Written By: SilentAnonymity

Dedicated to Alesana (Once again, they're the best band)

Inspired by the short story The Emptiness written by Shawn Milke and Dennis Lee of Alesana.

Because I had to hand this in as an English assignment, the official title of this short story is Sin's a Sacrifice. Well, it's not as untitled as it was originally intended to be...

Had I only known that my knowledge only scratched the surface of even the most superficial of conclusions; the outcome would have been changed. Your torturous screams would not echo throughout the entirety of my mind. Fingers retrace the familiar positions of piano keys as an imaginary tune chimes like the melancholic wilting of a rose. The rain pours outside and thunder crashes. Lightning temporarily lights up the pathetic figure in the corner of the room that is me. I tilt my head, welcoming your intrusion of my insanity; my eyes widen as my mouth splits into an eerie smile, a sure sign of prolonged laceration.


It is a sunny May afternoon; the breeze is cool and smells of lilacs. The rain that had fallen and the thunder that had crashed was but of fiction; a failed attempt for me to escape the last of your clutches, the ghost of your appearance. For when you were so brutally murdered, the sky seemed to have mocked your leaving, bringing bouts of warm weather and cheer. What a bitter atmosphere.

Does the world enjoy my torture? The sadistic being known as hindsight is so powerful that even over time, he does not let even the most inadequate and miserable wastes of society live in anguishing yet preferable silence. Even in the greatest hells of solitude, his fingers clutch your ankle, dragging you into the darkness of loneliness, imprisoning you in the four walls of your mind. The repetitive pain of self-hate and regret are nothing compared to the strategized and accurate attacks of your memory. I'm being dragged past the point of insanity.

Psychotic and disturbed I lay in agony, gasps of inward and dry sobs are all that are left of me. The cold stone floor burns in the light. My body racked with shivers, I freeze to death in the heat of the May sun. Eyes dart in all directions, breathing becoming ragged, I search for your presence. Falling deeper and deeper into the void, I realize that you aren't there. Once again the absence of your voice and warmth shoots through my conscience as quickly and painfully as an icy knife would. If only such a knife existed. Only then would I be able to join you.

I struggle against the longing that is pinning me to the ground. I resist the urge to kiss the floor where your lifeless body once lay. I yearn for your comfort, I need your calm and collected demeanor; the soft whispers of your singing that lit up the world. Madly I pull and tug against the restrains on my arms; but what was it really? Was it only fear that was keeping me frozen in place or was it something else, something object?

Deranged and drunk with pain I fight the dark figures of disappointment and monsters of harm. So close yet so far. I needed to protect…

But who? I have already failed you once.

There was no one left to protect, no one left to save.

A door opens and another walks in. You talk to the third and quiet and somber words are exchanged. You approach as I squirm and writhe to escape your touch. Eyes widen in horror and disgust; I scream; my bound and useless form twitching uncontrollably. My back presses against the wall behind me as I vainly attempt to dodge you.

"It's alright…" You whisper, there is something so soothing about the sound of your voice that the muscles that had tensed now relaxed and I breathe out. I look at you with bewildered eyes and a slight gasp as you run a finger over the gash on the side of my head that had healed with a jagged scar.

"Goodbye, my love."

In the dwindling brightness of the artificial lights in the hallway, you turn and close the door behind you, sealing me in the padded room forever.