Hime was walking around the castle like she did every other day of the year. She walked around not for something to do but to check up on everyone. She wanted to make sure everyone was fine and did not need her help. Someone would have thought that she was a servant in the castle, instead of the crown princess that she was. She was descended from a long line of great rulers that her people loved. However, her people were almost incapable of the feeling love, or so Hime thought. Her people were vampires, and so of course was she. She was well educated for the age of 19, but she was not overly smart. She had soft brown hair that was usually up in a low pony tail. Her eyes were a greenish gray that would illuminate any room and bring life to even the most boring of parties. Her father was the king of all vampires and had raised her with manners and nobility. Hime wished to be a lot like her mother; who people would come to from all over for advice, and were never turned down.

Unfortunately, her mother was no longer around to help the people. She had been murdered by the only people who could kill a vampire without getting killed in the process, a werewolf. The werewolves and vampires were never on good terms with one another, but why would they? Vampires had hunted werewolves for as long as anyone could remember, and since vampires are immortal that is a very long time; and werewolves sought an undying revenge for their fallen family members. There had been attempts to kill Hime but she didn't care, and she never hated the werewolves not even when she found out they killer her mother when she was only 8 years old. She knew they were not all evil like everyone else thought.

On this day she was proven to be right. Hime came down the main stairs case and saw someone she did not recognize. It was a guy who looked like he was in pain, not physical pain that would weaken him but a mental pain, almost as if he were alone in a world surrounded by people. Hime made her way over to him and politely asked, "Hello, may I help you?" He man just looked at her, not in a cruel way but as if he was wondering if he could trust her. He was taller than she was by only a few inches, so they were basically looking in each other's eyes. He had short light brown hair but was somewhat curled at the top. He had brown eyes and an almost babyish face. Hime would have guessed her was only a no older then she was. He never answered her question so Hime tried again to talk with him. "I'm Hime, what's your name?"

"David," he mumbled. Hime could tell he was in a hurry, but didn't know how to help him. She was just going to ask when they both heard running coming down the hall and the shouting of guards. David started to run, and Hime followed but not fully by her own will. The stranger had grabbed a hold of her wrist just after the guards had been heard. She was pulled behind him out of the palace, through hidden royal city and out into the woods.

"I think you're safe." Hime puffed out. She hadn't run this far since her mother died when she was 8. She had run to get away from all of it; her father's angry explosions, the crying of all the people around, the constant worried eyes watching over her. Apparently, this man named David had not even realized that he had grabbed a hold of her. He immediately let go of her hand as if it was something that would have harmed him. Hime just laughed at it. "What are you afraid of? I'm not going to harm you." She laughs out. The man just looked at her. "So what were you doing in the castle?"She asked, trying to keep friendly. She didn't know anything about this man beside that his name was David. He could have even come to kill her, but she doubted it. If he wanted to kill her she would be dead or dying.

"No reason." David shrugged off. "Why does it matter to you?" Hime was taken aback by the blunt rudeness. David saw this and added, "Look, I'm sorry. I wasn't supposed to be found." This made Hime even more curious about this man. If he wasn't supposed to be found that would have explained why he was acting so strange when she found him, but not why he had grabbed her wrist. "You can go back to your work now. I'm sorry that I dragged you out here."

"Work, what do you mean by that?" Hime ask totally confused. Why would he tell her to go back to work? She didn't even have a job, why would she work? It then all came to her in a single moment. He thought she was a maid in the house. He was worried because if she found out why he was there then she might go and tell her father. She knew she didn't look or act like she was the princess but she didn't look like the help either. "Oh, you mean my job at the castle." David just nodded like she was stupid. Hime hadn't been outside in a long time, she wanted to run and play before she had to go back. The only problems were the werewolves that would be hiding in the woods. They could tell she was a vampire from her smell, and she highly doubted that this man would protect her. "You know, I don't want to go back yet."

"What do you mean? Don't you have to go back to work?" David asked.

"Yea, I probably should but I want to run. Hey, I can beat you to the river. Ready, set, GO!" Hime called over her shoulder as she started to run as fast as she could. The man named David watched as this strange girl tried to race him. He knew he was faster than her but why not entertain her for a little while. Why not give her some fun before she had to go back to the bloodsucker's hidden royal city? He ran after the maid and caught up with her just as she reached the river. When Hime saw he had actually run after her, she started to laugh. She laughed so hard that she fell down into the soft grass by the water.

"Hey, are you okay?" He asked, walking over to her. He seemed to have a little concern in his voice but Hime just ignored it and kept on laughing. "Seriously, is there something wrong?" David asked again. He sat down at her side thinking about how strange this girl was.

"No, not really," Hime said, rolling over to sit next to him and over look the water. "I just haven't been outside the castle since I was really young. It feels go to just run and roll around in the grass." David looked over at the woman beside him. He knew the blood suckers were evil, over controlling parasites, but he didn't get why they wouldn't let a simple maid out of the castle. "I would sometimes ask if I could leave but I was always told no. I understand why of course I needed to be kept safe, but I have always wanted just to run free." Hime never stopped looking out over the water. Of all of nature's beauty, she always loved the water the most. It could run and run and never be contained by anyone. When she was little she wanted to turn into the water and just float away and leave all her troubles behind.

"Why do you need to be kept safe?" David asked. He knew nothing of the vampire costumes, but he did know it was weird for a mere servant girl to be treated with such respect and responsibility. Hime looked over at him, knowing she made him think about what she said. She could see the questions running around in his mind. How could she say what she really meant without giving away who she was?

"I'll tell you that, when you tell me what you were doing in the castle." Hime responded without thinking it all the way through. However, it worked instantly. If he could not be found then he could not tell her what he was doing. She then stood up and David followed her. "Come on, there is so much more I want to do before I have to go back." He agreed and followed her. He also showed her some of the best things to do. She climbed trees and jumped from limb to limb as if she were a small animal. Although when it started to get dark, their fun had to end. "Thank you for hanging with me, David. I don't think I will ever have this much fun ever again."

"Me either." David agreed. They were sitting in front of the river again. "Hey, I have an idea." David said turning to her. Hime looked over at him expecting something like sneaking away tomorrow to do hang out again. "Let's run away." David was serious about this. He had so much fun in one day that he wanted to do it again.

"What?" Hime half screamed. "Run away? I can't do that. You don't know what might happen if I do." Hime got up and was starting to pace. How could he say that? She was the princess of all vampires, the next queen of the night; she couldn't just run away from all of that. One day was fine but not for the rest of her immortal life. David too got up and walked over to her. He didn't expect for this to happen. He thought she would have been happy to get away from it all. He stopped her from pacing by stepping in her path and holding her arms.

"I never said you would be going alone. I would be coming with you." David said which shocked Hime even more. "I don't know why but this was one of the best days of my life. I don't want one of my friends to be un-happy." David did know that she was a vampire of course, but there was something about her that made him not care.

"Wait, you think of me as a friend," Hime asked and David nodded. She had other friends but this was different. There was just something about him; she just couldn't place her figure on it. "Then I have to tell you something important, but you may not like me after." David just looked at her.

"I doubt that will happen. I, there is something about you that I can't explain. It's almost like we were meant to be friends, you know what I mean?" David said honestly. Hime looked up into his brown eyes and knew that he was telling the truth, but didn't want to think of his reaction to her status. He was obviously not of royal blood, and most people raised her on a pedestal when they knew. Pedestals are lonely when you are on one.

"I wouldn't be so sure about that." Hime said sadly. "You are wrong about me." David looked at her. What had he been wrong about? They had been talking all day about themselves, and when either of them were wrong then they would be corrected. "I am not a maid in the castle. I actually never even had a job before."

"What do you mean? I know you're a vampire, I can smell it." David stopped abruptly, knowing what he had just said. Hime took a step away from him. There was only way from him to know she was a vampire without her telling him. David was a werewolf. There was no doubt; he said he could smell the vampire blood in her. "Fine, I will admit it. I am a werewolf, and the Alpha of the pack that has been staking out this vampire city since it was created. I'm sorry I did not tell you sooner, I didn't think I could with you being a vampire and all."

"I'm not just a vampire." Hime whispered, looking at the ground. "I am Hime, princess of the night." This time it was David that stepped back. He was in the presence of a royal family member. He could, if he wanted, trick her and bring her to Mother wolf. He would be praised and maybe even given a spot at her table. There wasn't a werewolf alive that didn't want that. However, when David thought of betraying Hime, he just could not bring himself to do it. "I am so, so sorry. This was the best day of my life, and thank you dearly for sharing it with me, but I can't run away from it all." Hime turned and started to walk away but David stopped her.

"Well, Princess Hime, we should get you back to your castle. Maybe we can hang out like this again." David said, bowing.

"Oh, please don't. My name is Hime, please don't add my title." Hime said, almost scared. "Don't you want to kidnap me or use me for ransomed or something like that? I have always been told that once a werewolf found out who I am, then will kill me. Why don't you want to kill me?"

"I don't want to kill you because you are a very good friend of mine, even if we did just meet this morning." David said sincerely. He then gave Hime a little hug to show he meant it. She tightened the hug to show her gratitude.

"LET GO OF MY DAUGHTER!" A voice yelled. The two let go of each other and turned to try to find where the speaker was. There were no questions to it being Hime's father, and he was pissed. He rode into the clearing on the back of a large horse. There were about five soldiers in his wake. "I was very lenient in letting you enter my city, you mutt, but kidnapping my daughter is unforgivable!"

"Dad, he didn't kidnap me. I wanted to go into the forest and since you won't let even leave the palace, I decided to find another way out." Hime yelled as the soldiers tied up David. "Let him go."

"No can do, your majesty." One of the soldiers replied before taking David back to the castle.

"Dad, please," Hime pleaded. She did not want her one friend to be hurt, which she knew he would be. She was the only one that could help him now.