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Eighteen months later…

Senior year had already been Hell on Amadeus, the teen was leaning against his couch as he sat on the ground working on reading through his textbooks and analyzing his advanced language class. He'd taken Crintex Common as his final language elective. A soft sigh rushing from his lungs as he felt warm fingers work into his now short blue hair, heated breath against his neck as he tilted his head to the side letting his eyes drift shut. His Canis, Reich settled his head on his right shoulder reading absently. "I didn't mean to ignore you… It's just that Language classes are my worst subject."

"You smell really good…" Reich mumbled burying his face against his Master's neck breathing in the soft scent of Vanilla and Lavender. The Canis now resembled an eighteen year old human male. Long black hair had been cut into a shorter spiked array leaving the creatures ears bare and unable to hide under long locks. His body had filled out a bit already, tall and muscular he was already starting to tower over Amadeus. Golden eyes laying themselves on Amadeus homework as he read through the Crintex easily. "Your grammar is incorrect. You're using the informal tsh-na rather than the formal tsh-ka. That's why it looks wrong."

"I keep forgetting that you know how to read Crintex. You were bred by them…" Amadeus shook his head turning to look at Reich as he laughed softly. Reaching up with his left hand he ran his fingers through the Canis' hair allowing his fingertips to rub small circles along the base of Reich's right ear. As Reich leaned forward settling their foreheads against each other Amadeus allowed his eyes to slip closed. "Evnt'gran Hur-it'ska yint'ha ti'fen."

"And I you." Reich closed his eyes as he nuzzled his Master growling softly at the sensation of fingers rubbing over his ear. The sensitive furred flesh being touched sent shivers down his spine as he leaned into the touch a little more. Amadeus' homework forgotten on the table as the teen brought his other hand up to rub Reich's other ear dragging a shuddering sigh from the Canis. Over the last few months Amadeus had changed Reich's usual clothing from denim and cotton to leather. Reich hadn't missed the change in the way his Master looked at him, the subtle shift in his scent when Reich would walk around shirtless or sprawl out next to him laying his head upon the teen's leg.

In the past few months Amadeus had sent Reich to a trainer for the simple tasks a Canis had to learn to function properly in their world. Things from feeding themselves to simple chores for their Master's comfort. Tricks and guard training that seemed silly at the time, but Amadeus couldn't help smile when watching the Canis during mock fights. He didn't miss the subtle expressions on his Master's face when those things happened. Edging a bit closer Reich nuzzled his Master's cheek letting his heated breath brush the teens ear… There was that scent again.

A scent that Reich couldn't place no matter how much he tried. Faint and musky with something sweet just beneath it, breathing in that scent Reich felt almost drugged. Taking that scent in deeper this time he noted that his heart rate was picking up slowly, body temperature rising slightly. Moving a little closer he swiped his tongue against his Master's shoulder. Bare flesh was a rare treat except for when Amadeus was stressed about course work. Reich didn't miss the harsh intake of breath as Amadeus wrapped his fingers tightly in the Canis' hair. The scent was growing stronger with each passing moment the Canis noted as he swiped his tongue along his Master's pulse letting the tip of his tongue tease the line of the other males jaw.

Amadeus gasped as the tip of Reich's tongue touched his earlobe. His body felt almost numb, too hot and too cold at the same time. Shivering and panting as the Canis licked at him, Amadeus tried to cement the fact that Reich was grooming him out of affection into his hormonal teenage brain. It wasn't until Reich gave a sharp nip to his ear that he registered anything truly important. The feel of Reich's hair intertwined with his fingers, the heated breath of his Canis caressing wet skin making him shudder and pant, the look in Reich's eyes as the Canis pulled away. Pupils dilated and dark with something wild as the Wolf looked into his eyes.

Reich's ears laid back the instant Amadeus jerked back gasping in shock. Immediately registering that he'd done something wrong by the look of fear on his Master's face. A low whine slipping from his throat as Amadeus quickly released him from all contact. Taking in the nervous twitching of the human he settled down on the couch properly, crossing his arms and resting his head on his forearms as he looked up at Amadeus waiting to be scolded for misbehavior. The scolding didn't come however as his Master quickly returned to his homework. Letting a few minutes pass as his body returned to its normal state, heartbeat and temperature feeling as they usually did before the start of the strange encounter with his human. "I'm sorry…"

"It's fine… It was my fault. I shouldn't have let it happen." Amadeus spoke a little too quickly, shutting his eyes with that realization as he leaned back sighing. Shaking his head he turned his husky blue eyes to Reich in an almost sad fashion. He'd almost treated his pet in the most inhumane way possible. Sure it was common for owners of Crintex pets to take advantage of their pets, but he'd promised Reich over a year ago that he'd protect him. "I'm sorry…"

"I don't understand…" Reich's blank stare seemed to unnerve his Master. Amadeus shifted in a way that had Reich staring at him curiously with his ears laid back in confusion. The flush on his Master's cheeks had him wondering why the other male was so seemingly upset. Did he have an accident on the rug? Reich could remember the first few accidents he'd had before he'd properly learned to use a human restroom. He'd been flushed and embarrassed much like his Master seemed to be.

"I… Reich you're getting to the age where you're supposed to be matched with another Canis and bred. Your body is biologically maturing. So as your body matures it starts producing hormones that encourage you to mate with another to produce offspring. When those needs aren't satisfied they sometimes roll over on unsuitable mates. Do you understand what I'm saying?" Burying his face in his hands Amadeus felt as if he could die of embarrassment. He'd more or less essentially given his Canis the sex talk. How much worse could this get? Luckily he didn't have to admit to the perverted dreams he'd had the last few weeks. He didn't even want to think about the dreams, the images of Reich draped over his back panting in his ear while he… Amadeus flushed brightly. Stupid hormones.

"We're biologically the same age. We should technically be undergoing the same shift in hormonal changes. So taking that into account what you're saying is that Master is at the age where he should be mating? With that being said I do have to ask to clarify some of my confusion… Why am I not a suitable mate for you? I am stronger and more capable of protecting you than any of your human counterparts. Based on most human theories of evolution the stronger a possible mate the more the desire to pair with them is increased. What Master is essentially saying is that he desires to mate with me?" Reich blinked slowly as he stared at Amadeus with a blank expression. The teen looked up at him in absolute horror. His brain processing something as he looked off to the side avoiding his Master's eyes as he worked out the secondary problems of his statements and questions. "However taking into account that I am male and of a different species I take it that this is an invalid match?"

"Reich… Master's aren't supposed to be physically or sexually attracted to their pets. It's inhumane based on the fact that our brains are not on the same comprehensive levels. Although I will admit you're smarter than every Canis I've come across. You think and process more like a machine than a human." There wasn't anything that Amadeus could think of to counteract some of the things Reich was putting on the metaphorical table. Yes… Reich was a different species and the same gender, but his hormones really didn't seem to care no matter how much he thought about it. "Just based on our social dynamic we're an unsuited pair. Even in nature there are couples of the same gender that are able to function just as easily as heterosexual couples, they use outside partners for reproduction though."

"Social dynamic may be an important factor to you; however it holds no functional meaning to me. I am not held by the same social standards as Master is." Reich blinked as he looked at his Master. Amadeus looked as if he'd just been slapped. The look of defeat was saddening when Reich honestly thought about it. The Canis edged forward nuzzling his Master with a low growl of affection.

"Sometimes I really don't know what to do with you Reich." Amadeus sighed as he closed his eyes leaning against his Canis with a soft laugh. He couldn't help the feeling of defeat at Reich's ice cold logic. He couldn't be more proud.

That weekend had to have been one of the worst experiences in Amadeus' life. One of his mother's friends had brought her own Canis around in hopes of enticing a pairing between the young female and the large Canis. Reich hadn't taken any immediate interest in the female no matter what they did. They'd not even managed to coax Amadeus into helping as they tried to get the male Canis to take interest. After two hours they'd given up and let Reich do as he pleased, the large male taking to sitting at his Master's feet resting his head on the teens leg as Amadeus worked fingers through the irritated Canis' hair.

Mrs. Tauren sighed as she watched the pair before turning her attention to her guests. Her friend Margie looked depressed, even more so than her Canis Ulein. The young Canis was supposed to be in her first heat, that should have been the selling point based on biological make up. "I'm so sorry Margie. I honestly thought Reich would take an interest. He's been so grumpy lately, I thought that maybe he was getting ready for his first mating."

"It's fine Amanda, honestly. He might not be ready. Sometimes they exhibit the signs months before they're actually ready for their first pairing." Margie smiled as she pushed back her short blond hair; it was getting in her eyes. The soft gray of her eyes sparkling softly as she smiled at her college friend. She was seated on the other end of the couch from Amadeus and Reich while Amanda sat to her side in a well-made chair sipping tea. "He honestly is beautiful though Amadeus. You did a great job raising such a large Canis."

What happened next was quite possibly the single most horrifying thing that Amadeus had ever seen. Ulein's curiosity must have gone a little too far. The young Canis was actually dressed in breeding garments. Similar to a human's short negligee, Amadeus had caught a few more glimpses of things he'd rather never see again in his life than he would have liked as the Canis crawled around earlier as she tried to entice Reich. They'd even dressed Reich in male breeding garments. Similar to a towel wrapped around the male's waist which had seemed to have made Reich uncomfortable since he'd been asked to wear the silky garment. As Ulein had made to sniff at Reich's tail the much larger Canis snarled baring his teeth as every bit of hair stood on end.

The women were screaming as the loud crash sounded, Reich's teeth buried in the back of Ulein's neck as the young Canis howled in absolute fear and cried out in pain when Reich dug his claws into her hips. Even Amadeus recoiled at the sheer violence dripping off of Reich as he shoved into the young Canis. There was no remorse in the movements, blood dripping on the rug as Reich released Ulein's neck. The frail looking female's black hair was clinging to her skin with sweat and blood while her big blue eyes filled with pained tears. No one could make a move to stop the large Canis.

Amadeus couldn't stop himself from staring. Every bare flexing muscle straining with each violent motion of Reich's body as he forced the female below him into absolute submission. Blood dripping from his Canis' jaws as the creatures' eyes darkened with something that made his own blood run cold. Something he'd seen in Reich's eyes the other night that he hadn't been able to place until just now. Pleasure, hunger… Lust. Cold blood running hot with that realization, he couldn't help himself as he watched Reich. Reich had wanted him…

Reich panted heavily as he lapped at Ulein's damaged neck, he'd have tried to tend to her hips if he had the energy to move. His body heavy over the smaller Canis as the last of his hot semen poured into her trembling body. It hadn't been nearly as satisfactory as it was supposed to. Not from the way Amadeus had described it. If he had to pick an emotion that he was feeling currently it was anger. The female had gotten too close to Amadeus for Reich's comfort. Amadeus was his Master. Not hers. They'd wanted the female bred and had received what they desired in the end. The low growl he gave had the female whimpering as he pulled off of her with some difficulty as his body urged him for rest. Snorting as he stood up with his ears laid back in annoyance at the females in the room as they gawked at him. "You said you wanted her bred…"

An hour later everyone was quietly sipping tea unsure what to say after the violent episode as a result of Amadeus' Canis. The living room had been cleaned spotless and Ulein had been cleaned up and bandaged while her deep wounds had been repaired with a mobile Regen-Unit. It accelerated the regeneration process on deep wounds, but wouldn't do a thing for scratches and bruises. Ulein was curled up at Margie's feet still shaking and whimpering quietly not even daring to look at Reich as the large Canis rested against his Master's legs.

"I forgot Wolf Canis are a little more aggressive during mating." Margie said with a forced smile. "I should have thought to have his claws clipped and put a muzzle on him. I'm so sorry for all of this Amanda."

"Don't worry about it. No one expected it." Amanda forced a smile only to close her eyes with a sigh as Amadeus slammed his teacup down on the coffee table, storming from the room like the moody teen he was. She gave a shooing motion at Reich as he glanced over at her. Slumping in her chair as she looked over at Margie when the Canis had followed his Master upstairs a frown upon her lips. "Sometimes I worry about Amadeus, his Canis is so aggressive with other Canis. Honestly, Reich won't have anything to do with any of the female trainers that we give him unless Amadeus scolds him."

"You did say he was abused. It could simply be that the only person he trusts is 'Deus." Margie reached over placing a hand over one of her friends with a soft smile. "I'm sure with a little practice at socializing Reich will be fine. We should have just had a vet do this for us. Would have been a little less stress for all of us."

Amadeus lay across his bed quietly not even bothering to look up as Reich entered the room. His eyes closing as he heard the shuffle of clothing and hum of his rooms' system running. His bed dipped a bit as Reich climbed in next to him. The heat of the other body was welcome; it almost washed away the horrible images of what Reich had done to the other Canis. The weight of Reich slipping his arms around his waist washed the images away completely as he leaned back. The feel of Reich's face buried against his shoulder a small comfort as tears dripped from Amadeus' eyes.

"I've upset you…" Reich's words were the same almost emotionless statement he normally gave when talking, but under it was a soft ring of sadness. Licking at his Master's shoulder he tried to comfort the smaller male with a low whine. He'd done as he was told, but it seemed as if in doing so he'd hurt Amadeus emotionally. Humans were much more emotional then Canis were. He however hadn't missed the scent earlier, that sweet musky scent that Amadeus gave off sometimes.

"It bothered me… Seeing that bothered me… It's driving me insane feeling like this. It shouldn't! You're an animal!" Amadeus jerked away from Reich's grip, rolling over as he sobbed just to burying his face against Reich's chest. His Canis gripped him tightly, as if he was trying to reassure him that he wouldn't break into pieces if he let all those conflicting emotions out. His heart ached as if it was breaking, even if that wasn't physically possible. "… I shouldn't feel like this Reich. I shouldn't love you like this... Because it's hurting me so much… I want more than anything to stop caring about social dynamics and moral reasoning. It's not fair that you don't have to care and I do…"

"Then just stop caring. I highly doubt it will upset your biological functions if you give up moral standings and discredit the importance of social standings." Reich replied quietly as he rested his head on the top of his Master's. He glanced at Amadeus as he felt the other male moving, without thinking he licked the teen's cheek trying to get the salty flow of Amadeus' tears to slow. Between one breath and the next it seemed as if the world had completely stopped, that second breath hadn't even made it into his lungs. Reich's lips were warm and tingling as Amadeus pressed his own against them.

The heat of mingling breath as Amadeus pulled away started his tears again; he'd crossed a line that was never meant to be crossed. Yet it was Reich that reinitiated the motion. The heat of Reich's lips against his washed away the dread, made the fear of just how wrong what he was doing really was slip away. Fingers wrapping in Reich's hair as he whimpered when the Canis pulled him close, bodies flush as they kissed as if they were drowning and this was air. Amadeus opened his mouth for Reich as the creature nipped at his lips, groaning at the feeling of Reich's tongue against his. Mind clouding as everything seemed to wash away from his conscious mind.

In that moment there was no right or wrong. No moral decisions to be made. No social dynamics to consider. Nothing that could deter him from this very moment… Fingers wrapped in Reich's hair as his Canis lay over his body, hot hands roaming his now bare chest as the larger male attacked his neck with kisses and heated nips. The sound of his gasps and whimpers mingling with the low sound of Reich's growls and deep groans in a way that seemed to numb his mind. His body burning with need, digging his nails into the flesh of Reich's back as the other male slid down to kiss and suckle at the bare flesh of his chest.

The hard knock at his door ripped Amadeus back into reality. Reich was already off of the bed curled up on the floor out of sight in a pet bed that was kept more for show than anything, golden eyes burning as they looked up at Amadeus. Sucking in a breath Amadeus forced his heart to slow down trying to even out his breath as he called for the person at the door to enter the moment he was tucked under the thickness of his comforter.

Amadeus stared at his ceiling for hours after his mother had left the room, simply thinking about what he'd done. He couldn't bring himself to feel bad about what he'd done no matter how truly wrong it was. He loved Reich… And Reich was right. Why should species or gender really matter? They wanted each other… Rolling over he pulled one of his pillows to his chest well aware of Reich snoring softly in the pet bed beside his bed, the Canis having fallen asleep during his conversation with his mother. This was the most rebellious, stupid, liberating, amazing… Wonderful thing he'd ever allowed himself to do. Fingers pressing to his lips as he closed his eyes. He was in love with his Canis…

Crintex Translations:

tsh-na: [Informal] Your

Tsh-ka: [Formal] Your

Evnt'gran Hur-it'ska yint'ha ti'fen: [Literal] Love I to you. [Actual meaning] I love you.

ti'fen: [Informal] you

Hur-it'ska: [Formal] I

yint'ha: to

evnt'gran: love