"Skye, you're ok, right?" Bernadette asked me. I nodded numbly, but I knew that I was far from ok. I mean, would you shake it off lightly if your best friend suddenly told you that she was moving from your home in San Diego, California, all the way across the country to Eastham, Massachusetts?

But that was happening. My best friend since kindergarten, Bernadette Witherston, was, in fact, moving to this town called Eastham.

"But, Bernadette, you can't leave!" I pleaded, even though I knew it wouldn't change anything.

For some reason, everything still felt the same. It was like I literally couldn't accept the fact that Bernadette was moving. And, although I was only in second grade when it happened, I still felt the pain that went with losing a friend forever. Because, even though I didn't want to accept, I would lose her. But I really felt like I could change this. I thought that sometime I will be able to talk to Bernadette again.

When the day for her to leave came, I was just out of it. Everything went by so fast. Suddenly, I was crying and hugging her. She was crying too. Then, she stepped into a car, on the last day of second grade, and she drove away, and was gone.