Dear Followers,

1. I apologize for the lack of updates. I had hit a writer's block and should have left a note. I'm out of my funk and plan to publish every Friday, starting this week. Feel free to spam my mail if I don't keep my promise.

2. I plan on transferring all of my stories to . Reasons:

a. the mobile site works well

b. I find it easy to use and I find it safe (no malware, ect.)

c. Because I can (my evil is coming out)

d. mailing/messaging is easier

e. no more number 'are you human' at login.

f. more random reasons...

3. I will try to keep updating on , but it will be irregular.

My wattpad has the same account name. User: anythingiwanttowatch

I have been a member for about two years, but have not posted a story until this week where the updates will be available. Accounts are free, the mobile/regular site is easy to use, and it is has lots of fun features.

Sincerely, anythingiwanttowatch

Dear (Guest) A [and anyone else],

"I'm sorry, this update is a little confusing. You are or are not going to post your updates here every friday? You are moving your stories? To where? What is wattled? I tried to google it and came up with nothing that made sense. would love to read more. Can you clarify this author's note."

Yes, I can clarify:

First, the website is .com . My user name is (still) anythingiwanttowatch .

Second, updates will be posted, every Friday, on Wattpad. Posts on fictionpress will be less frequent (most likely I will add all the new chapters I've added to Wattpad onto their fictionpress counter part at the end of the month). That means that updates on fictionpress will be monthly, while updates on wattpad will be weekly.

I apologize that 'wattled' has come up. My computer keeps auto correcting Wattpad to wattled. I don't know why.

Sorry for the confusion! (If this note is also confusing then please ask again and I will do my best to clarify more.)