwhile. Boy's dorm is over there, Girl's dorm is the other door. Make yourself at home." the man stated.

'Bye Sam-kun, see ya!' Hayai said bye to her brother and wentinside the girl's dorm with me.

-inside the girl's dorm.

"So tell me about you..." Hayai sat on top of one of the bunk beds, there were two of them.

I swipped the dust over the closet and placed my clothes.

"Well, I'm 15..." I started.

"I'm 15 too!" she smiled.

"I'm scared of fire...when I was five my real mother was burnt to death in an accident. So I lived the rest of the ten years with my dad and my stepmom."

"Oh..." she looked down.

"It's okay, my stepmom is amazing." I smiled.

"You dont let anything bring you down, do you?" she came down and helped me dust everything else.

"I guess not. I'm a happy person." I smirked.

"I wish I could be like that...My brother and I were abandoned by our parents."

"I'm so sorry."

"Ahh! You know Yusuke, Yamamoto?" she looked at my poster I had on the bottom bed. He was a Japenese actor.

"I love him!" I exclaimed.

"Me too!"



"Ahhh!" we both shouted.

"SHUT UP!" Samui's voice was heard on one of the walls. This place was almost falling apart.

We both stopped and giggled.

Just then, a loud alarm went on, and it scared us.


The alarm went off and we both sighed and left the dorm.

"I didnt even know there were more students..." Hayai called out as three boys were in front of us. One of them was Samui. the other two must had been Artie and Trevor.

They both had green hair, although I couldn't see their faces.

Each five of us sat down on a dusty seat and stared at the man.

"I see you all come to know...this place was on sale, and it used to be a little hospital for crazy people." he announced sharply.

"What? What kind of sick man are you?" one of the green haired boys stood up and accused him.

"Yea, and how did you know our last names?" the other one yelled.

"I know everything. I know you sleep with a blanket, and I know you hide pictures of naked girls below your bunk!" the man pointed at both of them.

Hayai and I giggled as the boys calmed down.

"Idiots." her brother smirked, loud enough for us to hear.

"I know you have a crush one of the naked girls picture." the man brushed his suit.

"Thats unnecessary!"

"We're here!" two girls with blue hair came and sat next to me.

They we're so gorgeous, I admired them for a couple of seconds.

"What's unecessary is hearing all of you." a deep, kind of rusty, male voice said from far behind us. We all turned back and just saw the shadow of a boy, nothing else.

"Who do you think you are!" one of the boys shouted.

"Mr. Tsuchi, sit back down. You're only making a big fool out of you. Mr. Ka, would you care to join us?" the man waited for "Mr. Ka" to come down.

He did, and when I saw him, my heart pounded faster.

He had brown hair and brown eyes, nothing about him seemed crazy like the rest of us with colored hair and colored eyes.

Who was he? He was

He sat on the other aisle aside of ours. The man wiped his sweat from his face.

"Mr. Ka, mind calming yourself down? You're making this place burn..." he laughed nervously.

Everyone began sweating for a strange reason. The room became hot and I became so incredibly thirsty.

"As you please." Ka smirked and the room temperature went down like crazy.

"Like I as saying students...You are all here because you were born with special powers..." the man kept talking, but we didn't cared.

We were all looking at Ka. While he was just closing his eyes listening to music.

"Now, on to my name...I am Master Sensei." The man stated.

"Thats a pointless name." someone whispered.

"Its not pointless!" Master Sensei screamed. "It', as you teenagers may say. It's groovy."

We all had a blank face.

"You will be placed in groups of two..." he kept going.

"He is hot..." I heard the two blue haired girls whisper. They were talking about Ka, obviously.

"Artie and Trevor one. Aqua and Pearl Mizu, group two. Hayai and Samui Kaze, group three. Amami Sora and Kaoru Jigoku, group four."

I looked up at the teacher and nodded once. Then I looked at Kaoru, he opened his eyes and smiled. But this time, his eyes we're red and he had fangs.