In God's Defense

In God's defense this poem I write,
His Church and People and Sacred Rite,
His glory and Name I also defend,
They shall last when I do end.

To the people who say 'God brings us evil',
I say it's influenced by the devil,
But still to us the fault must lie,
For we committed sins and so we must die.

To those who say 'God is unjust',
To those I say for so I must,
God's justice lives where ours does die,
He gives us mercy when for it we cry.

To those who say 'God does not care',
I say to those you are unfair,
God gave you friends, family your life,
And so it's not wrong to give you strife.

I know that God needs no defense,
He could strike those down who do offence,
But its not only in defense of God I stand,
But to waken this empty, Godless land.