Rating: M/R/NC-17

Trigger Warning! Read at your own risk.

Author Note: This is my first universe series which hopefully is well received by others. If you are uncomfortable with homosexuality or animalistic humans kept as pets then you should probably click out now. Those are only two of the possibly offensive subjects in this story. Thank you for reading.

Earth was probably the second most advanced planet in the Regulas Union. There were three unions that spanned the universe, along with the stand alone planets and solar systems that refused to take part despite attempts at persuasions. The Regulas Union was headed by a council from the planet Crintex. Crintexans were an interesting bunch, vastly advanced in all manners of science and medicine. They were one of the major traders of the Regulas Unions medical supplies. Their planet was able to produce plant based medicine that worked better than anything a human could create in a lab.

Humans were a greedy bunch though. Money meant better treatment, Crintex treatment. Most humans with money would buy a special serum from the strange creatures that stopped their aging, an odd side effect to a medication that was supposed to cure memory disorders in humans. They paid a steep price that the Crintex were more than eager to accept. Crintex were fascinated by the human genome, the way they replicated their population and held such a foreign elegance. They paid rich humans with excellent bloodlines good money to extract DNA samples to use in research and development for their artificially created pets.

By taking common human household pets and splicing their DNA with a humans in just the right way the Crintex created a humanoid animal. The creatures able to talk and think like humans, looked like humans except for the ears and tails or other animalistic appendages depending on their breed. They became something of a popular pet for the rich and privileged humans and a common occurrence for households on Crintex. After some difficulty with the life span and a few complaints from the more immortal humans the Crintex scientists managed to lengthen the creatures' life spans. After three years the creatures would be full grown and stay looking the same for at least a hundred or so years depending on proper care and maintenance.

Now the Crintex rarely showed themselves without some sort of armor or full cover dressing, but it was rumored that they had a rather demonic appearance. Some said they were scaled demons, others whispered of them being ethereal beings. It was known however that a majority of Crintexans were female, males seemed to stay back on their home planet tending to children and other things or whatever it was Crintex males would do. The few lucky that did get a view of a bare skin Crintex whore keeping a council member company would tell you that they looked like humanoid felines, another reason they were probably so interested in the humans. They were so very opposite from them.

Now in the year 5912 A.I., or After Invasion, most learning systems were automated in private schools. Teachers were androids and books were nothing more than slim touch pad tablets, every student had a detachable six inch wide band on their non-dominant forearm. This thin metallic fabric band was hard as diamond and flexible as a rubber band, the finest electronic device available on the market. The AEHD was connected to any Home Control System the user lived in, all they needed was the systems Master Connection Code, parents still managed to find ways to limit their children's use of specific activities and access to anything they deemed unnecessary. It provided mobile communication and internet access without needing to be plugged in as it was both solar and thermal powered.

West Los Angeles was one of the biggest cities in the American Hemisphere, home to many of the most prestigious schools that the Earth had to offer. Ventric Finishing Academy was one of the most exclusive private school on the planet Earth, students paid more in tuition and boarding than some students paid to go to Harvard-Yale University. The Academy was owned by the Tauren family, as was most of West Los Angeles and bits of East Los Angeles. The family's first born son was attending as was only to be expected, however he lived at home rather than boarding in the plush dorms provided by the school.

Amadeus Tauren was three days past his seventeenth birthday, three days past his injection of 'The Serum' as so many people seemed to be keen on calling it. No longer would he age or have to worry of any terminal diseases. In his mind immortality was foolish; his father would always be the rich money hungry man he was today. He would always be the spoiled rich child people looked down upon. A sigh passed his lips as he looked up at the ceiling in a mixture of boredom and depression.

His black school slacks and blazer lightly wrinkled from lying so long across the vast spread of his bed. His bed was gigantic; he could fit half of his thirty student class on his mattress with more than enough room to spare. Rich crimson walls with golden accents graced the gigantic room he kept to himself. The room was ridiculously big, he hated it. His bedroom was at least a basketball court and a half. Amadeus had his own kitchen in his room, mini fridge included, and a couch and love seat pair near an electric fireplace. One wall covered in bookshelves that had one of those moving ladders that had been so popular in palaces back in some ancient age. Everything was expensive, so expensive and fine made. A majority of it custom ordered.

Sitting up on his bed Amadeus gave a yawn not even bothering to cover it as he blinked lazily. His parents had been so fond of his well-being that they had their doctor genetically enhance his embryo. His skin was flawless porcelain that many envied and women seemed to fancy. Long lashes framing his almond shaped eyes, a well-shaped and proportioned nose, and sinfully kissable lips that always seemed to be flushed a faint pink. Sighing as he parted his lips to speak he tilted his eyes upwards. "ECHO can you bring up my Aesthetic Editing program?"

A soft hum filled his room as his automated Keeper System came to life; three blue transparent screens appeared before Amadeus, his own face in the middle panel. Raising a hand Amadeus raised a hand to the farthest left screen scrolling through strange looking symbols before opening a single file. His index finger brushing the word RUN as he turned his attention to the middle screen again. "I'm thinking blue today."

His image changed slightly, the once green eyes on the screen becoming a deep sapphire blue as he looked on. Amadeus played with the color settings for a few moments before he decided on a bright husky blue. Looking over to the right screen he stared at the sample hair styles that were offered. Frowning as he scrolled through them he eventually wrinkled his nose. "ECHO can you find me something new, maybe… Something a little wild. I'm thinking black and blue."

A few new images popped up on the screen after another moment and a half passed. Amadeus tapped the top rows middle image with a rather pleased hum of approval. Long bangs came down past the shoulders, a rather elegant fringe keeping the hair from his eyes. The rest of the hair was just meeting his jawline in the front and coming up into a spiked bob cut. Readjusting the blue on the bangs to a few shades darker than the selected eye color Amadeus smiled at his work. Not half bad, he thought to himself as he applied a bit of Kohl cats eyeliner before selecting apply.

That tingling that filled his body was the most annoying part of the process. However Amadeus loved the Aesthetic Editing system his father had created. It allowed you to change your hair and eyes so easily, it made women insanely happy since they always had eyes to match their outfits and hair styles that were always 'in style'.

Running through the rest of his usual morning routine of having his Keeper system straighten his uniform and preform a cleansing hygiene process Amadeus picked up his messenger bag slinging it over his shoulder as he strolled out of his bedroom as lazily as he pleased. His mother arguing with a maid about party decorations for his birthday that they were holding tomorrow, seeing as it was more appropriate to throw such a lovely bash on a Friday than it was to throw it on any other day. She was an elegant looking woman. Blond and blue eyed, didn't look a day over eighteen even though she was at least fifty-three. Dressed in a soft grey gown as she stood in the vast hall arguing in some language Amadeus couldn't be bothered to learn.

Smiling as she turned to her son she gave a soft sigh. "Your father really hates when you do things like that with your hair, I keep telling him you're just being creative. 'Deus we're going to get your birthday present after you finish your classes. Now you're going to be late if you don't hurry, get going." Amanda shoed her son with a quick flick of her wrist.

The Tauren family lived in a gigantic manor. Largely inspired by old Victorian styles, most of the house was decorated in monochrome schemes except for any art that decorated the walls or floors. Amadeus strolled down the stairs without even glancing at his AEHD to check the time he pulled his student ID out of his pocket holding it up as his feet would touch the softly glowing black square just at the bottom of the staircase. In an instant his surroundings changed, the teleportation from one location to another always made his stomach a little upset so Amadeus had long since given up eating breakfast before school.

Ventric Finishing Academy was annoying, just like every other over privileged location in the world. Snobby people and poor attitudes everywhere, his ID's chip was set to automatically teleport him into his first period class rather than to the lobby of the school or near his locker when it came into contact with a teleporter while being touched. Shoving the card back into his pocket Amadeus settled his messenger bag on his desk. Third from the left, second row from the back.

Classes were separated by gender to limit distraction, which worked until you had a few gay students that enjoyed making out randomly or flirting as they passed notes. Amadeus closed his eyes and sighed as two hands slammed down on his desk. Had he looked up he'd have seen his closest friend, Ryan, eying him excited. "I'm tired… I don't want to have a conversation right now."

"Technically you already are." The blond smiled brightly at him sitting down in his own desk next to moping teen. Green eyes sparkling excitedly as he barely managed to sit still as he spoke up excitedly. Ryan was one of the classes token genius' that got into the school on a full scholarship, a technology and artificial intelligence aficionado if there ever was one. "So you're seriously getting one of those Crintex pets?"

"My mom thinks it'll teach me responsibility... If I can persuade her I want a Canis. I really don't think I can deal with a stuck up Felis." Amadeus slumped in his chair as he looked over at Ryan. Each class of creature had its own specific name, and then it was separated in to origin breeds. Canis originated from dogs while Felis originated from cats. The name made it ridiculously obvious, but some people were stupid and needed it explained any time the name came up much to snobby rich kids annoyance.

"Dude… That's so cool. It's like… P'vict br'inshtr." Ryan yipped out happily as he grinned, a bit of Informal Crintex slipping into his Earthen Common dialect. His grin falling as he blushed when Amadeus just stared at him. "I mean… Um… Shit how does that translate… Fucking epic?"

"Ah…" Blinking one more time Amadeus finally cracked a smile shaking his head as he reached over ruffling his friend's short blond hair. "You're br'inshtr rist'tch."

"Why is it that you only learn the insults in any dialect classes you take?" Ryan gave a rather cute pout as he let Amadeus mess up his hair. "And I'm not stupid… Br'insh ti'fen."

Amadeus had his hands shoved in his pockets as he stood looking down a row of cages. Crintex pet stores were always well kept; the creatures were always treated with the utmost care considering how much they were worth. Amadeus had spent two hours looking over all the small animals, none of them really appealed to him. Shaking his head as his mother gave him a hopeful look as she examined a grey furred Felis she seemed to give up as well. "Nothing here that Iike, mom. We can try another store if you want."

"That might be a good idea 'Deus." Amanda chirped as she turned on here heel and walked toward the front of the store with her son slowly following after. Mrs. Tauren didn't even notice when her son fell behind as she exited the cage room.

A harsh growling filled Amadeus' ears as he glanced over at the wall near the exit, a panel rattling violently as angry barks and snarls soon followed. Looking around the room he blinked once more before kicking the rattling panel which hissed as it slid open, a small black haired creature falling out against Amadeus' leg. Angry little gold eyes stared up at him from a filthy face. The pale creatures fur was matted he noticed as he laid his eyes on the fluffy black tail that stiffened behind the little Canis. Ears laying black in matted hair as the naked little Canis bared his little canines.

"Mom! I found one!" Amadeus was more than pleased with the six month old Canis he had in his arms, the little creature had quieted down and curled up against him when it had realized that there was no danger. The six month old Canis would have passed for a five year old human if it had lacked the canine appendages. Barely noticing the store keepers stiffened form he looked over at his mother. "I want him."

"He's a bit dirty… How much for the runt?" Amanda turned to face the store keeper with a haughty air about her. The creature her son had in his arms was under fed and poorly cared for, that was a good reason for a good percentage off of the little Canis.

"Wolf Canis aren't usually sold as pets Mrs. Tauren… But for you, I can make an exception it seems." The fat store owner forced a smile, no doubt hoping to keep the possible lawsuit at bay if the Crintex handlers that provided pets for him got wind of any of this. Picking up a think black ring from behind the counter he settled it on the counter in front of the pair. "Seeing as it's your son's birthday present… Go ahead and take him for free."

Mrs. Tauren smiled as she picked up the small black ring. "That's so kind of you. I'll be sure to inform the Crintex handlers of what a fine job you're doing with your establishment. It's such a nice place." Her voice was sugar sweet as she smiled even wider at the store keeper. The threat under her tone was more than obvious to everyone except the eager teen holding his new Canis.

"Go wash him after you put on his Identification Ring. He reeks horribly 'Deus." Amanda pinched her nose as her son teleported into the house just after her. Shaking her head at the overly excited teen she sighed and made a motion for him to get to it.

Baths and showers weren't common practice anymore, while most homes still had bathrooms with such assets a lot of the time they used the automated cleansing program that cleaned bodies without the need for water. Amadeus however enjoyed his bath rather frequently, at least twice a week. So when he finally managed to get the small Canis to his personal bathroom he knew exactly how to run the ancient cleansing tub. Settling the little Canis on his bathroom floor he started the bath and settled back to look at the small creature. "You are something else… What should we call you?"

The Canis looked up at him in a tired manner, probably worn out from fighting with the door panel in the pet shop. Yawning quietly it would stare up at him in a rather blank manner. Tiny nose wrinkling up for a moment before a loud sneeze would echo off the walls of the bathroom in an almost comical manner.

"How about… Ram'tesh? No? Hmm… Wver'jec? Ah. I know… Reich." Amadeus sat back with a grin for a few more minutes before reaching over to turn off the water. The small Canis blinked up at him as he was lifted and settled into the warm bath water. Amadeus worked jasmine scented shampoo into the small creatures hair, frowning at the sludge-like drip of dirt and mud. By the time he had washed Reich's hair out three times the water was a dingy brown. Nudging the filter system with his elbow Amadeus turned on the bathtubs recycling system, the room softly humming with the sound of the filtration system cleaning the water. Massaging conditioner into the young Canis' hair was easier than washing out the muck that had caked it.

Reich was sighing happily as the fingers rubbed his scalp and massaged his little ears, tail swishing behind him slowly as he looked up at the human that had pulled him from that small lightless cage he'd been locked in for weeks. The human wasn't like the others. He was gentle and spoke softly; he even looked at him differently. Pressing his head into the humans' hands again Reich gave a soft huff of content. The soft trickle of water cleaning his body was welcome in more than one way. As soon as the bath was completed he'd attempted to stay in the water for a few minutes longer before the dark haired male had pulled him from the tub wrapping him in something so fluffy that he couldn't help himself. He was happy curled against the tall male.

Dressing the young Canis in a pair of children's pants Amadeus finished setting up the ID ring, the ring expanding enough to slip around Reich's wrist. Big golden eyes watching Amadeus as he moved around the room finishing what he needed to before he was finished with his nightly routine, picking the small Canis up as he slipped under the covers he pulled the shivering creature to him. "Reich… No matter what happens I'll always protect you. You don't have to be scared anymore." Kissing the top of the creature's head Amadeus pulled him closer stroking his hair as the little Canis curled into him only to fall asleep minutes later. Smiling faintly Amadeus let himself drift to sleep soon after, oblivious to his mother peeking into the room to check on the pair.

Crintex Translations:

P'vict br'inshtr: Fucking epic.

Br'inshtr rist'tch: Fucking stupid.

Br'insh ti'fen: Fuck you.