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I was frolicking through the grass, in a green, green meadow dotted with flowers of every shape and color. I stopped skipping to pet a bunny sitting in the green, green grass. And that cute, cute, bunny opened its mouth to make the most annoying sound ever.

"Meep! Meep! Meep!"

And that's how I woke up to another day of my sad life. After I slapped my alarm clock to shut it up- which, if you didn't realize, was the bunny in my dream -, I groan and sit up. I stare into space and zone out for a while, wondering why the heck grass is green. Then I realize that's stupid and pointless, so I walk over to my tiny bathroom and stared at myself in the mirror. As I look at my face, noticing yet again every pimple, every freckle, and every blackhead, I wished for the millionth time that I was normal. That I had blond hair and blue eyes. That I lived with my own, actual parents.

See, no matter how much I try to hide it, I'm not normal. I don't live with my parents and have an annoying little sister, or an equally annoying older brother. Or even vice versa. No, my parents died in a car crash when I was little, and now I live with my aunt and uncle, with their brat of a daughter. Your typical Harry Potter scene, I know. When I was smaller, I would dream that maybe I could be somebody like Harry Potter, who although was just a kid, and not even a normal kid, what with the scar and all that, saved the world. Now that I'm older, I realize something. I realized that I didn't need to save the world. I just needed to be somebody.