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Jon - Jon is Amanda's and Amy's big brother, who ran away from home. He now has returned seeking the Gates of the Afterlife, and the legendary treasure.

Amanda - Amanda is Jon's younger sister, Amy's older sister, and Joey's girlfriend. She lives in a house that contains the Gates of the Afterlife. She also can see the future.

Amy - Amy is the youngest of them all. She also has a doll that wants to kill Jon.

Joey - Joey is Amanda's boyfriend and Samantha's best friend. He is also the hope to stop the bad events from unfolding.

Doll - a regular sized, fun loving doll. But it wants to kill Jon, and moves and talks only to Jon, by itself.

Samantha - Samantha is the smartest brainy girl around. She has books, and info on every subject.

Perry - Perry died on the night he and Jon ran away. Who knows the full story of how it happened.

Voice - A voice that called to Jon. It could have been the spirits calling him, or his mind playing a trick on him.

Once there was four kids living in an abandoned house. But every day after school, something weird happened. It got too weird for two of them who took there things and left. But the other two stayed, because they were to afraid of what might happen if they left. But soon everything they once knew would change…

Joey: Hey Amanda wait up.

Amanda: Oh hey Joey, I was just headed home. Hey do you want to come over tonight?

Joey: Sure. But remember, I have to be home by eight o'clock.

Amanda: Yeah I remember. So lets hurry.

(They race to Amanda's house. But when they got there a man was standing in front of the door).

Amanda: Hey! Who are you?

Man: Me?

Amanda: Yeah there's no one else besides Joey here. So answer the question. Who are you and what are you doing here?

Man: Well you see, I'm here because I have two witnesses that this house is haunted by ghosts.

Joey: That's nonsense. Ghosts only exist in movies, and books.

Man: Ah that's where you'd be wrong my friend. Your staring at a house that is hundreds of years old. And if my memory serves me right, there is a gateway to the afterlife inside this house.

Joey: Amanda, is he telling the truth?

Amanda: I'm afraid so Joey. But how did you know about the gateway.

Man: I know only what I hear in legends. And if that legend is true, then is the legend true about the hidden treasure?

Amanda: It's true.

Man: You will take me to the gateway now.

Amanda: …And if I were to refuse?

Man: I'm sorry, but I really must insist.

(The Man pulled out two small daggers. One was pointed at Joey, who was confused about all this. The other at Amanda).

Man: Now you will take me and your boyfriend to the gateway of the afterlife.

Amanda: Ok, I'll take you as long as you promise to keep Joey out of this.

Joey: Amanda..?

Amanda: I'll be fine Joey. You go home. I'll call you later.

(She hugged him, but without the man noticing, stuck a slip of paper into his back pocket. Then winked at Joey.)

Joey: Amanda, are you sure, that you don't need any help?

Amanda: I'm sure, now GO.

(With that Joey went back to his house, but as soon as he was out of sight from the Man, he stopped, took out the paper, and read it. It said:

Joey, Go for help. You might be wondering

now why I have this paper all wrote out. Well

the truth is that I actually do have ghosts in my house.

I also knew that this man would becoming today. You

might not know this, but I have the power to see into the future.

I'm sorry that I never told you this before, but its just kind of strange,

when you tell someone, something this weird. Anyways go for help, you're my

Only hope


(After Joey had read this, stuck the paper back into his pocket, and continued to his house to think of what to do).


Amanda: Ok. Joey is gone. I will now take you to the gates of the afterlife.

Man: Good.

Amanda: There is only two things I ask, and one thing to tell you.

Man: Go on then.

Amanda: Stop pointing that dagger at me, and tell me what is your name.

Man: My name is…Jonathan.

Amanda: Jonathan! It cannot be. What happened to you brother? And where is Perry?

Jon: It is me sister. And as far as Perry goes, well let's just say after he left the house that night, he died.

Amanda: But how did he die? I want too know the whole story.

Jon: Another time perhaps. Now give me a hug, and take me to the gates of the afterlife.

(. Jonathon puts the dagger away. Then he gave her a hug, and they walk inside).

Amanda: Hey sis, guess who is here

Little Sis: Who?

Amanda: It's Jonathon.


Amanda: Yeah come out here, and give him a hug.

(The sister came in and went over to Jonathon and gave him a big hug)

Jon: Its good to see you to Amy.

Amy: How long are you going to stay?

Jon: I don't know how long I'm going to stay. It might be days.

Amy: Well can you play with me the way you used to do?

(she brought out a doll)

(He took the doll and pressed a button on it)

Doll: I love you

Amy: Yeah, I love you to.

Jon: Hey Amy can you go to your room for a little while. Amanda and I have some business to take care of.

Amy: Ok. Just bring the doll back when you want to play.

Jon: Ok.

(Amy goes back to her room)

Amanda: Ok, let's go.

Jon: Right.

(she starts to walk up stairs and open a door)

Amanda: Well are you coming?

Jon: Yeah. Just give me a minute. It's been so long since the last time I was here.

Amanda: Well take your time. The spirits can wait. Besides, they have all eternity.

(with that she walked through the door and shut it on here way. He pressed the dolls button again.)

Doll: I hate you.

Jon: What?

(he pressed again)

Doll: I hate you Jonathan.

Jon: Ok. This is strange.

Doll: I know it is.

Jon: …How do you know my name, and how are you talking, with out me pressing the button?

Doll: I can talk to those who can hear me.

Jon: Well still how do you know who I am.

Doll: We used to play together remember?

Jon: Yeah.

Doll: Well let's play again.

Jon: How, your just a doll right?

Doll: This is how.

(the doll left Jon's hands, and began to walk toward the kitchen. Then she opened the bottom drawer, and pulled out a knife).

Doll: The game is a form of dodge ball, but instead of dodging balls, YOU dodge knives.

(The doll shot a knife, that barely missed Jon. Jon ran quickly up the stairs and through the door where Amanda was waiting for him).

Amanda: What's the rush, Jon?

Jon: T-That doll….just tried to ki-kill me!

Amanda: What do you mean?

Jon: It threw a knife at me.

Amanda: Are you sure?

Jon: Yes. Come I'll show you.

(They went back outside the room, where they found the doll on the floor in the kitchen. But no knife was found).

Jon: But seriously, it was there, and it did happen.

Amanda: Jon quit playing with dolls, or do you want to play dress up to? I thought you wanted to go to the Gates of the Afterlife.

Jon: I do, but that doll….

Amanda: That's enough playing. If you don't stop it I will treat you like a girl. I think you would look nice in pink.

Jon: Fine. Anyways it did happen, and nothing you say can change it.

Amanda: Well I don't have all day you know. Lets go to the gates. The faster we go, the sooner, I'll get my homework done.

(They go back through the door and head for the Gates of the Afterlife)

Doll: I will get you.


Joey: Ok, so what can I tell the police. I mean I cant just go up to them and say: 'Hi, my friend is being threatened by someone with a dagger, forcing her to take him to the Gates of the Afterlife'. I mean, they'd think I was drunk. Ugh, what to do?

(Joey hears a knock at the door)\

Joey: Who is it.

Voice: It's your friend. Come down here, I need to tell you something.

Joey: Fine, fine I'll be down in a second.

(Joey goes down to the door and opens it. No one was there)

Joey: Hello, who is it?

(no answer)

Joey: That's just strange.

(he shuts the door and goes back up to his room to figure out what he's going to do)

Joey: Now as I was saying, what to do, what to do? Aha! I have an idea.

(he picks up the phone, and calls his friend Samantha)

Samantha: Hello?

Joey: Hey Sam, it's Joey.

Sam: Oh hi Joey, what's up?

Joey: I need to ask you something.

Sam: What? And if its about prom, forget it, I'm already going with Jeff.

Joey; Not that, even though I'm happy for you. No I need you to tell me what you know about the Gates of the Afterlife.

Sam: What about it, its just a legend.

Joey: No they're real, and Amanda is being forced to take someone there right now.

Sam: Wait, its real? Hold on I'm going to be over with all my information.


Jon: So, where are the Gates of the Afterlife?

Amanda: There right over here.

(They walk over to a door that looks like it has not been used in centuries).

Jon: So this must be the way the Afterlife

Amanda: Your right, but these are not the Gates. You must go through here to get to the Gates.

Jon: So what are we waiting for, lets go.

Amanda: Sorry, but I am not to ever go back through. I went once, and was told that if I ever went back in, I would die….for good. I wouldn't be in the Afterlife, I would be dead.

Jon: So, I guess this is where we say good bye

Amanda: I guess so.

(They give each other a hug, as they say good bye).

Amanda: It was good to see you again. I hope you have a safe journey in the Afterlife.

Jon: I hope I do to, and I to was happy to see you. Tell Amy, that I'm sorry we never got the chance to play.

Amanda: I will.

(He enters through the door and enters the Afterlife)


Joey: So what do you know about the Gates of the Afterlife?

Sam: Well, I know that whoever goes in there, becomes a spirit if they would ever return.. But if they stay there for 24 hours, they also become a spirit.

Joey: So your saying there's a chance you might die within that place. that's creepy.

Sam: Not as creepy as this. There is something known as the legendary treasure.

Joey: Yeah that guy was mentioning it.

Sam: Well if someone ever got there hands on that treasure, it would make that person, never want to leave the Afterlife. For you see that treasure is cursed.

Joey: So that guy will never want to leave?

Sam: Yes, but there is a catch. That treasure starts out as the thing you most desire, but turns into that persons worst fear.

Joey: So that would mean, if I went in I would get whatever I most wanted, but then it would turn into my fear. That is creepy. But if it became my fear, wouldn't you want to leave?

Sam: Yes, but when the fear is unleashed, it stops all hope of leaving. It closes the Gate, and erases the mind of where the exit is

Joey: So is there any way to stop it.

Sam: Only one way, don't touch the treasure.

(They talk about the Gates of the Afterlife for hours, and hours).

Joey: Thanks for all your help Samantha.

Samantha: Your welcome. Glad I could help.

Joey: Well I'll see you later

(Samantha heads back to her house)


Amanda: I think I will call Joey, just to let him know what has happened.

(She picks up the phone, and calls Joey).

Joey: Hello.

Amanda: Hey Joey. Just calling to let you know what's going on with me, and that man.

Joey: Ok. I did a little research myself. I called Samantha, who helped me get a little more info on the Gates.

Amanda: Ok. Well it's getting late. I'll call you in the morning to see when you can come over.

Joey: Ok, well I guess I will talk to you later.

Amanda: Bye.

(She hangs up the phone)

Amanda: I hope he can come over tomorrow. It sounds like he really got help after all. I just hope that Jon can find that much help, in the Afterlife.

Amy: Hey Amanda, have you seen Jonny? He had my doll, and I want to play with it.

Amanda: Your doll is in the Kitchen.

Amy: What's it doing there? I gave it to Jonny.

Amanda: I know you did, but he had to leave. I don't know if he'll be back. And that's just where he left it.

Amy: But I didn't even get to say good bye.

(Amy starts to cry)

Amanda: If you want, I could play with you for a little while.

Amy: Ok.

(she wipes her tears as she goes with Amanda to play)


Jon: Now that I'm here, where do I go?

(Jon noticed that the Afterlife looked sort of like the real world, but the only difference was that this world was in the Afterlife, and not the real world).

Jon: So this is where we go when we die, I thought we went to Hell, or Heaven.

Perry: That is where we would go, during our second death brother.

(Jon quickly turned around, and notice that his dead brother was talking to him).

Jon: PERRY! Its great to see you. What happened to you that night?

Perry: That's a story for another time. But now why are you here?

Jon: I'm here looking for the legendary treasure.

Perry: What would you do with that cursed thing?

Jon: I am not exactly sure what I'm going to do with it.

Perry: Brother please don't go for the treasure. Anybody who goes for the treasure ends up in worst shape then when they came here.

Jon: But Perry isn't the legend about who ever possesses this treasure, gets whatever they want?

Perry: Then you must of not have read the full legend. It goes on to say that It will slowly turn into your worst fear.

Jon: So that must be why it is called the cursed treasure.

Perry: Yes and if I were you I would go back now, before its to late.

Jon: What do you mean?

Perry: I mean that if you stay here to long, your will not last. You might think everything's ok, but actually you will be dead if you stay here for 24 hours, and time moves at a different speed then in the real world.

Jon: Ok, but when can I see you again.

Perry: The next time we meet, it will be on the other side.

(with that, the spirit of Perry vanishes, and Jon leaves the afterlife and lived with his two sisters, until he married. But he will always have a connection to the Afterlife. Its not because he took something from that place or anything…)

The End