It was the summer of 1996, and I was thirteen-years-old. I was walking home from one of my friend's houses, but I noticed a strange stench in the air. There was a distinct smell of a burning fire. I continued on my way- assuming that it was a common bonfire. Once I reached my house, I saw blazes of fire dancing off of the black roof. My little sister was hanging out of the window, and she was screaming at the top of her lungs. I determined that I was going to save her and become the hero of the neighborhood.

After a few seconds of preparation, I was ready to run up to my sister and bring her down to safety. All of a sudden, a man in a black outfit with a single yellow stripe, a black helmet, an oxygen tank, and an extremely long hose soaked the house in water and took my sister out of the house. The fire was eventually put out, and my sister was left unharmed. This man had stolen my spotlight, and I vowed to have my revenge. I would become the Complete Loser of Useless Evil (Leader of Evil, Stupid Societies). From that moment on, I would be known as C.L.U.E. (L.E.S.S.), the villain everyone would fear.

Fifteen years had gone by since that summer, and my anger had only grown towards that man. Over the years, I had come up with millions of sinister ideas. Sadly, none of them caused Mr. Great- my nickname for the man who stole my spotlight- a high amount of physical or emotional distress. He needed to feel the pain that I had felt: sadness, anger, and the burning sensation of one scabbed knee.

Finally, I had come up with the idea of creating a technological device of doom. As time went by, the idea started to grow on me. I decided that I would build a huge machine that was able to electrocute people. It had taken a year to build and perfect, but it had been worth every second of my time. Mr. Great would regret the day that he had messed with me.

I found my helmet- a specially designed bucket- and prepared for the epic battle about to ensue. In the last few months, I had found out that Mr. Great's hideout was in a two-story brick building. There was a sign on the building that said, "Volunteer Fire Department No. 5". It was quite a clever disguise; there was not one sane person that messed with fire fighters. In the back of the building, there was a white door that I used to sneak into the building. Mr. Great was standing a few feet away from the doorway. I glared at him.

"You're going down!" I exclaimed.

"What?" Mr. Great asked.

Immediately after he said this, there was a loud pop. In the corner of the building, there was a hose that had just gained a hole and was starting to leak. At first, only a little water came out of the hole. However, after a few seconds, the hole started to become bigger. Eventually, water was squirting everywhere. Some of the water got on my technological device of doom, and the machine started to short out. I tried to turn it on, but it wouldn't let me. My precious invention had died.

"You win this round!" I screamed. Mr. Great looked straight at me, and he seemed to think that I had lost every ounce of common sense in my body. I turned my back to him and headed to the exit.

My head was hanging down at my feet. I was so ashamed of myself. Slowly, I turned around to get one final glimpse of his lair. I promised myself that I would go back one day and defeat Mr. Great. However, I would have to make one minor modification to my invention; it would have to be water-proof.