Following the Rules

Rule: 1 Stay away from alcohol

Why on earth would that be a rule? Maybe because you are an idiot when drunk- if you think otherwise, it is because your brain was damaged by the alcohol. Don't worry, I forgive you, your brain on the other hand is not so forgiving.

Anyway, after I drank ten shots of vodka, and who knows how many beers, and then what ever the guy with magenta hair bought me, my memory started to wane. The next thing I remember is a hotel room, vague sex memories, and waking up in a bed draped over the muscular body of the man with magenta hair. On the other side was a tanned equally muscled man with brown/black shor that had gold flecks. To be honest, I have had this memory loss thing happen before… a lot more often than I would like to admit. As a homeless, one-night stand professional (yes, I gave my misfortune a title), I do very well in forgetting what I do to get a place to sleep at night. Who wants to remember sex with random strangers you do almost every day of the week? Um, no one?

Anyway, I have no one to depend on but myself, and with the fact that I never graduated high school, I look like a seventeen year old, and have pheromones sprouting from me like body order- life is not the easiest.

An example would be right now. I am looking at the clock, and it is eight a.m. I need to get out of here. By now, with my amazing body's abilities, my blood alcohol level should be low enough for me to escape the bed and hotel room. I carefully slide off of the man beneath me and try to make it off the bed. Magenta man grabs me-

"Angel, where are you going?" I hold my breath and wait until he has relaxed again before making my move to escape. Angel… oh right, the name he was blubbering in the bar. If I am not mistaken, Angel is a ice-type fae, a very rare kind to be seen in this day and age. However his species is not nearly as rare as myself. I silently get off the bed and start dressing myself. I open up the guys wallet, might as well try to remember his name- "Jerek Severlands" I pause. Jerek… Jerek Severlands... where have I heard that name before? Oh yeah, Jerek of the Severlands husbands- Severlands being the wealthiest multi-married family in the city, hell in the world and its dimensions between. Severlands, the married five- about to be si- husbands that started with the arranged marriage of Jerek and Kain; following with Angelic then Torrance and Matthew- now Raven Kale who yesterday was marrying Angelic. Now it is starting to make a little sense. Their family is a subject in almost every publicity magazine. I drop the wallet grab my shoes and as quietly and quickly as possible make my way to the hotel door- that looks oddly more like the front door of a fancy apartment. No time to worry about that now, getting involved will get me exposed, I need to run! As I open the door, two large hands suddenly wrapped themselves around my waist.

"Where do you think you're going, my lovely mate?" This unfamiliar voice says. I freeze, I hope that is not who I think it is, however the tanned warm large hands tend to make me lose hope that this is not the infamous Kain, a wolf man. I gulp and take a small peek; my hopes are shot down as soon as I come eye to eye with gold orbs that have been framed by the handsome face of a tanned man with dark brown/black hair that has gold flecks in it. F. My. Life.

I panic, I break away from his grip and open up the door in a flash. I surprised him by my quick exit of his embrace and shocked him even more by the fact that I just hit him with the door. I bolt down the hall to what looks like an elevator door, it is taking too long to get here. I open the door to the stairs and begin to go down as fast as my legs can carry me. Damn, how far up was our room? I paid attention to the floor levels as I began to slide down the railing. I made it to the second floor before I was stopped abruptly by callused tanned hands. I hit them with such a force that the wind was knocked right out of me. "How sweet- like my mate could ever escape from me, why so distant honey, and why did you hit me with the door? We're married, aren't we?" I panicked, trying to catch my breath.

"Sorry Ink, I didn't mean to hurt you." I look up in pure terror, how drunk was I that i gave him my legal name? Oh, I am so screwed! He is so handsome, and he is smiling at me. You know, the pictures don't do him justice… wait, wasn't his hair longer? Who cares?

"Look, I swear I don't even remember- please d-" I pause, "wait, who's married!" I exclaimed. His smile fell.

"Ink, you're acting weird." He said as he began pressing his forehead to mine. A mind link, I pushed him away. Mind links are not good for people like me. I struggle in his grip till he set me down.

"Let go of me!" I screeched. He had a hold of my wrists and he was squeezing just enough to hold me there. I struggled harder, using all of my weight to pull away.

"I will not let go." He said sternly. "Why are you so panicked?" He demanded. I tried kicking him in the balls. He was having none of that. He threw me over his shoulder. "That is it. I am taking you to see Angel right away." I began frantically hitting his back and kicking him as he took me to the nearest floor exit, then to the elevator, and back to wherever we were before. As soon as we entered the door Mr. Severlands yelled out, "Angel, Rave- Kitten is acting weird." He kicked the door shut behind us. I was quickly passed into the arms of a black haired winged fae.

"Kitten, acting strange? Come on, he's usually jumpy in the morning." The man said as he held me in his arms. I pushed agianst his chest trying to get further from the burning heat of his bare body. The bastard was naked. I was blushing furiously trying to push away. Suddenly a blue pale-ish white blonde was leaning over my face with his hands pressed to my temples. Suddenly my mind went blank and I was filled with calm emotions. I was able to see and hear everything going on around me, but I just couldn't care. The blonde was smiling down at me as he slowly massaged my temples. I felt warm and safe. My struggling stopped and I relaxed in the now comfortably heated arms.

"There, that's better, nay?" I heard the dark haired one say as he positioned me more comfortably in his arms while still having the blonde hold onto my head. "Bet you're just still upset about last night." The blonde joked. "So let's just check-" The blonde started but then stopped. His smile fell, unlike the wolf man, his smile fell into seriousness and worry instead of confusion.

"Raven," he said, trying to sound calm, "I want you to set him down on the guest bed. I will stay connected but we need to set him down. Someone- go call Doctor Nathanael" He ordered calmly forcing a smile onto his pretty face. I smiled up at him. A new wave of contentment flowed over my mind as I was slowly taken into a room and set down on a plush surface. The blonde crawled over me and slowly messaged my temples more before slowly shifting his hands down my face and neck and to my wrongly buttoned up shirt. I admit, I was more focused on leaving then getting dressed when this all started.

"I'm going to undo this, okay?" He sort of asked as he signified my shirt, I smiled and just relaxed. More waves of contentment flowed over me.

"Raven, hurry up and get the doctor, I don't know how much longer I can keep these hormones under control." He muttered softly. The black haired one nodded, he looked at us in confusion before exiting the room. The blonde leaned down and kissed my neck. I twitched at I felt two sharp points poke my neck. Suddenly the warm feeling was to hot. I groaned, trying to make him know my discomfort. Then I just felt cold. Unbearably cold, it swallowed me up until I fell unconscious.

Hour or so later…

"I just told you!" Angelic screeched as he slammed his fist against the counter. His eyes filling with tears, "Ink can't remember anything from the last year and half. The last thing he remembers is meeting Kay and Jay in that bar. He thinks he just woke up from a one night stand." He said more calmly. Over a year of memory, completely gone from his conscious mind- Angelic turned around and hugged Raven, securing himself in the arms of his fifth husband.

Jerek, Torrance, and Matthew were sitting on the couch in shock, meanwhile Kain was going absolutely crazy. Kain was taking this a great deal harder than the others, but then again his connection to Ink was stronger and more spiritual then the rest of theirs.

"So what do we do?" Torrance, the most innocent of the group, asked.

"More like how did this happen?" Matthew wondered aloud. Everyone was silent. After a few moments Dr. Nathanael entered from the guest room.

"I have found the problem." He said as he started packing away his things. "It seems that the amnesia is the result of multiple transformations at too fast a speed for his mind to keep up, that alone may have just caused him to appear drunk, however he would not have done it on his own, it would be too painful. Whoever he was with last night forced him to transform in to over a hundred different types of species. What for, I do not know."

16 hours or so before…

Sitting at a bar, feeling sort of abandoned by his husbands, sat the now famous Ink Severlands. The latest magazine set in front of him as he read about his family from people's view that had no business writing about them. Kain would be pissed. Then again, Kain was almost always pissed. He took a deep breath and sighed as he turned to the character page. His husbands faces plastered on the two page layout with a short description on each one of them.

Jerek: age 36, magenta hair color, purple eyes, pale skin and owner of Compaction- the biggest computer company and most advanced thus far. Mix breed Dragon/human, Mated to Ink Severlands

Kain: age 37, dark brown hair with gold flecks, gold eyes, tanned skin and coordinator of all wolf and were people alliance activities. Wolf-man, Mated to Ink Severlands

Raven: age 26, jet black hair, green eyes, pale skin and currently a medical student at Roan Medical. Winged fae, class A, average type

Angelic: age 26, blonde hair, blue eyes, pale blue-ish skin and currently a medical student at Roan Medical. Winged fae, Class B, rare ice type

Torrance: age 34, dark brown hair, chocolate brown eyes, pale skin, and currently unemployed because of breaking fight rules during last boxing match. Human

Matthew: age 25, electric blue and blonde hair, gold eyes, bronze orange-ish skin tone, and currently unemployed because of lack in control to his powers. Electric type fae

Ink: age 23, black hair with teal hinting, teal eye color, pale skin and currently unemployed due to his physical conditions as a Transfiguration type. Transfiguration type, human-fae mix, Mated to Kain and Jerek Severlands

He flipped over the page.

Ink Severlands, the youngest and latest husband joining the group has been seen fighting with his husbands over the fertility conflict. As we all know, Ink was married to Jerek and Kain the same night as Angel and Raven married. While unplanned, the marriage has been fruitful and all members seem happy with Ink, however the question of children seems to be causing conflict. His six husbands seem hard set on convincing the youngest into have children. Ink, being one of the last Transfiguration types known to the population, is the only one capable among the Severlands husbands.

He rolled his eyes, not bothering to continue with the article. Why couldn't they all just be left alone? They had all been made celebrities by Angel's actress sister and their own fabulous wealth. Now Angelic's sister wanted more. She wanted Ink to be an actor, and for her to be his manager. She was falling out of the spot light since her 'accident'. He was perfect to get her all the money she could want. He could play any gender and any species for a movie deal. He could also remember lines well. It made Angel's sis practically swoon. This put Ink in a bad mood, but what really got him was just as the article had said.

He was being sort of punished as he sat alone there, his husbands were together either at home or out to dinner each focusing on new arguments to convince him to get pregnant. The only person sort of neutral to the idea was Raven. Which was not too surprising to him, Raven had always treated Ink as a sort of younger sibling, well- a younger sibling he wanted to sleep with in a naughty way and have dirty little thoughts about. In any case, what was really surprising to him was that Torrance had actually taken a side in this family feud. Usually he was neutral in family fights, when he did take a side; it was usually the same as Ink's. Besides, he was always pro choice when it came to pregnancy and such, but now he almost demanded the chance to have a baby. No one could understand why Ink was so hard set against it, well- no one but Raven. Ink couldn't remember, but Raven had been there the night he got drunk at an old and shady looking bar on the edge of town where. It was right after the subject had first been brought up. Raven had followed him in and tried to get him to stop drinking and come home. He was more worried about Ink then the subject at the time. However when it became clear that Ink wasn't going anywhere till his mind was wiped of everything, he asked the question that was on everyone's mind at home. Why was he against the pregnancy, even if the answer was a simple 'afraid of the pain' it would be better than the unresponsive blank that Ink kept giving them all. After the question was asked Ink, to Raven's utter suprise, broke down crying.

He told Raven about how the first time, someone outside of his parents, found out he was able to transform, and not just into one or two things like some certain faes can, but transform into anything alive. He had inherited it from his grandmother, since the genes can only be transferred via blood relation. His family had kept the secret pretty well. Transfiguration Types were nearly extinct, seeing as they only came from human decent. When first discovered humans killed them like they did 'witches' during the witch hunts. In the new age, like now, they were going extinct by being sold on the black market as either exotic pets, special organ donors, or to be used as surrogate mothers for whatever species will pay.

He had accidently transformed on a school trip to the zoo. When he got scared he couldn't help but change into the nearest species type around him. It happened to be a Tryseren, the last one in existence actually. That was the whole reason for the trip anyway.

As soon as he was discovered he was collared and caged as a miracle for the zoo. His school had no idea where he had gone, they labeled him a run away and tried looking for him, and he was stuck in Tryseren form since the collar prevented him from changing back to being a human. Since some animals can change forms or go invisible the collars locked the animals in one form. The zoo people took him to a caged area where he was treated like an animal.

The manager and the caretaker of the Tryseren figured out he was human when they removed the collar and he changed back. He thought they would let him go but he was sorely mistaken, they told him if he changed into a female Tryseren for the publicity of the zoo that they would let him go after a day or two. After all, they couldn't just say outright that a transfiguration type was at the zoo that day. He would have been taken from his family and put in a protective species building. How foolish he was to trust them. They collared him, rubbed him in horrible smelly oil and led him into the cage with the male Tryseren. He was raped by the animal over and over, impregnated and then put on display. Once pregnant he couldn't change gender and couldn't shift into forms greatly different from the species he carried in his womb. It was impossible for his body. He was there for six months until he had an early birthing in the middle of the night while the zoo was closed. As soon as it was out of him, he turned into a bird and flew away as quickly as possible. He was fourteen when that happened.

His parents had died in the six months he was gone. A car accident was the cause. He was taken in by some old family friend where he was treated like a stranger. Those six months had changed him. He couldn't stand being touched for the longest time and bathing was hard because he always felt like soap was that horrible oil. He visited the zoo only one time after that event. He went to see what had happened to the baby Tryseren. It had been a male, and it had been a still born. The cover story on his disappearance had been that the mother had died from the rough child birth. He knew that he shouldn't, but he felt sort of bad about the baby. He also felt used.

His husbands asking him to be a woman so that they could get him pregnant… it made him feel like they were just pretending to love him so that they could use him. Raven had been shocked to say the least. He ended up comforting him through the drunken mess. He even kept his promise to not tell the others. Ink was to frighten of how they would react. Raven swore not to tell and took Ink home. The next morning Ink only remembered Raven trying to get him to stop drinking. From then on, Raven just seemed to be on his side in the issue. It had made their relationship a lot better. Especially since it meant that Ink wasn't out drinking after every fight between him and the rest, it meant that Ink was in a warm bed and not trying to be a lone wolf, in dangerous bars drinking and blacking out- it also meant Kain could calm down a little and not have to worry about where Ink went.

Unfortunately, Raven was upset with him too right now. He had accidently insulted the prideful winged fae while he Raven and Angel had been going at it. It was only a small kick to the guy's ego, but he took it harder then he should have and ended up storming out.

Rule: 2 Do not insult your lover(s)

He had called him short in comparison to Angel (in more ways than one). Of course it was only a joke, but that didn't matter at the moment. So here he sat, alone. Ink closed the magazine and took another shot of vodka. A person he vaguely recognized entered the bar; it was the Severlands doctor's son. He waved him over and the two began talking. The young man was a definite sweet talker, and almost a year older then Ink. He and Ink left the bar. Ink had no idea what was about to happen. As they rounded the corner he was suddenly pushed hard backwards where he landed inside a black vehicle. The doctor himself was driving while his son held Ink down. Fear stuck him and he turned into the species type closest to him- human. He was then easily knocked out. When he awoke he was strapped down to a gurney with nettles sprouting from his arms like daisies from a grave.

His arms we're tied in cuffs that had size accommodating features so even when he went to the smallest size and largest size he could transform into it staid tightly bound around his wrists. The gurney was solid making his weight no issue, no matter what form he took. As he looked around he saw Dr. Nathanael and his son standing in a corner with some papers with a few masked medical professionals standing at different machines and a few shady guys talking to the doctor. Then the real fun began.

The doctor's son held out a remote he came over to Ink and stabbed a cork like thing with a pointed tip into his body, just below his rib cage aligned to his heart. It was an old device that was supposed to have been destroyed because of its horrible uses. It connected to the organ in his body that only transfiguration types have. The device connects to the organ and then electrifies it to produce certain blood types and hormones. This allows anyone holding the remote connected to the cork thing to control the transformations. Worst part is, the transfiguration type has to be conscious. At least physically. Unimaginable pain flowed through Ink as he was forced to change. It wiped out his breath leaving him panting and sore from screaming. It stopped and the shady fellows began to inspect him. The doctor came forward with a scalpel, while one of the medical professionals gagged him.

He was cut open without anesthesia while the doctor began to slice away at his insides. It was so horrible and painful he thought he would surely die. But he didn't. An organ was removed and he was jolted again by the remote which forced him to change with excruciating pain. The wound healed up completely and then he was jolted back to the previous form. Once again he was cut open.

"As you can see, the organ will come back so long as we have him change into a Zamerainian between donations. The Zamerainian species can repair all body damage as quickly as a blink of the eye." He heard the doctor's son say.

"And how many species can he do this for?" one of the shady guys asked.

Dr. Nathanael smiled almost sadistically. "All of them." The son quickly began pressing on the remote.

Hours later he regained consciousness. He wasn't strapped to the gurney, and no one was around. He faintly heard voices from behind a closed door. It was his only chance to escape and he took it. He found his clothes and cell phone and ran from the building; he was surprisingly far from home. He made his way to an ally.

He dressed himself, however before he could turn his cell on he heard panicked voices coming from where he had escaped. He started running as fast as he could, but he was not going to make it at his normal speed. Despite the pain of his abused transfiguring organ he changed into a Xying, one of the fastest species of fae because of their oddly wheeled feet. He took off at a speed they could never achieve, but because of his weakened state he could only go about a third of the average speed and even less in the amount of distance. Still, he was far enough away that he could rest. He pulled out his cell and tried to call somebody, his fingers barely able to force the buttons down, luckily his voice worked and he was able to turn on the phone's voice command."Call Rave." He ordered, the phone beeped in understanding and he was taken to his phone app as the phone called Raven. After a few short rings, Raven answered.

"Look In-Kay, I'm still-" Ink interrupted.

"Help, please, help me." He was able to get out before he groaned in pain. His body changed back to his normal self, leaving him practically defenseless.

"Where are you?" He heard as he was beginning to pass out.

"Do- know. No. The doc. He- Oh God." Ink exclaimed as he curled in on himself he still had the cork in him. No remote, meaning it had been ripped off the remote. He pulled it out and suddenly felt a lot better.

"Ink, tell me where you are." Raven said calmly.

"I don't know!" He yelled as he began to cry.

"Hold on, 'Kay? Kain is coming to get you." Raven said soothingly.

"The doc, he and… his kid. Shady- augh, it hurts!" He cried as he laid on the ground. Sleep consuming him. When Kain found him he did not realize that Ink was in such serious condition. He smelled alcohol and assumed Ink had been too drunk to know what was going on or what he was even saying. He kept babbling about a cork and forced changing. Kain took him home, and he and Jerek cuddled the exhausted husband until the next morning. When Ink awoke and the doctor came by to see what was wrong with him. He was thankful that Ink had no memory of it, however he knew the memory could come back at any time. This was amnesia and it could be temporary, besides now that the Severlands knew the cause, they would be on a vendetta to find out who caused it.


"I gave him some medicine, it should keep him sort of calm, and right now he is still sleeping thanks to Angelic here." Doctor Nathanael said as he lifted his traveling case. He had already begun packing, sure the black market people he had made a deal with scared him, but pissing off the Severlands was even more terrifying. He had already begun packing, and had gotten his son to do so as well.

Kain went blind with rage. "He was forced to do what!" His voice echoed for over a mile. Dr. Nathanael handed him a paper with his 'idea' of what caused it and price for visit. As soon as Jerek handed him the check he was gone. His two week notice left on the kitchen counter.

Kain disappeared into the guest room. The others followed.

Kain was completely curled around the very slender young looking Ink.

His wolf like form was showing as his human ears became large pointed wolf ones atop his head. His tail grew out and his body got a little stiffer, but he didn't go further than that. He was holding onto Ink like a mother does her child. His legs were crossed underneath Ink's body and he was nuzzling his mate's cheek. Ink didn't stir from his sleep as Kain held him.

Jerek joined him first and soon the others crawled onto the bed, surrounding their unconscious husband. Jerek, part dragon, was also mated to Ink. In fact, the reason Jerek and Kain had an arranged marriage anyway was because they both had the same mate. A test is administered to all creature types with mates to make finding mates easier. They both came up with a match; however Jerek's connection was undoubtedly weaker then Kain's (seeing as he was also half human.)

Angelic and Raven rested their head's on Jerek's knees while Torrance and Matthew held each other. Kain was on the verge of tears. It was very… strange. After all- Kain never cried. In the end, they simply had to wait. When Ink woke up, they would have a lot of work to do.

The end of chapter one. Oh yeah baby! LOL- anythingiwanttowatch.