This is a new way of saying it,
but there's nothing you could ever do wrong.
Every time I see you is still unbelievable
but there you are, and you get
prettier every day.
I remember pining over you, and I remember
hanging up the phone,
the first week that was all pure,
and then hurting you over again
because I always get too excited
when I get something I want.
The live version sings that you were braver,
but you were my love,
which didn't become monotonous
'til I made it like that.
You never left; in a couple days I'll prove it,
and nothing came to the surface when
all I couldn't think about was you.
I have no idea what
I'd do without this cliché, without
open-mic night.
I'd be alone,
but baby, I'm not anymore.