I feel lonely and depressed.

Even though you're here with me,

I can't feel your hand in mine.

The coldness in my heart,

Makes it hard for me to breath.

This weight upon my chest,

Makes me feel like I can't

Get out my words properly.

I squeeze your hand.

I need you, but you don't need me.

You never will.

I wait for the replying squeeze,

But upon receiving none,

I look at you and find that you've left me.

I didn't even realize that you left.

You slipped away so quietly.

I turn around to see my surroundings,

And I see your back.

I reach my hand out to touch you,

To feel something real,

But my feet won't budge.

Why won't they move?

I need you!

I can't move them,

And I see something fall

To the ground.

The tears I shed,

Are turning crystal

As the light catches them.

A hand reaches out and touches me,

I turn to look at who it is.

And I'm repulsed.

It's your friend.

I don't have anything against them,

But that look in their eyes tells of trouble.

I try to move my feet again,

But they don't respond.

Soon, that hand is wandering,

I struggle, but it's almost like

He's cast a spell on my body,

I can't move my arms or legs.

I cry out for help,

But the words stick in my throat.

I look around wildly for someone,

And I'm greeted by cold gray eyes.

The same gray eyes that you have.

They're watching me,

And I can't tear my eyes away

From your gaze.

Your friend soon does what he wants,

And leaves me there, stripped naked,

Bleeding, and bruised.

Slowly, your body is revealed to me,

As you walk step by step to me.

You kneel beside me,

And you caress my hair.

I shiver, your ice-cold gaze is unrelenting.

I don't know what you're thinking.

I can't do anything to stop you,

And you know that.

But you don't do anything to me.

Some part of me wishes you would.

It would almost be like,

You're recognizing me if you do.

However, my worst fears are confirmed,

When you stand up,

And spit on the ground near my feet.

"You're not worth my time," you say.

The tears are now streaming down my face.

You leave, and I can't do anything to stop you.

I never could.

A/N So... Yeah, I don't know how this came to be, but it just did. Umm... Do you guys think this should be continued? Because I wasn't too sure.