Once upon a time, there was a girl who had no name. She lived in cave with a tall green monster, who was covered always with plants and leaves. This creature had no name just like the girl.

The monster and the girl loved each other as a sister and a brother might, if they knew what a sibling was. They were happy, the monster would leave every day early in the morning to go find food for the girl. She was always asleep peacefully at this time until the creature would arrive back home to their quaint little cave. He would knock on the wall then gently rouse and show her the various grasses and berries he had found.

See the two friends had never eaten an animal, it never even crossed their mind, neither of them found a need to ever learn how to talk either. Their understanding of each other ran deeper than any word could describe. It simply was not neccisary.

During the day they would play and climb among the trees, hide and seek was a game they soon discovered and they would laugh and scream with joy when they found the other. Many years were spent this way and the girl and the monster never knew fear or sorrow, for they always had each other.

One bright Autumn morning the girl awoke to find that the monster had not returned from his morning scavenge, this concerned the girl as in the many years they had lived together he had never once been late. She went out of the cave and searched for him in the nearby forest, after searching late into the afternoon she decided to go out further than either of them had gone, soon there were no more trees, just stumps and dead grass and dirt.

She was unfamiliar with this, a cut tree? She did not know that a tree could be cut in such a way, they had always scavenged their firewood from trees that had fallen at their own time.

Confused the girl carried on, soon seeing smoke rising from the distance, a forest fire? She began to jog, hoping the monster hadn't been caught in the flames.

A village appeared in the distance and strange caves made of trees had smoke trailing up from them.

How strange.

Curious the girl continued forward, a smell pervaded the area, it was a strange smell she did not recognize and it put her on edge. Goosebumps crawled up her neck as she spotted a mass of creatures similar in a appearance to her. These creatures were different though, they screamed and yelled, the atmosphere around them seemed to boil. They branished strange metal objects in their hands and the sun glimmered off them.

The girls eyes widened when she saw her friend in a metal contraption that kept him from escaping. The creatures that looked like her but weren't her were yelling and swarming around him, jabbing the objects in their hand at him; drawing out a red liquid that pooled beneath the metal contraption.

She screamed when she saw this, never before had she seen so much of that red liquid at once.

Thus the girl knew fear.

Her friend howled and tried to hide himself from the metal branches that cut and hurt him, but he was growing weaker by the moment. Soon one of the metal branches was thrust straight into his chest by a creature that had been brave enough to step closer to the to the peaceful being.

The monster stopped for a moment, as did the girl and crowd of strange creatures.

He howled one last time, this was not a scream of surprise from their games in the forest, this was a scream of a soul ripped from a body. Then he was silent.

Tears slid down the girls face and she collasped, screaming and ripping at her hair as everything she knew was shattered.

Thus she knew sorrow.