Brutal Demise

your blood drops collect on the windows
your bones are scattered across my floor
your organs, riped to bits by my own hands
your vital signs failing your chest falling down, down, down the elevator shaft

your body is broken
your mind is shattered
your soul is taken
your heart is broken
your legs are used and dead
your arms are floping uselessly
your fingers and toes, ground to bits
your all torn to pieces

your gone away maybe death will release
you from the pain but i hope not
your sholders are destroyed
your clothets wraped around your own neck
your throat torn out your ribs spread wide
your spine cracked

your skull scattered around the town
let the streets run red with your blood
by my own hands
i have destryed you

maybe with out your body you cant hurt me anymore
if your lips are gone, you cant lie with them
if your arms are gone, you cant hurt my body
if your heart is gone, you can't pretend to love me
if your body is gone, i dont have to see you