((Again another HoN inspired poem for Chosen and Untamed… please R&R. Enjoy!))

Call to Arms

The worst has yet to appear,

Your friend is slowly dying,

Causing you to only begin to fear,

What you've been hiding.

Darkness falls and darkness calls,

Death has turned your friend into one of the stereotypical undead,

Now you realize just how much your friend's humanity dulls,

Treachery unveils your every secret, now nothing can ever be unsaid.

The battle has just begun,

Neferet has committed yet another of her vile deeds,

Now if only time could be unspun,

Now that the Queen Tsi Sgili has planted her vile seeds.

Steavie Ray might have come back, but only at a price,

One gains and one loses the Goddess's mark,

It's up to Nyx to roll the celestial dice.

Aphrodite now must now learn that no one's fate is ever truly completely dark.

Darkness falls and darkness calls,

Nyx's light may not be enough for Aphrodite and Steavie Ray to hear her calls.